America Does Not Understand the True Goals of the Lockdowns-EXPOSING THE AGENDA!!!

martial law

As Celeste Solum and myself have been warning, medical martial law is very near.

America is failing to grasp the gravity of the threat posed by the lockdowns. The contact tracing apps and personnel will one day be used to separate you from your family. This will be covered in my next article. 

We are currently undergoing the “cancel culture”. All traditions, both patriotic and Christian are forcibly being abandoned. However, destruction of statues is not the real goal of the Left. The Left is after the building block of society. Do you have any idea what that consists?

The father of modern sociology, Amatai Etzioni, once said: "The family can exist without the state, but the state cannot exist without the family". Modern liberalism is turning that time-honored adage into a new belief. The modern-day liberals want to destroy the family so they can stop capitalism. Also, people draw strength from their family. A strong family is a formidable foe for the globalists who seek to tear down the country.

Before we get to the globalist's long-term goal of destroying the family, and why, we must start at a much lower level of analysis. Over the next few articles, I am going to present confirming information that demonstrates the true goal of the lockdowns, our continuing economic collapse and the meltdown of America’s mental and physical health. These variables will set the stage for the ushering in Democratic (Bolshevik) control over the government and the America that you knew will be gone forever. However, political change, although a primary goal of the Democrats, is not the final goal. The globalists plan on destroying all America, every part of it down to the family unit. 

Two Goals: The Democrats and Then the Globalists

It is important to be clear about one important agenda. The purpose of the COVID-19 so-called pandemic, as well as the contrived riots in Democratic controlled cities and states is part of a plot to destroy America. As President Regan said, “America is the last bastion of freedom”. If America falls, complete with its institutions, it Constitution, its unparalleled civil rights, America become just another nation to be conquered. Let’s take a look at the emerging goals of the lockdown at the Democratic Party level.

  1. The Democrats know they cannot win an election outside their “blue-city” corrupt politics that we see in places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, etc. Therefore they have derived elaborate cheating schemes such as ballot harvesting and mail-in voting fraud. However, this will not be enough to unseat Donald Trump. So the Democrats seized the opportunity to make the coronavirus a weaponized political strategy. These Democratic mayors and governors sought to inflict as much pain on America as possible. The Left controls the media, the education and medical establishment (eg CDC, FDA). Here is the plan on how they used the so-called pandemic to make the average American, dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to politics, to make these people hate their country and align against the most obvious person to blame, the Commander-In-Chief. Here is a list of some of the strategies that Democrats (ie Bolshevik communists), ranging from Democratic leaders of Blue Cities to Anthony Fauci, utilized to accomplish this goal of turning the largely ignorant voter against Donald Trump. And with Trump out of the way, these communists assume power and erase the Constitution under the guise of the New Green Deal as they eliminate all civil liberties, private property and sense of self-determination not granted by the new communist state.
  2. One of the primary goals of the Leftist Big Pharma and medical establishment was to construct a coronavirus test that will produce false positives. High CV-19 numbers can be used to lockdown America, wreck the economy, ruin lives and plant the desire that communists always make when they take over a culture that they have destroyed, wealth redistribution.  These revolutionaries made certain that the test was inaccurate and excuse the lack of test validation on the emergency nature of the times. On April 18, 2020, the head of the FDA stated that time constraints forced the FDA to allow the test manufacturers to validate their own tests in this version of the Fox watching the hen house. This issue of "fake CV-19 numbers" was exposed in a major way when on July 11, 2020, 334 CV-19 testing sites reported a 100% positivity test for the virus. Another 34 testing stations reported between 90-99% CV-19 test results. This is statistically impossible. the odds are so high against this being legitmate, the odds cannot be accurately calculated. This fraud, combined with unvalidated tests, which produces an undetermined number of false positives becomes the excuse for the Democratic mayors and governors to keep their populations locked down, make America hate their lives, inflict economic and social suffering, and hope the population hates Trump enough that they will elect America's first dementia President in Joe Biden. The testing numbers are fake and this also explains why there is an increased intent to test as many people as possible! Again, it is the 24/7 excuse to keep the country in lockdown!  Why is testing so important? What does it say about the severity of the virus when one has to take a test to determine if they have the virus? Are there bodies dropping in the street by the tens of thousands? Or, as we know to be true, why are we taking a one-size fits all approach? People under 50, without underlying, life-threatening health conditions are not at risk from dying from the virus. This fact stands in opposition to the fact that the over 65 crowd with underlying health conditions are at risk and we could be working to minimize exposure and perfect treatment for this population. Why are we adopting this one-size-fits-all approach? The following video exposes the testing fraud.  

        3. The CV-19 tests produce fake numbers as stated above.  From the FDA in an April Statement from the Commissioner of Food and Drugs -Food and Drug Administration Stephen M. Hahn MD., in which the FDA admits that they have no intention of validating the testing numbers for COVID-19. Instead, the FDA admits that they will let the test developers validate their own testing reliability and validity. From the April 18, 2020 FDA press release regarding testing efficacy. 

...Recognizing that more flexibility was needed during a pandemic of this scale and speed, and incorporating feedback from the medical community, states and test developers, we have also provided regulatory flexibility for serological tests in an effort to provide laboratories and health care providers with early access to these tests with the understanding that the FDA had not reviewed or authorized (or “approved”) them, at least not initially, and these tests should not be used for diagnosing or excluding active SARS-CoV-2 infection.

What the above paragraph is telling the reader is that the FDA has a history of not fully validating the accuracy of test kits before using them in the field and gathering data from these unvalidated tests in which policy decisions will be based! In laymen's terms, the FDA has been guilty of violating the standard tenets of science when it comes to validating tests for a long time. Practice makes perfect and this is why the FDA and its partner in crime, the CDC are so adept at fooling the public.  

Here is more damning self-statements from the same FDA report on test kits:

Specifically, last month, as part of our broader strategy, the FDA issued a policy explaining that FDA does not intend to object when developers of serological tests market or use their tests without prior FDA review where: 1) the tests are validated by the developer to determine that they are accurate and reliable, 2) notification of the developer’s validation is provided to FDA, and 3) the tests are labeled appropriately, including that they are not to be used as a sole basis for diagnosis. Our policy does not apply to at-home specimen collection or at-home testing because of the added challenges in assuring test accuracy that these pose. The policy does apply to tests that can be performed in patient care settings. Laboratories could validate tests they receive from commercial manufacturers and determine if they should be used in their facilities. Some laboratories have already done so or have developed their own serological tests...

Test results are not going to be determined by the FDA, but instead are going to be validated by the developer of the tests? The open invitation to fraud is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see. Then the FDA tries to beg themselves out of responsibility by saying the Labs can validate the test. Why should labs engage in a validating practice because testing for validation would happen AFTER the purchase of the test kits by the labs? In other words America, there is no oversight on determining whether these tests are measuring what they claim to measuring.  This is like looking under the hood of the car AFTER you purchase it!  And yet, these test numbers are reportedly daily in the mainstream media and provide governors and mayors with the ability to lockdown their jurisdictions  as these despots violate the Constitutional rights of their citizens and the whole process of based on fake numbers!


         4. The Leftist controlled medical establishment has adopted an eradication of the virus strategy. How well has that worked for the flu? Never in history has a virus been quickly eradicated according to medical history. Instead, we should be moving toward her immunity. This eradication strategy constitutes even more medical fraud! I have done extensive research into the concept of virus treatment. Although it is true, that the medical text books used to train doctors, dating back to the 1950's do recognize that a quarantine may be necessary in the early stages of a viral outbreak, it is not a permanent solution. Every single medical book used to train our doctors and nurses tells me that achieving herd immunity is the ultimate goal. This position reinforces the following: (A) Vaccines are a supplement to herd immunity, at best; and (B) Long-term lockdowns of the population is contraindicated. First, this approach damages the immune system response to other pathogens which may be more deadly than the targeted virus. Until this past weekend, the medical establishment has never mentioned herd immunity as a goal. However, Fauci has been backed into a corner by the Frontline doctors and he is being forced to concede for the first time, that we might want to consider herd immunity in a speech he recently delivered to Brown University as he discussed targeted treatments for the first time. This strongly implies the shift to herd immunity as opposed to eradication. 

From Brown University:

A Conversation with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci

Please join President Christina H. Paxson and Dr. Ashish K. Jha, incoming dean of the School of Public Health

Friday, August 7, 2020
1 to 1:45 p.m.

Introduction: President Christina H. Paxson
Conversation: Dr. Fauci and Dean Jha

In this webinar, Dr. Fauci — one of the nation’s most visible public health leaders — will discuss COVID-19 and address the challenges and responsibilities public health scholars and practitioners face in limiting the pandemic’s spread.

A member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health since 1984. He brings decades of experience and deep expertise to global and national efforts to combat COVID-19.

Here are some quotes from Fauci's Brown University address:

We don’t know yet what the efficacy might be. We don’t know if it will be 50% or 60%. I’d like it to be 75% or more,” Fauci said (quoted by Reuters). But the chances of it being 98% effective is not great, which means you must never abandon the public health approach.

Mutations of a virus are the primary reason that vaccines cannot be relied upon to provide a permanent solution. This validates my earlier statement that vaccines are never intended to eradicate anything. It is an impossible goal. However, if eradication can be maintained as a legitmate goal, the majority of the ignorant public will willingly submit to lockdowns even though homelessness and starvation will eventually result. This newest version of group think explains why people are even wearing their face masks inside of their cars when they are traveling alone. 

We know the body is capable of making a good response and the reason we know is because we have so many people who clear the virus and do well...

The thing you can do now is to make sure that resources are concentrated geographically to those demographic groups that are clearly at higher risk of infection so they can get immediate testing, immediate results, immediate access to healthcare

Once a vaccine is proven and mass-produced, he said it would be prioritized to healthcare workers, elderly, and those with underlying health conditions.

I have been calling for targeted treatment since April. However, we have allowed Fauci and the Democrats to adopt the flawed one-size-fits-all treatment strategy based upon the invalid eradication approach as an excuse to perpetuate the lockdown and the destruction of our economy along with the aforementioned goals of replacing Trump, our culture and our property and our civil rights.

 A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll has found that just 42% of Americans say they plan to get a coronavirus vaccine when its ready for distribution. Only 37% of Republicans and 34% of Independents plan on taking the vaccine. At one point in May, a full 55% of Americans said they were going to take the vaccine. 

Many will think that the new resistance to the vaccine is victory. That is not true. It is a good first step. However, we have only taken a brief glimpse of the Democratic Party goals. In the next article, we are going to expand this series into exposing the goals of the Deep State and the globalist elite as a whole. What is coming is not for the faint of heart.