China to unveil nuclear hypersonic missile that can hit every city in the United States… NO DEFENSES exist

hypersonic missile



In just a few short months, the communist dictatorship of China is set to unveil a new multi-nuke hypersonic missile that reports indicate will be able to hit any target anywhere in the world. And the worst part is that the United States currently lacks any solid defense against such a weapon, which means the entire country will soon be at risk.

Known as Dongfeng-41, the ballistic rocket is said to have the longest range ever developed into a weapon of this type, with the capacity to travel upwards of 7,500 miles (or 12,000 kilometers). The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is planning to induct the warhead in early 2018 now that at least eight successful tests have been conducted.

In apparent preparation for the possibility of World War III, this advanced rocket is said to be among the fastest ever developed with a capacity to whiz through the air at more than 7,500 miles per hour (mph), setting it as a Mach 10. It also contains special decoy devices that allow it to escape even the most advanced missile defense systems, suggesting that the world could soon be at the complete mercy of China.

Xu Guangyu, a senior advisor for the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, stated about the nuclear warhead “It can carry up to 10 nuclear warheads, each of which can target separately,”as quoted by the DailyMail Online. “Once the Dongfeng-41 goes into service, China’s ability to protect its own safety and to prevent wars would greatly increase.”

Chinese propaganda video claims that the ‘People’s Republic’ has some 2,500 ballistic missiles in Beijing

China also wants the world to know that it is currently holding at least 2,500 ballistic missiles in Beijing – or so claims a two-minute propaganda video recently put out by the nation’s government. But this same government doesn’t want other countries to worry about this because apparently the weaponry will never be used unless China is provoked to do so.

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As to why it needs such weaponry in its arsenal, China claims that it would be defenseless without these missiles. In an increasingly nuclear world, every country needs to be prepared like animals are in the wild to protect themselves against foreign invaders.

“What would happen if tigers have no fangs and lions have no paws? The probably end up living with no food or even killed,” a narrator in the propaganda video states. “That’s why living creatures need defenses.”

The video goes on to boast about China’s extensive military apparatus, including its 68-or-so submarines, one homemade aircraft carrier, and a J-20 stealth fighter, which is equipped with special supersonic and stealth technologies. The video also claims that China was the first country in the world to use tubular artillery for launching weapons of war.

Interestingly enough, the J-20 fighter jet that China is so proud of may have been a knockoff built from templates for U.S. warplanes. Several Chinese hackers were arrested and imprisoned last year for allegedly stealing the plans, though officials in Beijing are insistent that no crimes took place and that China owns the jet fair and square. It remains to be seen if the plane’s capabilities match those of America’s F-22 fighter jet, which is believed to have been the template for China’s J-20 fighter jet.

As impressed by itself as China appears to be with its military arsenal, it still lags way behind other developed nations in terms of its total nuclear capacity. Beijing is said to house about 270 nuclear warheads as of July 2017, but this is nothing compared to Russia’s 7,000, the U.S.’s 6,800, and even lowly France’s 300.

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