Operation Nitro-Zeus Has Been Activated - Will Result In the Simultaneous Invasion of Several Countries At Once Resulting In WW III


I have had conversations with three alphabet soup agency members in the past 24 hours. Just the use of the term "Operation Nitro-Zeus" will draw, for myself, some very unwanted attention. Subsequently, I am publishing the "bare bones" of this operation in order to expedite exposure and minimize interference with this important revelation. 

Ron Paul Delivers Trump An Important Warning

Ron Paul has some very sound advice for the President. Namely, Ron Paul is advising the President to keep his promise with regard to avoiding foreign wars of occupation. Initially, the President is heeding the advice of Ron Paul as he is frustrating his advisors because he will not initiate Operation Nitro-Zeus. 

When the President ran for office, he promised to end all foreign wars of occupation (ie Banker's Wars). Here is a brief summation of Ron Paul's warning to the President:

Along the same lines as the Ron Paul warning, President Trump has greatly frustrated his advisors, which are clearly loyal the war-mongering John Bolton. The President has said that he is not convince that we are ready, nor should we invade Iran. Trump's advisors are beside themselves. Here is the story. The revelations regarding Operation Nitro-Zeus will be unveiled.

Operation Nitro-Zeus

This report will shock the sensibilities of the Deep State, because this has been one of their best guarded secrets in history. This plan was initially laid out as a means to subdue any Middle Eastern nation. This plan was devised prior to 9/11 and from the three sources that I have spoken with, I am convinced this plan was devised as a major motivation for both 9/11 and what was to follow in the Middle East. The Saudi's are complicit in this plan as they were in carrying out 9/11.

In brief, Operation Nitro-Zeus is designed as general operation that can be tailor-made to decapitate the infrastructure and defense systems of any country we are about to invade. We did it in Iraq and we have done it in Venezuela, however, in Venezuela, USA forces hit a snag and the invasion is temporarily on hold. When Venezuela is invaded, Syria and Iran, at minimum, will be hit at the same time.  As previously stated, Trump has stood down with regard to invading Iran.

From one source, there are clear indicators that a strong, and possibly well-coordinated domestic terrorist strike force is being prepared to attack the electrical grid of every American city should we invade Iran or Venezuela. The composition of these forces are part Spetsnaz and part terrorist sleeper cells. My AFSOF contact said the discovery of the ISIS training base in Alabama, by the FBI, shook Trump to his core. 

In one phase of Operation Nitro-Zeus consists of Special Operations forces that will penetrate the underground storage of Iran's nuclear arsenal. Don't panic, Iran does not yet have the ability to strike the United States. However, they can strike Israel and this is a major concern to Trump. The expected casualty rate of this type of operation to USA forces is expected to be as high as 60-70%! I was told that it is expected that Iran will employ the use of chemical and biological weapons in defense of nuclear arsenal which explains why the USA casualty rates would be so high. Two days ago, Trump put these forces in stand-down mode. However, they can once again be operationalized within 72 hours after a stand-down. 

I have more operational details that will become available as circumstances warrant. Right now, Southern Command of border personnel are on the alert for dirty bombs crossing our southern border. It is assumed that these bombs are being transported in parts to help avoid detection. In a story that I am working on right now, I know that the LEO's at the border are apprehending 1,000 illegal aliens per day in one 12 mile long stretch across the border. How many are they not catching? 

More will follow on operational details as they become available.