‘Coldest Winter Ever’ Joins Genocide, Pandemic on List of China Olympics Woes


FRANCES MARTEL‘Coldest Winter Ever’ Joins Genocide, Pandemic on List of China Olympics Woes

China’s Global Times government propaganda outlet admitted on Monday that organizers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are growing concerned that this year will bring “one of the coldest winters ever,” posing a threat to the health of the athletes.

“Extreme weather,” as the newspaper describes it, could result in hazardous conditions for the practice of winter sports and the potential of such a situation raises questions regarding the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s process in choosing Beijing as a host city for an event occurring in February. The IOC was similarly under fire in 2016 after athletes complained that water venues for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were dangerously polluted and the socialist government at the time had done little to improve their status.

Human rights activists launched a global boycott movement against the Beijing Olympics already in response to China’s ongoing genocide campaign against the Uyghur people of East Turkestan, as well as a long list of other human rights atrocities the host country is committing. The IOC has ignored calls to relocate the event.

The Global Times, citing the Olympics head of “meteorological security,” asserted that the Communist Party was well-prepared for harsh winter conditions.

“As the city of Beijing is expected to experience one of the coldest winters ever this year, which could be subject to other weather extremes,” the Global Times asserted, “Beijing Winter Olympics meteorological security researchers said the organizing committee has prepared for various weather conditions to ensure that the outdoor events will not be affected by sudden weather extremes.”

The propaganda newspaper noted that Beijing’s was already facing “a severe cold wave” conditions in November, “23 days earlier than usual,” and blamed the conditions on the weather phenomenon known as La Niña.

“Many in this field believe that due to La Nina and changes in the atmospheric circulation, the northern parts of China are likely to experience an extremely cold winter, including the host cities of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing and Zhangjiakou, North China’s Hebei Province,” the newspaper noted.
Among the concerns for athletes is the potential of improperly landscaped sports venues or extreme weather delaying the transport of injured athletes out of a venue. Hypothermia may also be a concern.

Olympics meteorology expert Wang Gengchen insisted in the Global Times piece that extreme snow or cold would not present a problem for athletes.