Frequently Asked Questions

While The Common Sense Show makes every effort to provide an intuitive interface and user experience, there still seems to be questions about certain features and functions.  Here is our best effort to clarify these questions.

1.  How do I reset my password?

From the login page find the tab that says "reset password" and it will ask you for your email address.  If you have created an account on The Common Sense Show, you will be emailed a reset password link.  This link is good for 24 hours.  If you do not use it to reset your password within that time, the link will expire.  Then you will have to mail yourself a new link.  Cannot find the email?  Check your spam folder.  It may be in there.

2.  Why are URLs no longer allowed on comments?

Broken external links are an issue and a problem.  While we make every effort to accommodate communication of outside ideas, it is a constant battle to keep all external links active.  Failure to do so results in penalization.  If you wish to share URls with the Common Sense Show community, we suggest following us on Facebook and adding them to the activity stream there, or using Facebook Messenger to share links directly.

3.  How can I get a message to Dave Hodges directly?

Facebook Messenger

4.  Does The Common Sense Show share or sell my personal information?

No, we never share or sell your personal information.

5.  How Can I Access an RSS Feed?

We provide XML feeds of all latest articles as well as category specific feeds. Located on the page you want to access the feed for, find the RSS Feed icon at the lower left corner of the page.

Here is an example:

Latest Articles -