What to Expect When the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections


Bill Pawelec taught me the meaning and importance of predictive programming. As a result, I am going to reveal a partially redacted, but very relevant email from a member of my audience about the extreme relevance of predictive programming. And then I am going to allow the predictive words of my late friend, CIA contract agent and former Air Force Intel operative, Bill Pawelec, who revealed what is coming and I fear we will not have to wait very long this to happen.

The Importance of Predictive Programming

Anyone who follows my work, knows that I have spent significant time analyzing popular shows and movies for recurrent themes which are predictive of what is coming. And there is hardly a day goes by where I don't receive some form of communication about a show that I should check out because of its predictive programming and most of it comes from my audience. In case, if you are not familiar with Hollywood predictive programming, it is largely controlled by the CIA, now the Chinese and a combination of the Chinese and the CIA. After all, who do you think changed the country of the invading Red Dawn force, in the remake of the movie, from Chinese to the North Koreans? Here is an example of predictive programming that I am certain lies in our future. The email contains two accurate and related storylines.

Dear Dave, I became an avid listener a couple of years ago & have subscribed to your daily emails. I can't tell you how you and others in the independent media have opened my eyes to the truth of what is happening in our country and around the world. My husband and I have learned the meaning of predictive programing and embedding propaganda in programing. I wonder if you caught the popular CBS show, "Madam Secretary" tonight. It was the season opener & we were looking forward to watching, until tonight. In it a terrorist shot an RPG into the White House when heads of states were about to sign a nuclear disarmament agreement. They later identified the terrorists as "white nationalists", and closed out the show with the Secretary of State making an emotion-filled speech about "isolationism & nationalism" (Editor's Note: Direct slam on Trump's Make American Great Again policies)  being the greatest danger to world peace and global cooperation. I never would have picked up on the propaganda being fed to us under the guise of 'entertainment' without you and your knowledgeable colleagues. It was simply unbelievable how bold the brainwashing was. The only other TV show we watched was "Designated Survivor", which was cancelled after last season.  (Editor's Note: Designated Survivor was based on the fact that a bomb killed nearly every member of Congress as well as the entire Executive Branch leadership and globalist themes and the anti-nationalist attitude of the show was omnipresent). You pegged it! Predictive programing that perhaps got a bit too close to the future reality? Network TV is no longer worth our time. My Bible & my prepping books are a more constructive use of time! Things are getting progressively scary in this country. My elderly mother-in-law brought up a political subject while we were out to dinner this weekend. My response to her was, "We don't discuss politics in public, mom." My husband & I do not want to call attention to ourselves in the current volatile climate. Thanks for all that you do to wake us up and keep us informed with the truth. May the Lord Bless you & protect you, Anonymous from New York

A month before he died from quick-acting cancer that Bill Pawelec told me some things that were coming. He emphasized over and over that there were plans on the books to take out a large segment of the government focusing exclusively on Congress and the Executive Branch. Every time I watch a joint session of Congress, I find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. Aside from George Soros voting machines and rampant voter fraud, the Blue Wave is in real trouble. If the Democrats keeping being outed as they currently are for their heinous tactics of intimidation, the American people will walk away from the Democratic Party in even bigger numbers that they already have. The Deep State controlled Democrats need a game changer. More than once, Steve Quayle has repeatedly stated, on The Common Sense Show, stated that all the secrets of the criminal elite would be revealed and that certainly is the case. As the Deep State comes to grips with their failed plans and their failure to maintain the psychological hold over the American people through the control of the MSM, they have become like the wounded and cornered animal that has nothing to lose. ALL OPTIONS ARE ON THE TABLE.

It Is Time to Move In for the Kill

For the strategies of the Deep State to spread, America must be destroyed. As a result many of you need to be destroyed in the process. The plan is hand over to the NWO a hollowed-out shell of a country (see the Deagel Report). The globalists are going to make America beg for the New World Order because of the destruction they plan to bring to this country. What did Kissinger say about Los Angles welcoming UN troops because things would be so horrific?

Why the Kavanaugh Nomination Was a Milestone Event

I watched The Pelican Brief in the 1990's and it impressed upon me the importance of the Supreme Court. The court has the ability to rewrite justice in our country. In the long-term, it is government's most powerful branch because of its ability to rewrite the laws on a long-term basis. Please keep in mind that in The Pelican Brief movie, two Supreme Court justices are murdered by a private oil group who wanted a different legal interpretation to come out of the court. If the Democrats continue to be shut of controlling the Presidency and both houses of Congress, they could at least negate the spirit of populism and nationalism by controlling the court and striking down much of what comes out of Congress and the Presidency that would favor the American people. This is the number one reason why the Kavanaugh nomination was so very important. It is my hypothesis, based on known facts and telegraphed intentions from the world or predictive programming that we are going to witness the following, in an escalating series of events, should the Democrats not prevail in the coming midterm elections:

  1. The continued doxxing of Republicans and their families. The level of doxxing has reached horrific levels as family members of conservative Republicans are receiving death threats and one wife a Colorado Senator received a video of  ISIS beheading.
  2. The intimidation phase will soon give way to assassination and we will soon find out why terrorist groups, such as MS-13, were deliberately let into the country by the Obama administration.
  3. If the elected conservatives cannot be intimidated by random acts of violence, we will see mass violence against the American public. On Saturday, the Independent Media (IM) was reporting that ISIS has said that they are going to stab concert goers. Gangs associated with the CALEXIT movement have repeatedly stated that would murder white people in public. Antifa's website recently said it was time to slaughtering people. And any reference by myself to George Soros, or any of his groups on YouTube is promptly dealt with.
  4. I have agonized over stating that the Deep State is running out of options. If they lose their grip over the nation's political leadership, no leader, or their family, or any citizen in this country, will be safe, and we will witness a Designated Survivor mass murder event of our elected representatives.

This will create a power vacuum in this country and we know how nature hates a vacuum. What will follow? That will be the topic of the next part of this series.