Bet on the CIA being the culprit in the Moscow mass murders, just like they were in the Las Vegas concert massacre, and as they will be in the upcoming black swan events




Last year or the year before sometime I did a story on the Las Vegas mass shooting at a country music festival near the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas and concluded that what is officially known has NOTHING to do with what actually happened per the numerous first hand reports of the people involved and the few videos that were not confiscated by the authorities but somehow they and the truth did leak out. First, it was NOT a single shooter, it was numerous shooters and it was not from some hotel window but from people inside the venue as well as quick assaults in nearby hotel lobbies and even by helicopter. Who can put together such an attack and still get it all smoothed over to make it seem some poor lackey did it all? Only a large and well oiled machine, we’ll get to that soon.


Supposedly the officially named perpetrator Mr. Paddock killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more before being shot himself, even though the swat teams were outside his door waiting for “permission” to enter and put stop to it all for a number of hours. I believe that like I believe Biden is anywhere near competent and Big Mike is female. We are not here to discuss that one, go look up my older column on it for more details. What we are here to discuss is the free, random association beginning that brought the LV false flag to my memory.


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Initial reports from the Crocus City Hall music venue in Moscow said at least 40 died, then later 50, and then 60, and now 133 as I write this without a final total with hundreds injured by a group of 4 masked terrorist gunmen went right in and slaughtered the young people there, just like happened in Las Vegas according to first hand witnesses. Dressed in combat fatigues and sporting fully automatic rifles, they went through the crowd with efficiency just as if they were highly trained operatives (again, just like in Las Vegas), as can be seen in the videos that are out showing the horrific scene.


Initial reports also claimed no one took responsibility, or at least claimed to be, but very soon after that ISIS claimed to be the perpetrators. One side says blame another and they blame yet another and so forth just as would be suspected in the opening barrages of propaganda and skirting blame or responsibility as is the normal. Some guy named ??????? ??????? did his best on ‘X’ to thwart fears that it was Ukraine and said “there is not the slightest doubt that the events in the Moscow suburbs will contribute to a sharp increase in military propaganda, accelerated militarization, expanded mobilization, and, ultimately, the scaling up of the war” and that is the whole point of it all, obviously. But I do not accept the absolute that it was not Ukraine either. He did say something that we will get to quickly that “long before the events in Crocus City Hall, we had heard public warnings from foreign embassies stationed in #Moscow about the possibility of such bloody excesses.”


And of course, Putin claims that it must have been the Ukrainians because why would they attack their own people such as the many Chechen related terrorist mass slaughter attacks in public venues? Anyone that knows anything about Russian history knows that is about as false logic as can be given. And of course, NATO has been blamed as the culprit in order to start WWIII as one of their regular false flags. There is one claim however that stands out, and that is this one from our own State Department that was issued BEFORE the attack.



“U.S. citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours”, This warning given 2 weeks before the attacks was dated March 7 2024. True, it may have been from intel that something may be up, but it is my contention that it all was well known to the system. OANN reported that “They act like trained and trained fighters,” the unnamed witness said. “At the moment of entering the building, the guards and people standing at the door were killed. Then they blocked the main entrance.”


“The terrorists are armed with AKM assault rifles,” they continued. “Some carry unloads with various ammunition. At least two of the attackers are carrying backpacks, possibly with molotov cocktails” and that appears to have been the case. Not just any old terrorists, but military efficient ones. Just like CIA operatives maybe?



This line from the above post is what I am considering the most telling, “the West are the only ones who could possibly benefit from this situation. Putin already has all the support he needs to do whatever the hell he wants”. That is a true statement, and the final one from that post is this line, “Would they start WW3 to stop Trump? Absolutely.” Again, an absolute truth.


One of the best descriptions I can remember seeing on just what NATO is and was designed for was that it is not just some post WWII group of nations out to make a joint defensive systems against a communist conspiracy or other foe, but was more likely the then brand new CIA’s amalgam of power to make Eisenhower’s warning of the evil of the military industrial complex a true to reality freak show. The CIA has been using NATO to start wars all over the globe pretending that somehow gaining control over the Koreans drug and human trafficking was fighting communism. No, they just got a lot richer as a side benefit to the massive monies made in pushing war production for the corporate controllers and the international bankers. That same scheme that worked so well also worked for Viet Nam and the CIA (what daddy Bush?) had Kennedy murdered to stop the satanic evil of the CIA drug and human trafficking trade. We see the same thing in controlling the Afghan poppy fields, and the control of the drug and human trafficking importation gangs being well armed by the Kenyan (fast and furious ring a bell?). We see it thwarted in the Russian revolution in Cuba but somehow the drug trade was not affected. Iraq was used as a showcase for America’s newest military weapons and to help control the drug and human trafficking in that arena as well. The most lucrative business arrangement outside of the central bankers (think Red Shields, the Rothschild’s) as an addendum to the war machine factories is in drugs and victims to keep the whore houses busy and the blood donors for the satanic sacrifices for their evil churches.



“Ukrainian Intelligence” my well rounded arse, that is CIA propaganda network speaking. Nevertheless, the last line “it’s about to get ugly” is the working model here. Blame all they want on others, I am convinced my random association of Las Vegas and Moscow is right on track. The powers that be want war, not only to reduce the world’s population but to put EVERYTHING under very strict total control and military absolute power. No free will for you miniscule underling punks.


But then we did have ISIS claiming they did it didn’t we. They claim responsibility for many things that they may or may not have done, just to keep the money coffers filled I suppose.



And then there is this one-



Mike Benz: I just have to break this down in a video to make it perfectly plain and clear to people what’s happening with Hunter Biden and the CIA. Why was I saying a year and a half ago that the reason Hunter Biden is untouchable by the Justice Department is because he was part of a CIA operation. Multiple ones, actually….The NDI is the DNC wing of the National Endowment for Democracy, which is the top CIA cutout used in our tens of thousands of NGO swarms. NED ranks number one. It was created to be the NGO affiliate of the CIA. It was created to do overtly what the CIA was doing covertly and getting in trouble for doing in the 20th century….”


It appears they (THEY being the NATO/CIA satanic groups) are well on their way to getting just what they want, another massive war.  The problem this time is, that it will be almost impossible to contain and likely going nuclear before too long.  The international crime syndicates (read as US Government including CIA, Justice Dept, and so forth) money laundering system formerly known as Ukraine and the massive drug/people industry is going absolutely nutz right now.


My money is on the CIA directly being the culprit, just as they were in Las Vegas, let alone all over the world and the upcoming Black Swan events.


God Bless


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