A Democratic Takeover Will Result In a Designed Economic Collapse and Unparalleled Widespread Violence

economic collapse

When a tyrannical regime, like the present day Bolshevik Democrats take over, they need to collapse a government and the country so as to weaken resistance to the imposition of tyranny by corrupt ruling authority. It works pretty much the same way in the birth of every tyrannical regime.

The Democrats are inheriting the perfect storm from which to collapse the economy. Three major debts envelop this country: (1) Student loan debt; (2) the new housing bubble like the one that brought down the economy in 2014; and, (3) the car loan bubble. And of course there is the omnipresent social security debt, the Medicare debt and the credit swap derivatives debt.

There is an additional and very important second factor to consider. Not only would a Democratically government collapse its own economy, it would also perpetrate widespread violence to further the chaos that would precede a planned collapse of the United States. Why? Were you not aware that the UN announced it intends to be the global authority on the planet by the year 2030?

Ripped Off

While we are counting the ways that the American people have been ripped off by the bankers, let’s not forget to mention the MERS mortgage fraud in which millions of homes have been stolen because mortgage holders have paid the wrong title company because their note has been sold so many times that nobody knows who really owns the note to our homes! And let’s not forget about the Federal Reserve that spent two years buying up mortgage backed securities to the tune of $40 billion dollars a month and that money was obtained from printing money out of thin air which made our money worth less. Very soon America, our money will be worthless. I almost forgot, on November 16, 2014, the G20 nations declared your bank account to NOT be money therefore, your FDIC insurance is invalid and your bank account, when seized, will go to pay the derivatives debt. While the bankers are laughing at us, I can hear the sheep saying “That will never happen here” and “You are a conspiracy theorist”, “You are fear-mongering” as the bankers collapse to the floor in laughter at our collective stupidity.  


Dates are impossible to predict and anyone who does so is engaged in a fool’s errand. However, there is a timeline that is emerging that we might all want to pay attention to.  

Worldwide Economic Collapse: The Great Eight

The Globalists, fearing a world-wide populist revolution, are facing the backlash of the banking overlords. 1. The collapse of the Greek economy and government 2. The collapse of Spain 3. The collapse of Italy 4. The collapse of Ireland 5. By this time, the American economy is reeling. Shortages begin to appear in the United States. Civil unrest grows. Restrictions on bank withdrawals begin to appear. The government will more than likely outlaw the selling of gold to private parties as they want to lock you into their system and cut off all avenues of escape. 6. The bankers will make their move on all American assets when the European Central Bank begins to buckle which is already underway. 7. There will be a false flag in order to justify the implementation of martial law and the theft of nearly everything you own. 8. Dissenters will be quarantined, or worse, in FEMA camps. Dominoes #1 through #4 will happen very quickly. The Democrats, if and when they totally gain control will employ the strategy of economic collapse in order to bring the conservative opposition to their tyranny to its knees. The elements for a collapse are already in place. And the tax and spend policies of this modern-day Bolshevik party are already in play.  

Widespread Violence Will Accompany the Take Down of America

As Paul Martin has recently revealed, there is a pre-positioning of military assets around the country, presumably for use with paramilitary forces that have illegally entered the United States

…From a reliable intel-based source, Paul Martin has learned that airplanes are being used to distribute weapons caches to various locations from Nebraska to Colorado to Texas. The same airplanes are being used, with the same tail fin numbers, but the name of the airplanes are repeatedly painted over. The airline marker can read “Libyan Airlines”, which does not exist anymore since the NWO took out Ghadaffi. The next day, that airplane might display the airliner as “Beirut Airlines”, which also does not exist. We have the tail fin numbers and we have the airports being used. However, these cannot be released at this time because this information would compromise the identify of informant(s) and we need the flow of information to continue. And because this is a large operation, we can conceal the identity of the informant...

Definitively, chaos is in the near-term future of the United States.


Let’s calculate the damages to the American people. Our homes are being stolen through the MERS mortgage fraud with impunity, our tax revenues have been stolen through the bail-outs, the Federal Reserve is debasing our currency as they are printing money like there’s no tomorrow, while raiding interest rates in a low inflationary period. The Fed is preparing to escape to cryptocurrency in 2020. Wall Street has learned that it can steal with impunity given the lack of ramifications resulting from the MF Global theft and soon your bank accounts will be gone thanks to the recent G20 mandate on November 16, 2014. And to add to that, very soon, there will not be a Europe to trade with. Did I leave anything out Mr. and Mrs. Sheeple? Oh yes, there is that one thing about the prepositioning military assets in the country, ostensibly for paramilitary forces that have illegally entered the country to bring total chaos upon the people of the United States. Welcome to the New World Order courtesy of the Deep State and their Democratic Party minions.