nazi checkpoint

Not enough attantion is being paid to a fragile, small woman who was pummeled into submission, by several store employees, for refusing to wear a facemask inside of a store. This is incident deserves widespread attention as it is highly representative of the thuggery that has invaded our nation's collective psyche. 

The take of the CSS on the witnessed incident in Scottsdale in 4 store employees launched a vicious physical attack upon a customer for commiting the crime of not wearing a mask is that the store employees may have been within their legal rights when they confronted the unknown customer for noncompliance with facemask mandates. However, these employees behavior quickly became, in our opinion, illegal, and unwarranted. I am shocked and frightened by what I observe on the raw footage. 

First, here is the incident in its raw footage. Clearly, the one store employee fancies herself as an MMA store as she body slams the petite female to the floof as 2 more fellow employees move in the influct more physical punsihement. Next comes, presumably a manager who exacerbates the already volatile situtiona and he, too, places his hands upon the customer. You will not that a couple of cursomters tried to get store employees off the customer as she was slammed to the floor. All of this was provoked because of a refusal to wear a mask inside the store. 

The male employee was obligated to call the police. The custormer would have been cited to be in violation of the face mask mandate and distiurbing the peace. However, from the perspective this reporter, all 4 store employees should be charged with criminal assualt. 

Here is the original incident followed by the analyssi of the CSS. 


Clearly, the anti-constitutionalists are winning the war of compliance when their rigid adherence to an unproven mask mandate can spark this type of Brown Shirt Nazi response. The employees had the right to deman the woman leave the premises and than call the cops for noncompliance, trespass and possibly distrurbing the peace (although the video does not establish the customer distubing the peace until after the unwarranted physical attack). 

This author comes from a German family that escaped the horrors of Nazi Germany.  This are the stories that I heard about growing up and why America was such a great nation, in contrast are in evidence in the opinion of this journalist. Actress Gina Carano was fired from her acting job for daring to tell the truth that the citizens of Nazi Germany bought so much into the propaganda that they attacked the Jews on their own even before the Gestapo began hauling them off to the ovens of the concentration camps. Carano is absolutely correct, we are seeing the same behaviors here that history witnessed in Nazi Germany. Note to the manage, you never put your hands on a customer unless in self-defense or to protect others and neither prococation is in evidence here. The police should have been called, but that is it! What I see on the original footage of the incident in the store is exactly what my German relatives used to tell me about when I was a young child. This is unmitigated Brown Shirt behavior minus the Swastika armbands. 

Today, America has witnessed Nancy Pelosi engaged in Nazi pre-genocidal speech of "enemies within." Kamala Harris, AOC and Michelle Obama have threatened to put Trump supporters, Second Amendment advocates, and Constitutionalists on lists and never let them rise again. Also, after the stolen election, anyone speaking against the biggest crime in this country's history, needed to be "deprogrammed" and "re-educated" and this is clearly pre-genocidal speech. And now in Scottsdale, we see what I see as Brownshirt behavior in all its ugliness. If the customer, who was pummeled for refusing to wear a mask contacts our organization, at davehodges@thecommonsenseshow.com, we will assist and advise in obtaining legal counsel in order to pursue legal action in this case against the unwarranted assault witnessed in the original footage. 

This insanity is spreading across the nation where store employees think that they can manhandle a customer not wearing a mask. I was sent information that this happened in another store in Texas, yesterday. 

America is a highly divided nation and the powder keg has been lit. We are on a collision course with extreme widepspread violence, perhaps even civil war and this incident demonstrates the deep and perhaps, irreversible damage done to our society by the modern-day Brownshirts, is indeed tragic. Say goodbye to law and order, say goodbye to the Constitution and say hello to illegal mob rule. 

Fortunately, this incident motivated members of the Arizona Legislature to speak out against this incident as the impetus needed to stop the unproven and controversial face mask policies.