Chinese communist conference plots how to ‘promote’ the ‘powerful weapon’ of Marxism


by Natalie Winters


Taking place on May 27th in Beijing, the event was hosted by the International Department of the Chinese government’s Central Committee and counted “some 70 leaders and representatives from 58 political parties in 48 countries” in attendance. Communist leaders from across the world – including the United States – sent “congratulatory messages to the symposium,” which saw attendees focus on “how to promote the development of Marxism in the new era and how they can better work together to jointly cope with those challenges.”

International representatives, according to state-run media outlet Global Times, praised the Chinese Communist Party for playing a “significant role in promoting the world’s socialist and communist cause” and providing a “very important reference for Marxist parties in other countries.”

Xi also authored a celebratory statement for the event, describing Marxism as a “strong ideological weapon” and calling for attendees to help build a “shared future”:

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