Big Pharma Prostitute Kristi Noem Refuses to Block UNCONSTITUTIONAL Employer-Mandated Vaccines for Her South Dakota Subjects


Kristi Noem, the PRETEND REPUBLICAN governor of South Dakota has betrayed her base and the citizens of her state. Soon, if given the chance, she will betray America. At the end of the day, Noem is no better than Schumer and Pelosi! Noem will become the poster-child on why all governors, save Florida's, along with their SecretarIes if State, must be unelected in their respective primary races in 2022/2024!

RINO Noem is steadfastly refusing to back a bill that would prevent businesses from demanding that citizens take the jab. Please be mindful, that the jab is producing victims on an ever-increasing scale.  

The GOP legislation that would absolutely ban vaccine mandates in South Dakota, is backed by Scott Odenbach and Jon Hansen. The bill is appropriately entitled the “COVID-19 VACCINE FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE ACT.” This bill would  support the citizens of South Dakota with regard to their ability to exercise their medical freedom as it would legally allow citizens to eprotect them from being fired for refusing to take the jab.

 In very simplistic, child-like logic, Noem has made a mockery of medical freedom on an individual basis. Not only does Noem back the Big Pharma, fascist state, she has forsaken any pretense of concern for the health and welfare of her “subjects. Queen Noem went so far as to back Marxism, in favor of Big Pharma, she also mocked the concerns of South Dakota citizens when she brazenly tweeted the following:

Workers whose employers are mandating a vaccine for continued employment have the power to say no. Our robust economy and job market gives them the option to find a new employer that values personal choice and responsibility, and doesn’t force mandates on their employees.

— Kristi Noem (@KristiNoem) July 31, 2021


What Noem is actually saying here is that she sees the evil behind forced vaccinations, but you, as a citizen are on your own. As the readers will soon see, Noem wants to be President and she cannot get there without the support of the Big Pharma profit machine!

The Odenbackh and Hansen bill, which has a real chance of passing, will not survive Noem’s expected veto. Just to be clear, RINO Queen Noem is rejecting a bill which states the following:

No person shall be subjected to any disciplinary action; being terminated, demoted, or losing employment status in any way; loss of student status, including status in a particular study program; nor shall any person be denied access to any business premises as a result of his or her decision to receive a COVID-19 vaccination on the basis of conscience… 

The bill provides sanctions in the form of civil action, injunctive relief and punitive damages for any employer mandating the jab against their will.   

Noem is planning on entering the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary. But wait a minute…you will not believe who is doing her chief fundraising. No, it is not George Soros, but it may as well be. Republican and conservative turncoat, John Boehner, is Noem’s chief fundraiser at this point in time. Attention, South Dakota, you may protest and say that Noem saved South Dakota’s economy during the lockdown by modifying and limiting restrictions. However, in a conservative state like South Dakota, to have done anything else, would have been certain political suicide. Now that Noem has to choose between being a true populist governor, who defends the Constitution, or becoming a first-class whore to Big Pharma profits and unconstitutional vaccine mandates, she has made her choice. All Americans need to make Noem lie in the corrupt bed of her choosing.

I am calling on South Dakota and all of America to reject this political street-walker. Kick her to the political curb and let her stand in line with Liz Cheney and Arizona’s CHICOM-friendly governor, Doug Ducey.

Attention America: Fool me once shame on Noem, Fool me twice and you get what your ignorance and apathy deserves.