Arizona Trafficking Case Exposes Local and Federal Politicians Tied to Child Trafficking with Ties to Ukraine

David Farnsworth

I was recently watching the media in Arizona cover a story regarding the selling of babies from mothers who were brought from the Marshall Islands by an Arizona public servant. Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen was arrested on charges of running an illegal international adoption scheme in three states. Petersen is facing 62 criminal charges for bringing pregnant women from the Marshall Islands to Arizona to give birth and then selling their babies in Utah, Arizona and Arkansas. The women were kept in homes in the East Valley of Phoenix until they gave birth and the babies were sold to would-be-parents. None of the news reports touchec unp several critical issues. How does a public servant, making $70,000 per year afford "bondage houses" and transport and delivery servies? How did the mothers get to the United States from the Marshall Islands? Who was paying for the homes that the mothers were staying in until they gave birth? Who was paying for the medical services to deliver these children? Where would this "public servant" find medical staff competent enough to deliver the children, but criminal enough to participate in what they had to know was a massive international crime ring? Further, how did one public servant with a middle income salary pull this off by himself? Paul Peterson, according to the FBI, local authorities and the local media has no accomplices. This story, on its face is not even believable. In fact, what we have here is a Jeffrey Epstein operation which is probably connected to the Clinton Foundation and this case has complete been missed by the CPS of Arizona. But wait it gets worse. 

Enter Arizona State Senator David Farnsworth. He is investigating 550 children who have gone missing in Arizona. And for his trouble, Farnsworth says he has been threatened by another elected official for "daring" to investigate this heinous activity in Arizona. Before I start connecting dots, and there are a lot of dots to connect, let's take a momentary detour and show Senator Farnsworth just how much danger he is in. 

Oklahoma and Arizona Share in Missing Children from CPS

In the Fall of 2016, in Oklahoma, Seventy-eight children went completely missing,with no explanation. The most frightening aspect of this development is that these children went missing while in custody of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS). Even the Oklahoma media is asking questions. Millie Carpenter, who holds the position of DHS’s permanency and well-being program administrator, and her cohort, Melissa Jones, a DHS program supervisor, insist that there is nothing wrong and their publicly funded agency has made absolutely no mistakes. No mistakes? There are 78 children, under their care who are missing! Nothing wrong?  

Carpenter and Jones insist there is DHS accountability and that all 78 missing children should be considered to be runaways and that they have not been abducted. How would they know since the children are missing? 

  Please allow me to emphasize that these 78 children were under the custody and care of DHS at the time of their disappearance. If these children had disappeared while in the custody of their parents, wouldn’t there be hell to pay regarding parental accountability? Both the authorities and the media should be asking questions about supervision and agency accountability. When these children were not in their tax-supported bed at night, why was nothing done?  

Presumably, many of these children were removed from their parents by Child Protective Services and placed in DHS custody because their parents were accused of neglect and/or abuse. Isn’t DHS responsible for room and board? Each child is required to be accounted for with regard to state allocations for food and housing!  Therefore, can some responsible person of authority, connected to DHS, please explain to me why 78 missing person reports have not been filed? Why weren’t the police notified? If these children were removed from the parents’ home, then a court would have to be involved. As such, the courts should have been immediately notified when the children went missing because a court order was not being complied with.  

If the missing 78 children in Oklahoma was just a case of gross dereliction of duty by officials such as DHS administrators Carpenter and Jones, then we could fire the incompetent personnel and hire better people who would protect the children. But the fact that these children were not even reported as missing is inexcusable. How do I know that something is terribly wrong? Simple, I used to be a therapist and these types of administrative procedures were part of my training. The facts connected to the handling of these missing children does not add up. If the three stooges are not running Oklahoma’s DHS, then there is something very criminal going on. And the fact that the authorities are not up in arms and conducting a criminal investigation is highly suspicious and suggests further complicity at some official level. There is very good reason to expect a much deeper level of criminal activity related to these children because it has happened before.  

There was somebody, like Arizona State Senator Farnsworth, who cared enough to look into this matter and found that these "negligent MIA children" are a part of the past practice of Oklahoma's DHS and these kids are sold to child-sex-traffickers. The man who looked into this practice was an Oklahoma State Senator and he was murdered in his home. His name was State Senator Jonathan Nicole. 

One More Digression to Demonstrate to Senator Farnsworth How Much Danger He's In

I was recently asked by a talk show host why MS-13 was being imported into the United States and I replied "When political assassinations are planned, along with media figures and law enforcement offtcers (LEO), the brutal use of MS-13 can lead to a complete destabilization of our society while keeping the CIA and the Clinton Foundation hands clean in this arena. 

After CSS researcher, Alexandra Daley sent me a list of ten murdered individuals who were connected to child-sex-trafficking rings (some with CPS connections), some facts began to jump our at me as several of the ten murdered individuals were involved in areas of criminality that the cartels/terrorists are deep involved in on this side of the border. However, I must say that these people could have more easily been Arkancided, because in one way or another, each death is related to Hillary.

Arkancided is a term reserved for the long list of people who posed a legal threat to the freedom of the Clintons and the continuance of their organized crime activities. Of the ten who were murdered, six of them were directly related to child sex trafficking, related Clinton emails to this effect, and specifically to Comet Pizzagate.  

Here is a list of people who were close to the Clinton Foundation and child-sex-trafficking allegations. Running parallel to the Clinton Foundation are various child-sex-trafficking allegations connected to various Child Protective Services (CPS). Here is the list of murder victims:

Linda Collins-Smith, former Arkansas state senator, died of gunshot wounds and in a bizarre manner, her body was wrapped in blanket. Was this a symbolic gesture for a "coverup".  

Jonathan Nicole was a former State Senator, as was Collins-Smith. Specifically, Nicole was an Oklahoma state senator who also died of died of gunshot wound. In a "message killing fashion" a gun found on table near the body. Both State Senators were investigating the connections between their local CPS organizations and disappearing children for the purposes of trafficking them in sex-rings. 

Steven Silks, the now deceased New York Deputy allegedly committed suicide by gunshot. He was only a month away from his retirement which makes this "suicide" highly unlikely.. He was one of the few  people who have actually seen the horrifying sand graphic details on on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that supposedly made men cry. these are the emails that many believe got Seth Rich murdered. These are the 33,000 emails that the Clintons', the Deep State and Obama appointed Democratic judges have worked so hard to cover up as they block the release to the public.   

 Joseph Calabrese, an NYPD homicide detective  committed suicide with his on gunshot as he was another who had seen the infamous the Pizza Grate related Anthony Weiner’s laptop

 Herb Sandler was another "Pizzagater" tied to the infamous Comet Pizzagate and the Podesta emails that have largely been kept out of the public eye.  

 Tony Rodham, was the most notable member of this tragic list, is none other than Hillary Clinton’s Brother. In a very bizarre twist of fate, the cause of death is not being released. Was it a heart attack, a gunshot, was he tortured to death, or something like what happened to Justice Scalia? I cannot remember high profile death where the cause of death was not at least vaguely referred to with regard to the cause of death. 

Senator Farnsworth better watch out, he is on very dangerous ground. I will come back to Farnsworth later. But first, it is important to note that I have been down this road before. 

Even State Department Employees Are Not Immune From Attack

In 2015, Monika Wesolowski, a State Department employee with a security clearance, believes that she was politically targeted and this led to the seizure of her son. My investigation in this matter has revealed an acquaintance of Monika, who lived in her building and their children played together, was likely met with foul play, because he was about to blow the whistle on government connected child sex trafficking. This lends credence to Monika's belief of being targeted for what someone thought she knew about child sex trafficking and elements of the U.S. government. Somebody thinks that Monika knew more than she does because at the same time, this federal employee with no outside income was targeted by the IRS for an audit and the State Department began to drug test her. The operating hypothesis is based on the notion that this child abduction strategy was adopted in order to (use your imagination) keep Monika quiet. When she contacted me, the opposite happened.

Monika firmly believes that her son Dylan would be sex trafficked by now if it were not for the intervention of the CSS. When Dylan was removed from his mother's custody, he was illegally placed with two gay men who openly joked about how "sexy" the boy was. Monika had irrefutable proof that the boy was being abused and about to be trafficked. I was able to expose this on a very public stage and Virginia officials were forced to remove the boy from the sutation.

Many connected to the Weslowski case will openly state that the only reason that Monika is alive today is because fo the attention called to her case by the intense coverage of the CSS. 

Back to Arizona

Farnsworth filed a report with the Depart of Public Safety (DPS). He went as far as to call the police because he reported that fellow State Senator Kate Brophy McGee threatened him if he did not stop investigating the ciphoning off of Arizona foster children to a global sex-trafficking ring and this, in part is exactly what the Peterson case is about. 

Many people I have spoken with speaks about a man named McKay who was appointed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to clean up the mess at CPS. Instead, McKay ordered agents to seize more children and even more kids disappeared. The Phoenix New Times talks about how Ducey has changed his name from Roscoe to Ducey, to conceal his family's organized crime background from Ohio. What's interesting is that Ducey appointed Peterson to his present position. 

Speaking of the Phoenix New Times, they once ran a story on the late John McCain. They traced how when he was a POW in Vietnam, his first wife was disfigured from an automobile crash. McCain divorced her and married Cindy Hensley (McCain). The New Times went on to expose that the Hensley family was an organized crime family with a history dating back to bootlegging during Prohibilition. It was their money that funded the political rise of John McCain. Governor Doug Ducey was once an employee of the Hensley business, Hmmm, I would have to be a dedicated conincdence theorist to not see these connections.  

The person who Farnsworth alleges threatened him, Kate Brophy McGee is on the Legislative committee overseeing CPS activities. What a coincidence! Here is another set of coincidences. McKay is not only tied to Ducey (ie friends), he is also associated with ex-senator Jeff Flake, the late John McCain and amazingly, Mitt Romney in their "never-Trumper movement and Romney is someone who I have implicated for his subtle threats against of President Trump. In fact, all of these men are tied together by Urkranian business interests according to one anonymous source. This explains a a lot because this also brings the Bidens into the equation by association as well as Nancy Pelosi's son. These events are currently under investigation by the CSS and others as I have learned. 

These Ukranian associations, I am told, go a lot further than illicit energy deals and get directly into the realm of child-sex-trafficking.Trump has made the stopping of this practice aprioity and this explains the wrath from this group that he is feeling.  From the comments made by Tulsi Gabbard to Hillary Clinton, I believe that it is highly likely that Gabbard has this same information that is just coming to light. Ther is no question that the Arizona CPS fiasco is an Epstein operation and many of Arizona's politicians, in key positions, are complicit. This is an ongoing story and more will be forthcoming.

These associations explain a lot about the Ukrainian impeachment fiasco. The Democrats are masters at accusing others of what it is there guilty of. For example, the Russian-Collusion-Delusion, I believe the evidence speaks to this, was about covering up the Clinton Foundation's Uranium One fiasco of selling highly enriched uranium to the Russians and this deal involved Robert Mueller as I conclusively proved in July of 2017. Now, we have Trump attacked for the Ukraine fiasco and beneath it all are the child-sex trafficking exploints of key Arizona politicians, both past and present and the Peterson case highlights these connections.


History shows that both Peterson and Senator Farnsworth are in a great deal of danger. Peterson will undoubtedly be Arkancided in prison so he can't make a deal for a lighter sentence. Over in California, Ed Buck will suffer a similar fate. Senator Farnsworth, like Collins-Smnith, runs the risk of being assassination by the drug cartels (ie MS-13) for daring to expose this area of corruption. 

To the unaware, I just exposed for you why the borders are left open by members of both political parties. Oh, did I mention that an Attorney General from the Marshall Islands was just found shot to death? Of course, this would have nothing to do with the Peterson case. 

I have had my own dealings with these unscrupulous people and lived to tell about it. That story will be published this morning on this site and it is entitled, Huge Secrets in Maricopa County