The CDC Is Sacrificing Kids for Big Pharma


By Dr. Joseph Mercola   LEW ROCKWELL

In the last days of June 2022, the United States became the first country in the world to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) for Pfizer's and Moderna's COVID jabs for toddlers as young as 6 months.

The Food and Drug Administration issued the EUA June 17,2 and the very next day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended all toddlers get the shot as soon as possible.3 President Biden called it "a very historic milestone, a monumental step forward."4 But is it?

"COVID was clearly a health emergency for adults in 2020. By contrast, the urgency now feels political," Finley writes.5 "In fact, we don't know if the vaccines are safe and effective. The rushed FDA action was based on extremely weak evidence.

It's one thing to show regulatory flexibility during an emergency. But for children, COVID isn't an emergency. The FDA bent its standards to an unusual degree and brushed aside troubling evidence that warrants more investigation."

Another person who thinks the EUA of the COVID shot for infants is part of political theater is Toby Rogers, Ph.D. In the video above, he discusses the authorization process — which he watched live — with "Against the Wind" host Paul Thomas. Rogers reveals how the FDA and CDC "trampled scientific norms, ran roughshod over proper methods and abandoned science." He tells Thomas:

"What you want from a process like this is good science — having hard conversations and sifting through evidence of signals and noises in order to make good decisions on behalf of the country. What you get instead is politics — getting products across the line no matter what."