Connecting the Dots On the Great Reset

bill gates

This article, the first of a multi-part series, connect some of the dots which have coalesced to put humanity on a path from which it will not recover until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The first step in the enslavement of humanity began with the great steal of the 2020 election. This allowed the globalists to get their key people in place as they rush head long towards what the Bible calls the "Final Days".

The 2020 Election Had to Be Stolen In Order to Usher In the Satanic Great Reset

My various audiences are very familiar with my obsession with election fraud. I happen to live in the state, Arizona, which served as the model of how the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and subsequently disenfranchised the American voter.

Over the next two weeks, I will be publishing my final findings on the Arizona Audit, now known as the “Fraudit”. Both the fraudulent election and the subsequent cover up of the “the steel”, constitutes the most important event in American history. Donald Trump and the American populist movement had to be derailed in order to set the path that we are currently on.

If you think that the Biden administration is hell-bent on destroying America, you are correct. Every action undertaken by this rogue administration has been about destroying America from the inside-out and it is by design. A Satanic New World Order cannot coexist with a strong and independent America.

The rapidity of the takedown of America is exacerbated by extreme shortages. Every major resource in this country is now in short supply. Food shortages will be used to subdue the new “Red Wave” emboldened by parents who reject the Marxist and the sexual perversion crowd attempt to destroy America’s youth beginning with the teaching of racist ideologies, extreme sexual perversions and the normalization of extreme government persecution in violation of what used to be the American Constitution.

Most Americans who have eyes to see realize that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen as was several other key elections ranging from Arizona’s Mark Kelly experiencing a fraudulent vote swing of nearly 50% to the Senate races in Georgia. The massive election fraud was needed to bring about change. Most people erroneously believe that the change resulting from massive voter fraud was done solely so the Democrats could assume power. People that believe this simplistic explanation have no idea what just happened to America.

Clearly, the globalists did not fully anticipate how far he would go to resurrect a spirit of American nationalism. Trump committed 2 major acts that sealed his fate as a President.

First, upon being elected, Trump killed the Trans Pacific Partnership. This would have established a corporate board that was given the treaty power to refute and even veto all actions from the United State government. All Supreme Court decisions, Congressional laws and Presidential executive actions could be thwarted by a corporate oligarchy under this agreement, which was passed during the Obama administration. Most Americans are totally unaware of this development because the Mockingbird media of the globalists would never admit a major setback such as this.

Second, Trump began to uncouple America from the alliances that Obama was attempting to enslave America with. First, America withdrew from the corrupt World Health Organization. Next, Trump removed America from the insane Climate Change cult. This cut the heart out of the globalist takedown of America. To rub salt in the wounds of the New World Order, Trump revived the American economy by reversing the outsourcing of American corporations with a carrot and stick approach. As a result, America enjoyed the greatest three-year economic rally in its collective history.

The Left resisted Trump at every turn. The globalists first tried to oust Trump through the creation of the “Russian Collusion Delusion” spearheaded by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Despite media collusion, the attempt failed. Trump was impeached over a perfectly legal phone call to the Ukrainian President. That, too, failed.

Many have asked me, why not just kill him? One has to remember that controversial and disputed facts surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy remained very public through the 1990’s. Most researchers including the late Jim Marrs fully understood who killed JFK, and how the coverup was barely carried out. The modern-day descendants of the Allan Dulles-CIA-LBJ-Rockefeller cartel carried out the assassination deed. With modern technology and constant surveillance of the President’s public movements, the notion that a sloppy assassination would not enrage the public, had to be seriously considered. Also, isn’t it interesting that Biden is defying a federal mandate to release the CIA files on the JFK assassination? In short, killing Trump would have enraged the country in a manner that the Left was not prepared to deal with.

Bring In the Pandemic and Resulting Voter Fraud

Election fraud was only made possible by the introduction of the Wuhan flu. The so-called pandemic, with a 98.5% recovery rate, allowed corrupt voting officials to enter the world of unlimited voting ballots in order to flip and election. If one would stop and remember, that in the early morning hours following the 2020 election, the swing states suddenly and uniformly stopped counting votes. Trump knew instantly that the requisite number of ballots were being brought in to fraudulently flip the election. Yet, for some unknown reason, and despite calling attention to the deed, Trump did nothing. Fake balloting, combined with other compromised voting practices are still being used to flip elections. Please note the so-called “delay” in the New Jersey Governor’s race. When it comes to future elections, the Left will be able to control the majority of election results. In Virginia, the margin of victory, in actuality, was so great that even the voting machines and ballots could not make up the difference.

There is another mitigating factor which has led to the loss of the control of America. George Soros operatives and the Communist Chinese have their hooks into state and local officials. For example, in Arizona, I have documented how these two entities controls everyone from the Governor to the Secretary of State to the Maricopa County Sheriff to the Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors…and that is only the short list. This is the new reality for all American politics.

The so-called pandemic allowed all levels of government to gain complete control of the government as well as the major corporations. Citizen autonomy was destroyed by ordering the first mandatory vaccine mandate in American history. Today, if one wants to eat, then one will take a provable deadly vaccine with huge side-effects. The First Amendment has been destroyed by Big Tech and over half the country is subsequently unaware of the unfolding this plot beyond the realization that something, yet undefined is terribly wrong. 

The facts, when combined, beg the question, what is the end game for the globalists who stole the 2020 election and have compromised many of our local and state officials? The answer to this question is the Great Reset.

All levels of government must be controlled because the people would never knowingly accept what is coming. In fact, I would venture to say that the vast majority of the public will never know what hit them. I believe that Trump saw the evil coming from the Climate Change cult and related forces. This is why he withdrew America from the Climate Change Accords as well as other globalist controlled organizations in a move that the Left has labeled "White supremacist nationalism."

A leash has been placed upon America and it is called vaccine mandates. Even celebrities, like future Hall of Famer, Aaron Rogers, has been largely cancelled by corporate America because he refused to get vaccinated. America should draw one conclusion from this article…the world is being enslaved by very evil forces. 

The Mechanism of Enslavement

Each year the World Economic Forum hosts an event at a ski resort in the mountains of Switzerland where “the self-proclaimed global elite” have met and the fate of humanity is in peril.

All that was needed for America to fall was on corrupt President with dementia managed by an ex President who loathes America and Americans. I should also mention that Obama hates Christians as well. 

What’s been decided is already in play as the vaccine mandates are only the first step to the Satanic tyranny that will soon consume your life and the details of the tyranny will be described in the next part of this multi-part series.