With China Exposed for Election Theft and Perpetrating a Fauci-Led Biological Attack On the USA, China Has Indeed Moved Up Their Timetable to Attack the Mainland

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Mike Adams has conclusively stated that the Chinese are pushing forward their timetable to attack the United States. Adams' article made a great deal of sense, but the previous military intel that I was operating from clearly stated that the Chinese forces were overwhelmingly occupation, not invasion forces. New developments, coupled with new revelations make it appear that the Chinese are preparing to cross both our northern and southern borders, occupation forces or not. New revelations shed light on why a Chinese invasion, properly prepared, or not, is likely coming because China has been exposed and they must attack, before they are attacked. 

Revelation #1

I have published irrefutable proof that the Maricopa County Audit, held at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, is under surveillance by high tech spy planes, owned and operated by the Phoenix Police Department. Further, after publishing this fact, I have been sent proof, twice, that the area over and around my home, in rural Maricopa County, is under the exact same surveillance as the election audit. I live 50 miles from the city of Phoenix. These “spy planes” are operating outside their jurisdiction. Who could be ordering such a thing? Who runs the Phoenix government?  The answer is Mayor Kate Gallego. She is cut out of the same totalitarian mode as Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer. If Gallego had her way, she would still be using Bolshevik tactics to keep Phoenix completely locked down. I believe the mayor is an after-the-fact co-conspirator in the election coup levied against President Trump and she has illegally lent the assets of the city of Phoenix to preserve the election theft. The other side clearly wants to know what we know so they can counter us in advance.

Now, we have arrived at actually answering the question, why the surveillance? In past articles, with several guests on my radio and television show, I have irrefutably demonstrated that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors never gave the machine codes for to the election to the officials running the election centers, as prescribed by State and Federal law. As stated before, with video evidence, Arizona State Senator, Sonny Borrelli, who stated, on video, the audit team learned that the codes were never surrendered by Dominion voting machine officials. Further, in video taped evidence, previously airing on the CSS, Borrelli stated that Dominion was unsupervised in Maricopa County election centers and obviously had access to the internet.

Borrelli’s claims are bolstered, when in January of 2021, I had Chris Kitze on my TV show and he showed a graphic that demonstrated how many votes in the General Election were tabulated in China, by state, and then transmitted back and altered the final tally of these votes in most states. Arizona was one of the most egregious and flagrant examples in the Kitze assertions. In other words, I know how the majority of elections were stolen and now, so do you! Oh, there are four other ways that the Maricopa County vote totals were altered, but I believe this method counts for the greatest amount of votes that were altered and this has apparently happened in all six swing states.

Ducey’s Double Dealings

Please allow me to remind you that last week the CSS published irrefutable proof that Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, while speaking to a Chinese delegation at the 2017 National Governor’s Association, pledged to provide the Chinese PLA with some or Arizona’s rare earth minerals for use by the Chinese military. This was in the same time frame as the CHICOMS were threatening to nuke America if we interfered with their foreign policy goals.

These pro-CCP comments were reported in the World Tribune and the CCP mouthpiece the South China. This was all previously posted on the CSS website. By the way, Ducey’s private claim to fame was his popular ice cream company, which enjoyed substantial financial success inside of China. This is not normal Chinese practice, unless they have a future use for someone and Ducey complied when he refused to allow the Arizona Legislature to convene in a special session to challenge the fraudulent election results is a good case in point to support the position that like Biden, Ducey is in the hip pocket of the CCP and he is more than likely to use the corrupt voting infrastructure of criminal election fraud to get him elected when he runs for the Senate. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who in her campaign of 2018, pledged to use her position to get and keep Democratic politicians in office. The video of this pledge was published 3 weeks ago on the CSS. Further, when the audit commenced, Hobbs was caught on the audit floor with 2 Soros representatives.

Soros has also been accused by many, and Sheriff Richard Mack repeated those allegations on the CSS radio show, that Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone received $2 million in campaign donations, from Soros organizations in his bid to oust Joe Arpaio who never would have sold out his country.

The last piece of this criminal conspiracy to defeat Donald Trump falls on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in which they all should be in jail for contempt of court because they have lied to the Arizona State Senate (and the public), and they have withheld subpoenaed evidence of election fraud despite a court order which should have forced them to surrender any and all evidence. As Sheriff Mack said, if they are not guilty of criminal corruption, they need to stop acting like they are. The Supervisors are clearly either going to use the existing corrupt election system in Maricopa County to further their own political careers, or as I suspect, they, or their family members are receiving third party “donations” from the CCP as we are witnessing in Georgia.

By the way, Arizona State Senate President, Karen Fann, was reportedly sent mysterious white powder. No media follow up has been issued. However, whether this was a legitimate assassination attempt, using anthrax, the message was clearly sent to Fann to discontinue the audit. The fact that the media has refused to follow up on this major egregious action, speaks to their complicity on covering up this issue so as not to awaken to many Arizona citizens. No wonder why Kari Lake, Maricopa County’s most popular news anchor, suddenly quit earlier in the year because of false and corrupt media handling of sensitive issues. Lake has announced her candidacy to run for Governor.

One more question needs to be asked: Why does Dave Hodges believe that he is under surveillance? That answer is simple. We have the proof from the aviation maps. Plus, as was reported earlier, when I began to publish these allegations related to a stolen election, my friends and colleagues in the alt media were contacted by anti-audit people and told not to listen to me and in one case a not-so-subtle death threat was issued.

At the heart of it all are the Chinese. They have been outed for blackmailing the Biden crime family and most of all, stealing an American election. This is an act of war. America is justified in attacking China, today!

There are more reasons why China could and should be attacked by the American military. ‘

Revelation #2

I have read the released Dr. Mengele Fauci emails. By the way, before going there, it is interesting to note that someone, probably a cabal of loyal Americans, operating within the NSA and CIA, seized and released the Fauci emails. I take this as a sign that the Biden administration may soon be a thing of the past. More on this at the end of the article.

Fauci’s emails are clear and concise. He should have followed Hillary’s lead and deleted all the emails.

Here is what we know:

  1. Fauci illegally and in a treasonous manner both taught and funded, with American taxpayer funds, gain of function research for our enemies, the Chinese.
  2. The gain of function research is still going on today and I do not think that Covid is the last biological attack being perpetrated by the Chinese against America. This was merely the opening act. By the way, through my Ukrainian investigation, I reported on the Biden crime family’s involvement in this. This is, in part, why Sleepy Joe, is being blackmailed by both Ukraine and China.
  3. Fauci’s treason in this matter has led to the death of millions. He may be the worst mass murderer of all time. Fifteen months ago, I published the allegations of Fauci and Birx conflicts of interest because they had been on the payroll of Bill Gates.

There is more to report on these emails. However, the case is made. America is justified in attacking China for two very distinct reasons.

What Must Happen Before the American Military Retaliates Against China?

Because Joe Biden is in bed with communists, nothing is going to happen as long as he is President. There are two legal avenues that can be used to legally remove Biden from office which do not violate the American law with regard to treason. These means will be covered in an upcoming interview with Paul Preston who has dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s in this matter.


I believe that Mike Adams is correct. The CCP does appear to be moving forward with their invasion plans. In my consultations with people I consider to be military experts, it may not matter to the CCP if they don’t yet have a legitimate American invasion force in play. There numbers are strong enough and they have enough 5th column support from previously admitted terrorists (eg MS-13), they can bring absolute havoc to this country and occupy much of the Northwest and Southwest. This will buy the CCP time to seize Taiwan and ready an adequate invasion force, while saving their ally Joe Biden from legal removal from office, thus immobilizing much of America’s anticipated military response.

Both the audits and the Fauci emails reveal that an invasion of the United States is already underway and there is no shortage of Benedict Arnolds. China and the loyal parts of the US military are in a race to see who can first take the initiative and seize the high ground, so to speak. If you want to save America, you will circulate this article and refer to people to the previously published truths on this topic that have already been published on the CSS.

More to come…