Actor Isaiah Washington: "Don't Vote at All Without a Paper Ballot"


  By Margaret Flavin

On Sunday, Washington shared his concerns about the 2023 presidential election and the security of America's elections.

"We're less than 18 months out of a presidential election…they know, whether they like it or not, a lot of people listen to me.  They may not admit it, in public, but they listen to me….they know I have no reason to lie."

"They've watched how the media has handled me. No matter how much I debunk their lies, about whatever it is, there's still some clickbait going 'I got you' or 'he's an a******.'"

"I've been what…angry black man, homophobic, Trump supporter, transphobic, now a (sic) KKK supporter…what the hell is next? I mean, I think they are running out of labels."

"But watch closely in the next six months.  They all know, once I push the button, and start telling people who have been lied to, who look like me…don't vote at all without a paper ballot."

"I mean it. Don't give me that sh** about 'people died for us Black people to vote.' I don't want to hear that malarkey. I don't want to hear it. Attack me, because I'm used to it, I'm big enough, bad enough ,fast enough and yes, powerful enough, to back it up. I wish they would….I wish they would… I am right here…every day. Right here."

"No paper ballots, nobody votes…for the Republicans or the Democrats. At all people.  If you think you are going to get an end result, with the electoral college making the final decision on popular vote by using these machines, you are insane."