Is Canada Handing Off the Western Provinces to the CHICOMS As a Prelude to Invasion of the United States?


The Western portion of Canada is not just allowing the CHICOM’s Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) to be present in British Colombia,  the PLA is taking over. 

Last evening as I was being interviewed on a station in Kentucky, a Canadian ex-pat called in and confirmed everything I am to say here.  

The Canadian government signed a secret agreement which allowed the CHICOMS to bring in their troops to protect Chinese property that Trudeau allowed the Chinese to build. The following paragraphs will describe what four different Canadians have described about what life is like in an around Vancouver. First of all, the homeless are isolated in Oppenheimer Park. They are being separated from the general population. They are monitored and guarded and one Canadian told me, who got to close and was told to vacate the area or be arrested, that the guards for the park are strange. The regular police are seen less and less. More frequently, the guards are Chinese who speak perfect English but refuse to answer and in-depth questions about what is going in the park.  

One Canadian told me that his cousin is a military outfit that has largely been transferred from BC to points “back east”. He is intimating that the military is being withdrawn and the CHICOMS are taking over.  He told me that there is a distinct feeling of impending doom. Everyone is on pins and needles. Even the authorities are not enforcing social distancing and the wearing of masks. “It is like it doesn’t matter anymore, something much bigger than coronavirus is coming”.   

Stanley Park (Island) is no longer accessible to the public. It is guarded by Canadians but everyone in the immediate area, knows that the Chinese are on the Island. A former dock worker, who recently lost his job, told me that the ports are in lockdown. There is still activity in the ports, but it is like they had to get all the civilians off the docks so they could not see what is coming and what is coming are believed to be massive amounts of Chinese men and material to join the massive amounts of Chinese that are already in the city. He said the Chinese control the port where he was at.

There is one person who has been regularly communicating with me who is a position of relative power. His exact position, located in Vancouver, will be kept unidentified for security reasons, told me that the CHICOMS are headquartered in Prince Rupert. He has seen the attack helicopters and troop transport helicopters . He says that Chinese combat troops can cover the entire Province within 90 minutes but he does not believe covering British Colombia (BC) is the goal. At Stanley Park, he said he saw a largely scaled-down version of the stadium that the Seattle Seahawks play football. He recognized it for what it was immediately because he has been to the facility dozens of times. It is his belief that this small makeshift structure was built to rehearse the housing of large amounts of people. For the 60 minutes he was in the area on business, he said that the focus was not on what was going inside of the structure, but on controlling traffic coming into the area in large canopy trucks. I asked him if this was a FEMA camp facility in his opinion. I had to fully explain the nuances behind my question and he said the use of trucks might indicate that they were planning to bring large amounts of people to the facility. He did also say that he knows that for a fact that the CHICOMS are practicing amphibious landings near the area. He further stated that local cops are very “pissed off:, but everyone is in stand-down mode, but nobody is comfortable with what is happening. He said if he was wrong that the mini-structure he witnessed was not in Seattle as he suspected, he is fearful, the practice is for Canadians not Americans, at least initially. He also told me that organized crime is down dramatically, especially in the area of the docks. He thought it was due to the presence of CHICOMS who are taking control of the ports.

It is clear that key parts of Western Canada are being handed off to the CHICOMS. I maintain that Trudeau has struck a military deal with the CHICOMS. Why? With true north moving, melting ice caps has made Canada the unquestionable dominant power in freshwater supplies. With water levels in many world metropolitan areas dropping to 500 feet, freshwater will become a valuable commodity. Canada will become the 1980’s version of the Saudi Arabia, only the product will not be oil, it will be water. However, Canada does not have the military reserve to protect it supplies and transport going forward.

Trudeau should have reached out to the United States for this reason. But why didn’t they? Red the Deagel Report which says that 89% of Americans will be dead in just over four years. The Chinese obviously convinced Trudeau that China will be the only country left standing that can protect their water resources. This makes sense because America has enjoyed a tremendous relationship with Canada as the border represents the largest undefended border in the world. I have written about how China is initiating their “belt and road” strategy in in CANZUK (ie Australia (gone), New Zealand (going), UK (losing), and Canada (nearly lost).  Lost, losing nearly lost? This is the infrastructure of all 4 countries to the CHICOMS. It is clear that China is separating these four English speaking countries from America as a pre-emptive action to invasion. This is obviously being done to separate America from major trading partners and military allies. This also gives China control over the South Pacific. America is very close to standing alone. 

If California falls after the election and leaves the union as CALEXIT threatens to do, Pearl Harbor would have to be abandoned. The CHICOMS will control Washington, Oregon, and California, all who have pledged to withdraw from America if they do not like the result of the election. This will provide a major beachhead for the CHICOMS. 

I showed this article to a former military analyst and he said contingency plans to house West coast military facilities will be transferred to East coast control, are in existence but he did not know if they have been rehearsed. This is merely a status report on the anecdotal accounts of four Canadians acquired over an 8 week period. I believe these accounts to be accurate because there are other accounts similar to these, for example in the broadcasts of Sarah Westall. This story will obviously be continued as more information is acquired.