Biden's Adminstartion Has Run Out of "Legal" Compliance Options-False Flag Events Blamed on the Unvaxxed Are Next As the Pretext for Quarantines and Gun Confiscation

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When outright compliance, or genocidal enforcement of governmental mandates is not possible, look for false flag events to occur in order the justification for any use of force to gain citizen compliance. The American public, as a whole, has never faced the dangers that the Biden administration is preparing to bring their way. You may not want violence, but your oppressors will not likely grant any quarter, nor give you any choice. We are already seeing the precursors to these strategies in New Zealand and Australia. 

The Biden administration has hit major roadblocks. They are having trouble getting the Reconcilliation Bill passed. Police departments, ICU's maternity wards, basic health care is now threatened because of the public's rejection of the vaccines, key people in all walks of life  are saying no to this administration. veterans and most of America are furious at leaving over one thousand Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and America is increasingly angry over the shortages and the inflation deliberately brought about by the present criminal and communiust regime. This administration needs a game changer. The need to bring about fake gun violence perpetrated by "vaccine resisters." The CSS believes this will be the pre-emptive event to begin forcible quarantines and gun confiscations. 

From my discussions with various present and former federal employees, they believe that the administration has no choice but to engage in false flag attacks followed by martial law actions directed against the unvaxxed. Biden's handlers must disarm the country or their agenda will soon be dead in the water. One FBI employee told me that there is rebellion within the rank and file of the FBI. This person told me in a confidential interview that the FBI is not alone and that virtually every federal agency is in some form of rebellion. Biden has tried replacing DHS and the Border Patrol as well as the Space Force but to no avail. 

Several sources have pointed to New Zealand and Australia as the Beta test entities whose strategies could be used to squash any rebellion against the communist policies of the Biden administration. Over the next few article, I am going to highlight the variables associated with this assertion by reviewing about what we already know about New Zealand and Australia.

Today, we deal with New Zealand. 

It was previously documented that New Zealand was one of the locations that is actively eta testing strategies for the takedown of the United States. The examples are so numerous,that one article cannot document all the avenues that are being implemented. 

Disguised Gun Confiscation

Gun confiscation concerns should be at the top of every American's list. Once we give up our guns, we lose all power against a tyrannical governments. Just ask the Founding Fathers as they defended Lexington and Concord against the gun-grabbing efforts of the British. It is no different in New Zealand or Australia. 

It is nearly an impossible task to confiscate the guns from a population where gun ownership was previously unregulated which was the case in New Zealand. However, since the so-called Mosque Massacre,New Zealand's government has done their gbest to seize the guns. Before going further, please permit a digression. The University of Hawaii has an academic project called the Democide Project. They studies multiple genocides in the 20th century. Every genocide followed gun confiscation. What is going on in New Zealand is not exactly outright gun confiscation, but that will eventually be the result. 

The New Zealand government has changed their gun laws and have gone to very strict and unreasonable policies:


To obtain a gun in New Zealand, this is what a citizen must submit to the following:

This from their website:



I predict that these elements will be applied to unvaxxed in America after a series of false flag attacks blamed on the unvaxxed. This from their arms code:


Fauci will soon proclaim that guns must be taken from those that would resist forcible isolation, done for the good of America's children. 

Future President, Kamala Harris stated that she would give Congress 100 days to take care of the gun problem or she would invoke executive orders to do so. BE VERY AFRAID CITIZENS OF NEW ZEALAND. ATTENTION AMERICA, THESE PRACTICE BOTH HERE AND IN THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS ARE INTENDED FOR YOU, THEY ARE TESTING THESE POLICIES ON THE PEOPLE OF NEW ZEALAND. 


From New Zealand's Channel 1:

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern is making it mandatory for all businesses opening under the new Alert Levels to display the Government's COVID TRACER app QR code.

                                              New Zealand's dictatorial PM.  

Businesses and services have one week to display the codes at points of entry. Source: 1 NEWS

"Businesses have one week to display the QR code at its entry points, however the prime minister urged businesses to download the app as soon as possible.

It comes as four new community transmitted cases of Covid-19 forced Aucklanders back into Alert Level 3 at midday, and the rest of the country is in Alert Level 2.

From midday today, a Covid-19 public health order came into effect which provides the legal basis to require people to stay at home unless they are working in places where it is safe to do so, including to ensure physical distancing.

"The order makes it mandatory for any business or service to display a QR code for the COVID TRACER app prominently at all entry points, allowing everyone to sign in via the tracing app. So what is mandatory is the display of that QR code," Ms Ardern said.

"Many businesses, as you'll note, have done that already because as you'll see them on display."

The app allows users to scan the code and keep a log of where they have been. People are also notified through the app if they have been in contact with a Covid-19 case.

"The ability to contact trace quickly is one of the key tools we have to find new cases and get them in isolation to avoid future lockdowns, so always using the app is a big investment in keeping our businesses and economy open," Ms Ardern said.

"It will protect you and it will protect the people around you.

"It is very quick and it is very easy to use.

Last night, more than 100,000 people downloaded the app."

The net effect is that they can target and arrest polictical activists under the guise of covid tracing. 

Here is the link to access Ardern's statement. Also, following Ardern's statement, both se and the Health Director stated that they would be moving infected people into quarantine zones. 

This is medical martial law that both Celeste and myself have been speaking about. 

In a later interview Ardern stated that the quarantine is for 14 days, but if the inmate is not cooperative, they will be kept another 14 days. 

As the reader can see, New Zealand has already instituted a "Papers Please" approach. So has America. QR codes are coming, but the Biden administration has already gone beyond New Zealand with de facto vaccine passports and in beta test grounds, such as San Francisco, if employees do not enforce the vaccine passport provisions, the business is shut down. Just ask In & Out Burger where they were forced to shut down for not allowing their labor to commandeered by the goose-stepping feds. 

At the end of each article in this series I am going to admonish America to be on the lookout for the coming false flag narratives that will attempt to disarm America and enforce compliance. FEMA camps are close..... Assassination attempts on alt media figures is already happened. Stay tuned for these stunning developments. 


America, if you do not think it will happen here, please view the following report I made regarding a recent "propaganda" interview with 3 establishment doctors. This is beyond frightening what they plan to do.