The Chinese-UN Occupation of America Is Taking Shape


The Communist Chinese government is one of the most despotic ruling authorities on the planet. Using the Thomas Jefferson barometer of determinging if a government is out of control, we only have to reference one Jeffersonian principle of government:

"When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny."

                                                                          Thomas Jefferson

Did I mention that the Chinese government still murders Christians and forbids anyone under the age of 18 from ever entering into a church. Americans should fear their government because the Chinese governance is beginning to happen here. Most of the California Congressional delegation is firmly in bed and rooted in Communist China ranging from daily governance to Calexit.  This is why I fear a complete communist takeover in 2021 and this is what the impeachment trials are ultimately about. 

People of China Fear Their Government

Under Mao, the "revolutionary" government of China, post-WWII, murdered an estimated 50-60 million of its own people making Hitler look like a humanitarian. And these facilitators of mass genocide purport to dictate to the United States how we should run our country and dictate any human rights policy as it relates to gun control in the aftermath of the Florida shooting? Talk about the "kettle calling the post black"! This is like Charles Manson giving lessons to pastors on how to pray for forgiveness.

The Hypocritc Chinese Government Seeks to Undermine America's Second Amendment

A major Chinese Community Party rag is on the record as stating:

The United States should learn from China and “genuinely” protect human rights by restricting gun ownership, an editorial in a widely read state-run Chinese newspaper said on Friday.

The communist editorial appeared in the state-run, The Global Times newspaper which published an article critical of the US government for allowing citizens private gun ownership after the Florida school massacre, in which 17 students and staff were killed, The state-run newspaper gleefully reported that the event "reignited a long-running debate about gun control in the United States".

 The Chinese wasted no time proclaming, “Washington has been pointing an accusing finger at other countries over human rights ... However, more Americans have been killed by gunfire in the country than American soldiers being killed in all U.S. wars,” claimed the Chinese government run Global Times. This statement points out the blatant lies told by the propaganda machine of the state-run Chinese media.

The University of Hawaii has conducted a long-term study of "death by government (ie genocide), and it is true that the governments of the 20th century have killed more people than were killed in wars, but the United States is not one of these countries. The Chinese are the leading offenders in the category of citizen death by genocide. The Chinese government is the most repressive loathesome government in the history of the planet.

There are no civil liberties in China. The people have one right, namely, to serve the government. China rejects criticism of its rights record, pointing to its success at helping millions escape poverty, and regularly attempts to deflect the issue by calling attention to its critics’ own problems.

The ruling Communist Party tolerates no political dissent and President Xi Jinping’s administration has seen a sweeping crackdown on political rights lawyers and activists. As I have previously reported, the Chinese and Google have implemented a social control mechanism in which people's browsing habits and online comments are worth points, points that can be taken away for criticizing the government. Loss of Google-based soon-to-be social credit internet points under the system can result in expulsion from college, eviction from one's home and the withdrawal of any government benefits including food. Pat Wood, in a recent interview on The Common Sense Show, related such an anecdote. Again, the Chinese pretend to lecture us on human rights?

The anti-Second Amendment New York Times quoted the Chinese as saying:

Gun ownership in China is strictly regulated, which helps reduce gun-related crimes and deaths. The U.S. should learn from China and genuinely protect human rights... 

I have two words for the defender of Chinese civil liberties in any way shape or form: Tiananmen Square and soon to be places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and soon-to-be the United States.


A Typical Chinese Ghost City
Typical Chinese Ghost City

Most aware Americans understand that we are headed to a stack and pack Agenda 21/2030 style of living. We owe this all to the Chinese ghost cities where the stack and pack cities of the future are being beta tested. 

The above photo is an aerial view of a Chinese ghost city that were first built by the Chinese government in conjunction with Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs and then forcbily populated by Chinese peasants living in the outlying provinces. The populating of these ghost cities follows a consistent script. The Chinese military, unnancounced, will back up their military trucks into a Chinese village and the Chinesee soldiers go house-to-house as they inform the population that they have 30 minutes to gather up their possessions and then ghboard to the trucks for transport to a previously constructed ghost city. Any resistance is met with extreme prejudice. Frequently, the villages are burned down in front of the people, thus detroying any hope of ever returning. The farmland is converted to corporate farming which is run by state-sponsored corporations. The added benefit, which nobody ever mentions, is that the Chinese government is gaining control over much of the food supply and that is the most effective leverage for political control. And of course, Chinese human rights are on full display in this process.  This is how the Chinese meet their labor demands for the expanding industrialization needs of China as they tighten the noose of political control around the necks of their population. And the Chinese purport to lecture us on gun control and American human rights?

It is not a coincidence that Obama created Executive Order 13603 which conscripts labor and can forcibly separate and relocate families, together or apart. 

There is an additional political benefit to these ghost cities. If there were ever to be a Chinese revolution against their totalitarian regime, thes outlying provinces would be the prime movers. The ghost cities simultaneously fulfill two needs (1) conscript industrial labor; and, (2) reduce the political threat from the outlying provinces.  

The Common Sense Show has learned from a confidential-deep-cover source that the Chinese military has been training for the past decade to relocate would-be-Americans to the ghost cities. There they practice door to door gun confiscation. Their favorite method is tp empty an entire building and search with each mini-apartment with metal detectors. Anyone found with a weapon and their family is executed in these mock training exercises. 

No doubt that people are saying that "we do not have ghost city construction" with stack and pack apartments like they do in the Chinese ghost cities". Actually we do. Look at Manhattan, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, etc. And we are constructing stack and pack apartments in places like Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, DC, etc. 

As stated, a host of Agenda 21/30 participating ICLEI cities are building an abundance of stack and pack apartments (ie 500 square feet and smaller). Even HG TV has a series on tiny houses. This will quickly become the new American normal under Chinese occupation. Labor will be conscripted and under their Fabian socialist agenda, anyone who does not produce more than they use will be exterminated.

Don't pack too much, your future living quarters are being downsized.

Don’t pack too much, your future living quarters are being downsized.

Future Chinese Methodology in Dealing with Rural America Populations During the Occupation

What About the rural areas that cannot/will not be relocated? They will be exterminated by toxins dropped from helicopter from their. Such a beta test took place a month ago near Kennewick, Oregon where local residents complained that poison pellets were dropped from the sky on their animals, killing several. The Oregon State Department of Agriculture went into full denial on the event even through it was reported in the local newspaper. The CSS has learned from the same confidential source that this event was indeed a planned depopulation experiment, a beta test if you will. 

The Real Chinese Agenda

As previously reported on The Common Sense Show, the United Nations inked an agreement with the UN, under Obama, to allow UN troops to patrol the streets of America in times of civil unrest. Cook County (Chicago) made headlines by stating that they were going to bring in the United Nations in order to patrol the streets. Both Paul Preston and I have documented how both the UN and the Chinese are part of the CALEXIT movement which is an attempt for California to leave the US under the guidance of the UN. This is no coincidence. When we connect the dots, it becomes clear that the Chinese will comprise the bulk of a future UN occupation force in America. As I, and many others have documented on several occasions, the Chinese already have a large troop presence on American soil (eg formerly sneaking Chinese soldiers into Long Beach Port, solar energy farms run by China). Back to the fundamental question, why do the Chinese want guns taken away from the hands of American citizens? Simple, when the blue helmeted occupation is rolled out, the Chinese do not want to have to deal with 300 million handguns. America, it would appear that you are marked for systematic extermination.