The Cascadian Subduction Zone Is the #1 Threat to North America-Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges-The Common Sense Show

volcano erupting

 I recently interviewed Steve Quayle and we compared notes on the Cascadian Subduction Zone (CSZ).

In the interview Steve and myself reviewed the extreme dangers we are facing. We further exposed how agencies within the government know exactly what is going on but they are refusing to tell the public for financial reasons (property values, insurance, etc).  The CIA, for example, is conducting monitoring all along the coast all the way to the tip of the BAJA in Mexico. There is also substantial magma moving in two directions toward the coast. 

We both performed some heavy lifting in this interview by identifying how people will perish when this area becomes active. The descriptions are graphic, but needed, given the lateness of the hour. 

Ultimately, both Steve and myself believe that spiritual forces are at work. Steve and myself tie all this together, and more, in the following interview. Please make this go viral as the people have a right to know what is coming.