A New Day, A New Warning

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In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act

A New Warning

Hours after publishing notification of a thinly veiled threat I was given related to the meeting I had  late last week with Shauna Cox in Phoenix. The worst thing one can do when one is holding proprietary information is to hang on to the information. Therefore, I disseminated the content of my meeting with Shauna along with the threat that followed which informed me that every word we said was surveiled by presumably elements of the Deep State. On Thursday afternoon, I received the following email. It is self-explanatory.

Get your affairs in order.

Thu, Jan 31, 12:43 PM (16 hours ago) Dave Hodges:
In a series of phone conferences today, members of FBI, DHS, FEMA, DOJ, ATF, Marshals Service, have put forward a list of conservatives they deem dangerous to National Security. The list contains 1,466 names. Your name is on it. Get your affairs in order. Have your attorney on speed dial. If you have any pull in DC you need to start making calls right now. Seeing how easy it was to go after Stone they now see Trump as been unable to interfere. Whatever you do, make no new friends right now, especially if they come out of nowhere. They are not above setting you up if they can. This is a great risk for me to warn you as only a small handful have access to this info. I can't help anymore than this without exposing myself to arrest. Good luck.
The message seems to carry the message that "we cannot get you now, but wait, your time is coming".
I am taking this warning seriously in light of the FEMA Director's references to American people as cattle. Additionally in a communique I received, the message was very disturbing and paralleled the FEMA Director's disrespectful references to the American people. The message stated that FEMA regional directors would not be held legally accountable if they issued shoot-to-kill orders for resisters, dissidents and people refusing to be relocated.  Does anyone's mind move towards the subject of FEMA camps because if Trump is removed from office, there will be widespread violence and I completely understand the mentality behind the FEMA camps statements and the depersonalizing comments by the FEMA director goes a long way to describe how this Deep-State rogue organization has come to view the people that pay their salaries.

Why Are the Powers That Be So Upset?

When Shauna and the surviving members of the Finicum car were taken to the hospital, it was clear to the survivors that a mass casualty event was being planned. Another WACO or Oklahoma City was being planned. And when their plans were interfered with, the eyewitnesses (ie medical personnel) had to be eliminated. Reflect back tot he FEMA Director's statements and it is clear that this was going to be a mass murder scene and the message to the American people is that you cannot oppose the powers that be and expect to survive. Additionally, I am certain that the Deep State is concerned about the fact that Shauna and myself share similar views on the Vegas massacre and how it relates to the Massacre at Mulheur. I will be covering this aspect of the story in the near future. My interview with Shauna will be released very soon and they cannot stop it! We have seen this movie before. Federal officials abuse their authority and their heinous acts result in the deaths of people who did not deserve to die.

Ruby Ridge

Two of these people are dead courtesy of the FBI.

Randy Weaver was convicted of possessing a shotgun that was one quarter of a inch too short.  For his transgression, the FBI showed up on his property and shot his 15 year old son as he ran in fear from the FBI. Weaver’s wife was gunned down without by a sniper’s bullet shot through the Weaver’s kitchen window as she was holding her infant child. Eventually, Randy Weaver’s case reached the attention of Congress, who paid him over $4 million dollars in restitution. However, that did not bring Weaver’s family back to him. And the FBI agents who murdered Weaver’s family were never held accountable.

The Waco Massacre

Innocent children were burned to death at Waco.
In 1993, Janet Reno, under the direction of Bill Clinton, ordered tanks to breach the walls of the Branch Davidians compound after a two month stand-off. Scores of innocent children were burned to death. Nobody was ever held accountable for this heinous act.

The Murder at Malheur

Lavoy Finicum, uunarmed, hands in the air, cooperating with authorities, is shot three times and killed while surrendering to authorities.

All of the survivors at Mulheur are very lucky to be alive.

The Real Issue Behind the Murder at Malheur

From the evidence obtained from sources like the New York Times, Uranium One is behind the mineral theft of ranchers’ lands in the West. It is also true that the company in question is a Russian controlled front company whose primary mission is to obtain uranium which is sold to the Russians and funnels back payoffs to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. This was reported by the New York Times. Shauna Cox shares this concern. As a result to all of this chicanery, ranchers have had their land rights restricted in order that they can have their mineral resources stolen. This is all part and parcel to the Agenda 21 takeover of the United States along with its land and  its resources. Look at what Democrats are proposing for legislation. They want the elimination of all private ownership of cars, incomes over a certain amount to be confiscated and redistributed, no private healthcare. Gun confiscation and private property. The interview and the evidence exposing the link between the Bundy case and the Vegas massacre will soon be forthcoming.