America is a Failed State In the Midst of Total Collapse- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges

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I recently interviewed Mike Adams about his recent article in which he stated "America is a failed state". In the interview, Mike Adams expanded upon the this notion. Indeed, America is in a lot of trouble and soon, all Americans could be totally on their own. This interview will upset many, especially those who refuse to see the dangers and how much of America our enemies have already taken over. We are about to enter a period of mass casualty events and we cover it all here in this interview, which can be accessed by clicking this link

The GEN SIX team put together a panel of experts which exposed the end-times dangers that we are beginning to experience. Mike Adams was a signficant part of this program. To access the other great speakers, for one low price, please click here. 


The second part of the Celeste Solum interview can be found on this site on Friday.