22 Reasons Which Explain How America Has Been Transformed Into a Marxist-Communist Country

hammer and sickle

In coming parts in this series, The Common Sense Show will be breaking a story in which we detail who was behind the Smollett hoax and why this hoax will be directly linked to how Biden leaves office and who will EVENTUALLY be running the country. However, most of America is not ready to read this report. Most Americans do not have the courage to believe the next several parts of this report on what is coming to America. In fact, America has sat idly by and watched the one-party system in charge wreck this once great country in 11 short months as our citizens have barely noticed that their country and children’s future has been stolen out from under them.

Since President Dementia has taken over, we have experienced the following without so much a whimper from the majority of Americans:

  1. Over 1,000 Americans have been left behind enemy lines.
  2. The Afghan withdrawal has made the U.S. an international mockery.
  3. Americans are paying $1.65 more per gallon of gas than they did less than a year ago.
  4. Thousands of Americans have lost their energy-related jobs since Biden began his Bolshevik-style rule over America.
  5. America has gone from being an energy independent nation to an energy dependent nation.
  6. Inflation is at a 41 year high due to the reckless spending by Biden and Biden blames the people. 
  7. Due to Biden vaccine mandates, the military is being gutted and America faces the real threat of foreign invasion for the first time since War of 1812!
  8. The military is now producing “Beta-males” who are more worried about racial, sexual preference equity than they are with winning a war. Do you think that the Chinese and Russians have gender equity police in their military? Points are not awarded for having the most equitable military. War is a manly pursuit that is carried out by alpha males, as it should be. It is kill or be killed. 
  9. When Arizona Governor Ducey sent $4m of Care money (ie covid mitigation money to deal with covid-related lockdowns) to Mohave County at a time when lockdowns were disappearing in Arizona, many of knew LOCKDOWN #2 was coming and the new “scariant”, whose pathology does not kill is the reason why. To anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear, it should be obvious that our new Communist leaders are intent on establishing a permanent state of perpetual lockdowns and a total allegiance to the ruling party.
  10. Everybody must get jabbed. This applies to people with underlying health conditions which precludes any jab exemption. This ruling party does not care who lives or dies! This philosophy also negates religious exemptions which is an attack upon First Amendment protected religious rights. Covid overwhelmingly kills those who are over 65 and have comorbid health conditions. Can you picture Fauci waiting by a baby-delivering woman  and has the coronavisu vaccine ready in his hands ready to inject the new born.
  11. As covered in April 2020 on the CSS, the FDA Commissioner at the time, stated that he was not requiring 3rd party validation for Covid tests due to the emergency nature of the so-called pandemic. This means that there is no valid test to detect Covid. As a result, false positives are off the charts and, as a result, the Covid-19 virus has never been isolated. In short, there is no test!
  12. American taxpayer money has gone towards incentivizing fraud in the diagnosis and fatalities associated with Covid. We have seen gunshot victims, diagnosed with covid being the cause of death. Covid diagnosis and covid being listed on the death certificate have all been incentivized by taxpayers. These inflated rates provide the excuse to steal our rights under medical tyranny.  How can medical honesty exist when fraud is incentivized in this manner?
  13. Americans have been conditioned to overlook the fact that the MIT, Stanford and Harvard researchers have said the wearing of masks does prevent the spread of the virus. Yet, we acquiesce and continue to wear masks even after being vaccinated.
  14. Tom Renz, the attorney for the Frontline doctors, has stated that his discovery has produced the fact that the variants are providing cover for vaccine injury.  
  15. Our children are being turned into Marxist-Communist perverts. Six year olds are being exposed to graphic illustrations ranging from oral to anal sex. Critical Race Theory (CRT), which financially benefits the family of the Attorney General, has declared on war on parents who would dare protest the turning of their children into little racists because CRT is turning children into race- haters The FBI has broken down doors of  school board protestors.
  16. America will never have another election where the important races are not predetermined by election fraud thanks to ballot stuffing and the use of voting machines over hand couts.
  17. Arizona is a model for the nation where many of the state officials responsible for either the voter fraud, or the coverup in the so-called election “fraudits”, are being bankrolled by either George Soros or the Communist Chinese, or both. In Arizona, this would include Governor Ducey, Secretary of State Hobbs, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallegos, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ Chairman, Jack Sellers, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone and virtually ever large county/city prosecutor, etc. Then there are the modern day Qanons who are still pretending to be investigating voter fraud. One would presume that State Senators Wendy Rogers and Sonny Borrelli fit into the disinformation game and the promise of favorable election results keeps them in line. This is the model for the rest of the country.
  18. Retail and the Christmas season are wrecked.
  19. The supply chain remains impaired and key elements will not be delivered by Santa.
  20. There are over a dozen reasons on why the government will soon be using food as a weapon against the people.
  21. The border is witnessing over 2 million illegal aliens crossing into America and it is crushing American moral, and bankrupting many of our service industries while unemploying Americans with low level jobs. 
  22. Biden is overseeing massive terrorist forces coming into the country. 


There is more, much more, but these 22 reasons prove the point that Biden turned America into a Marxist-Communist hell hole.

Where are the people, why aren’t they in the street protesting and putting an end to this insanity?

There are two primary psychological reasons on why this is true and they will be covered in the next  part in this series. The culmination of this series will end with an analysis of how the Smollett hoax is related to both Biden and Harris leaving office and how they will ultimately leave and who, along with what will take over this invasion of America.