The 2020 Election Was Stolen by Soros and the CHICOMS by Controlling Key County and State Officials Across America


This is the first another series of articles on the Maricopa County election audit. As I continue with my coverage of the fluid events in Arizona, the number of Arizona elected individuals who have sold out Arizona and the rest of the nation, has grown to epidemic proportions. I now strongly suspect that some of the officials of Arizona’s Yavapai and Mohave Counties are compromised in much the same manner as are the growing list of Arizona and Maricopa County elected officials. The central thread which underlies my concern are the number of elected officials that have provable associations with Communist China and the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) had a definitive interest in removing Trump from office. Also, it should be mentioned and this will be amplified here in this article, that if a political candidate took Soros' organiations campaign money, they are, by default, owned by Communist China. Yes, I am saying that any officials who would engage in these alliances, are traitors to America. 

The Motive for CCP’s Involvement In Removing Trump

During the Obama years, China enjoyed an $800 billion trade surplus. Trump reversed that trend. Further, China was moving to bully the rest of their region of the world to accept Chinese dominance in international trade routes that they claimed as their own in the South China Sea as China attempted to blockade any foreign vessels. Trump successfully challenged that trend. Under Trump, America thwarted the clear path that they were on to dominate the world and serve as the Globalist’s “world policemen.”

"Trump has to go" was a phrase that would underlie joint CCP and Democratic Party interest. Without a major voting fraud scheme of epic proportions that would end in Trump’s defeat, the Democrats had no chance of reclaiming the Senate and the Presidency. Trump must go so the CCP can claim world dominance. This forged an alliance between the DNC leadership and the CCP.v Further, if an excuse to change voting regulations could not be created, there could not be cheating on a magnitude necessary to overturn an election in which Trump would other wise win in an election landslide.

Enter Event 201 and the introduction of the China Flu.  Bill Gates’, Event 201, clearly demonstrated that the globalists along with DNC leadership practiced for a pandemic exactly like the one that befell the world. Clearly, Senator Ron Paul clearly proved that Fauci’s “Gain of Function Research” was responsible for the development of the MAN-MADE Wuhan virus. All that had to happen was for the Wuhan virus to be unleashed on America. Fraudulent  voting practices, ranging from ballot harvesting, no signature verification, no voter ID requirement to vote and the most heinous example of voter fraud, ever, was the introduction of absentee ballots that had no consistent chain of custody and fake names of dead people and people who had moved out of state still voted, in some cases multiple times, were established as accepted practices. I had one relative who received 7 unsolicited absentee ballots from the Democrats. In order to facilitate these highly illegal voting practices, state and local officials had to also be compromised and this is what I have found in Maricopa County and in the State of Arizona.

The compromising of election officials, here in Arizona, was primarily done through Chinese business connections or by campaign donations by CCP-ally, George Soros and his many front groups.

Along these lines, I am asking for help from concerned citizens in Mohave County and Yavapai County that will help me establish George Soros and CCP influence in the elected officials of these counties. The behavior of the Board of Supervisors in both counties suggests strongly that this Maricopa County pattern is endemic throughout Arizona.  

The officials of these counties, which are ostensibly very conservative, are acting in bizarre and in a very liberal manner. For example, the County Board of Supervisors in highly conservative Yavapai County will not even have a discussion to audit their own election. I suspect that as I am finding with many State elected officials and Maricopa County officials that they are beholding to the CCP and CCP-supporting, George Soros. If you would like to volunteer to FOIA your county and state officials financials from their election filings, we would appreciate the help. Also, this offer can be extended to any American citizen living in any American county. We have found in Georgia that those who are compromised are beholding to the CCP through their business holdings. The corruption in Georgia goes right to Governor Kemp.  Please help! We need every county official in America to be investigated. WE NEED A GRASS-ROOTS AUDIT OF THE LEVEL OF TREASON IN ALL OF AMERICA'S LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.

When many of you investigate your local officials, you will find what I am finding in Maricopa County with regard to CCP influence and it is frequently expressed through George Soros or private business interests which extend into China. This will be particularly true in the so-called swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (who just ordered an audit of 2 counties), Michigan, Nevada and Arizona.

We need to create a grass-roots database of compromised county officials across this country. This, in effect, through the establishment of a clear pattern of CHICOM involvement in these officials. From what I am beginning to find in Arizona, which is clear CHICOM and Soros influence, we are going to find nationally. Please help because if we can establish, throughout our nation what we are seeing in both Georgia and Arizona, we may be able to influence a dumbed down and ignorant population and definitive action can be taken.

In Part Two of this series, we will look at Arizona State Senate President, Karen Fann,  who I believe is deliberately sabotaging  the scope of the audit while trying to appear to be looking for the truth which she is clearly not doing. She is the modern-day Allen Dulles who misdirected the Warren Commission in the death of JFK.

Additionally, we will also look at the chief obstructor of justice for his role, on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who are refusing to release court-ordered election evidence such as the election codes, the Dominion machine routers, chain of custody of the absentee votes, etc. Also, we will be exploring Sellers’ private affairs as he has been identified in another investigation of being a member of the Chinese club.  I am speaking about the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor, Jack Sellers, who has publicly worked against the audit and refuses to comply with a court order to surrender evidence related to the election.

As I mentioned, when this investigation is complete, America will also see clear Lockdown 2.0 plans. Funds have already changed hands in Arizona. Generally, it can be said that if one is an obstacle to the truth of the election, they have a passive or a direct role in the coming lockdown martial law. How bad is it going to get, please look at Canada and most of all, Australia.This is where elections and the lockdowns cross paths. 

If you are wondering how to help establish a national pattern of George Soros interests and CHICOM-related activities by your local officials, please email me at for guidance. Remember, a grass roots audit is the only honest tool of investigation we have left.

If the 2020 election is not overturned, HR 1 will pass and the Democrats will control the outcome of every election going forward.