Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges- Connecting the Dots Regarding the Deliberate Apocalypse Befalling the United States

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I recently interviewed Bob Griswold of and found that our independent analysis of the crises facing America, all which potentially represent a “nation-extinction-level” of events, are simultaneously in place could very well kills tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans. Remember, the Deagel Report predicted over 250 million American deaths, from various causes, by 2025.

It is becoming clear to many experts who have worked in this arena, for decades, and include people ranging from Steve Quayle to Mike Adams to Bob Griswold, that we do not have much time. Please take this dot-connecting article, based, in part, on a recent TV interview (available at thecommonsenseshow.TV) that I did with Bob Griswold, which parallels parts of interviews I have done with Steve Quayle and Mike Adams, all are saying the same thing: Millions of people who can read these words will not survive what is arriving in America unless you are able to take extreme action, IMMEDIATELY!!!

This article will briefly connect the dots, related to some, but certainly not all, of the threats that are nation and citizen killing. Further, a short-list of proactive steps will be offered to stimulate immediate action. There is no guarantee of survival in the physical realm, however, all who are reading these words can get on bended knee and surrender to Jesus Christ and be assured an eternal place in the Kingdom of God!

The following presentation is meant to substantive but is much more filled with examples designed to get the unconvinced to act in their own self-preservation. The following will also read more like a summary from a White Paper than an article.

Three Major Areas Under Attack

Bob Griswold and myself discussed 3 major areas of concern that people can and should address immediately.

  1. Food is in the process of being weaponized against the American people in much the same manner that Stalin did to Ukraine in the Holodomor in which 23 million were starved to death. After the collusion between the Chinese government, Democratic Party operatives and the Deep State, America’s food supply is under attack. Necessary exports from China are not being delivered, including medication, but most certainly food from other countries that we are now forced to import. Further, the meat packing plants, inappropriately closed as nonessential during the plandemic, are still closed. In this time of developing food shortages, farmer are being paid and coerced not grow food, thus adding to the problem. One does not have to be a conspiracy theorists to see through the motivation behind the Biden Administration’s actions. Independent farmers, such as the Amish, are under attack from the Federal government. Mask and Vaccine Passport mandates have created an estimated trucker shortage of 60,000 drivers. Soon, your just in time deliverables, will be nowhere in time. This will be the precursor to mass death (malnutrition related) and mass violence to obtain this needed resource. Bob and believe that some of the shortages that I wrote about in yesterday’s article related to the closing storable food delivery companies is the direct result of government purchases. In a couple of instances, the reasons give for the cessation of delivery does not appear to have been developed or written by a businessman trying to get customers to come back. The reason why Bob and I suspect this is obvious.  Water is becoming a problem because of HAARP-induced weather control which resulted in a massive drought and the destruction of farmland, with an obvious reduction in crop yield. Do you have storable water?
  2. We are entering an energy crisis of epic proportions. Biden’s actions in Afghanistan led to Chinese takeover and placed CHICOM forces adjacent to Iran. The two combined armies could easily threaten Middle East oil supplies since Biden, acting as a de facto agent of the CHICOM government,  killed American energy independence. Without energy independence our entire transportation system, food distribution system, the delivery of medical supplies, etc., are now in extreme danger thank to the traitor who stole the 2020 election, his Fauci subordinate allied with China, to create this crisis. As the reader can see, there is and will be an overlap of the threats to American survival from the various Biden administration led assault on America
  3. Through vaccine and passport mandates, artificial shortages are being created in medicine, every dimension of the military (most important and this makes us vulnerable to Russian and Chinese invasion), transportation employees, and generally employees from all parts of American business and industry. Take the jab or starve is becoming the mantra. This is setting the stage for FEMA Camp incarcerations under the guise of isolation camps under the false heading of Covid 19 quarantine. By the way, Johns Hopkins research reveals that many more people are dying from the jab than they are from Covid. One would almost think that this administration is setting up for a mass depopulation event. Shortages, criminality, health hazards from infectons are being perpetrated by the completely engineered collapse of the border by the Biden Administration. This is intentional and will significantly add to the national pain when the collapse is realized. 

In the abbreviated problem presentation, I could go much more into depth. However, the purpose of this article is to connect a few dots and hopefully motivate Americans to act on an individual and local level.

General Steps That the Average Person Can Take Before It’s Too Late

This is not to be a comprehensive list, but rather a partial list of steps one can take increase the odds of individual survival.

  1. Obtain 2 years of storable food and seeds. This is getting hard to do given the condition of major suppliers of storable food.
  2. Water filtration for water that you store inside in 55 gallon drums. Filtration can also be used when one hunts any source of ground water.
  3. Turn off the media, we feel that it destroys hope and is a disincentive to proper preparation.
  4. War is being waged against you, therefore you must strike back. Do not use their transportation systems, entertainment systems, news outlets, etc. Don’t shop at the box stores. Take most of your money in the bank and place it in gold, silver, bitcoin.  Make sure these acquired assets are delivered to your door. If you do not hold it, you do not own it says Steve Quayle. Keep only a maintenance amount in the bank. Do so now, but do it covertly, as the bank technically owns your money after you deposit it. In other words, don’t make any independent pronouncements. Do it now! Time is very short.
  5. For the average person, too late for me, stay off of social media. Don’t put a bigger target on your back than needs to be.
  6. Arm yourself to the teeth and get immediate training if need be.
  7. Acquire natural medicine and know what you doing. Start now!!! Prescription medication coming out of China is in short supply.
  8. Please note that the Biden administration is making their move now. In recently discovered DOJ documents, they admit the reason to go after the school board parent protestors is because they are endangering the Democrats chances for success in the mid-term elections.


The Deep State is scared to death of an ever increasing numbers of Americans that are waking up! Most Americans do not know what to do, but they know the end of America is near.

My hope is that all who read these words will take action and convince those in the immediate social circles to do the same. Don't forget your Bible!