COVID-19 Unleashed the Second Corporate Takeover of America In 4 Years!Trump Stopped the First Attempt, Can He Stop the Second?


This is the first installement of a two-part series in which this author will demonstrate how COVID-19 is the second attempt at a corporate takeover of America. The topics will be divided up for presentation in the following manner:

1. The first attempt to takeover the United States by a corporate oligarchy was taking place when President Trump was taking office. It was called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is the topic of part one. 

2. The second and latest attempt of the attempted establishment of a corporate oligarchy (ie rule by corporate mandate and the evisceration of the Constitution). This ongoing plot and well-executed plot is ongoingand will form the sum and substance of Part Two. 

The CSS has said it before and it is saying it again. Globalist corporations are intent in destroying the the foundations of American society including the Christian religion, the family, the Constitution and all pretense of civil liberties. 

When President Trump came into office, he was facing a completed coup against the United States and its culture. War had been declared on all small business competitors as well as the foundation of representative government. In short, America, in 2017 was on the edge of realizing its dream of establishing a corporate oligarchy on American soil. Here is the background of this first attempted coup against the USA in the past 4 years, what it consisted of and how Trump stopped it. However, Part Two will elucidate how this international community of satanists along with their minions in the Deep State and the Democratic Party are their tireless servants in this most unholy cause. 

Before we re-educate America as to what is really taking place today with the COVID-19 take over of America, by design, it is important to express and an opinion, is a fact! When Donald Trump came into office he killed this Rollerball takeover by destroying the TPP. People who say that Trump came in as a Trojan Horse, are mistaken. He risked assassination and experienced continual harrassment (eg impeachment, the Russian Collusion Delusion nonsense). Trump is now facing the second wave of the TPP idealogues who are really satanists. 

Let's begin with the concept of the Rollerball Syndrome and how this comes into play in the modern era.  

The Roller Ball Syndrome

The movie for which this coroporate oligarchy is nicknamed for was the movie Rollerball and it was set 45 years into the future from the time of the release of the movie, in the year 2020, in which a total of six corporations have replaced government as the ruling authority following the demise of the nation state. With the absence of war or conflict, a forcibly passive population's bloodlust is satisfied by a brutal new sport known as Rollerball.  

In the sport, Rollerball, which was in the movie, was more popular than today's NFL Football and the Superbowl, Rollerball resulted in a corporate-backed sensation, the most popular athlete in the world, Jonathan E. (played by James Caan). Jonathan E. had steadily climbed the ladder to superstar status of the sport and would be on a par with the legendary Michael Jordan.  

Rollerball's bread and circus variable, with its lethality and the inevitable demise of all the participants, served the social control purpose of conditioning the masses into a state of learned helplessness in which they are programmed to believe that they have no control over their fate and the whim of the corporations is all-powerful over the free will of the individual. In the movie, there are no Constitutions or civil liberties.  

When the corporate backers of Rollerball begin to fear that Jonathan's popularity has instilled him with a potentially dangerous amount of personal power and individual freedom, a thunderous struggle between man's free will and the oppression of the masses threatens to shatter the fragile strings that the puppet masters use to manipulate mankind and this struggle begins to ensue in earnest. Despite corporate demands, Jonathan E. decides not to retire from the game in which he's a superstar and this flies in the face of the very social control reason that Rollerball was conceived. Subsequently, the corporate rulers hatch a plot to abandon the rules of Rollerball in the hope that Jonathan E. will be killed and their grip of power will remain as an unyielding chokehold on the helpless populace. The ultimate message of this movie is that if we ever permit corporations, such ascWalmart and Target, to rule the world, we will be living in a "hell on earth" scenario. Quite obviously, the movie was 45 years ahead of its time and its predictive value as to the state of today's world was enormous. This is what our planet will soon look



Transferring the American Economy to a Corporate, Rollerball Style of Dictatorship 

When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you! As America previously raced toward her date with destiny, there was yet another “fundamentally transforming” event coming her way and that event is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP was a plot designed to hand over control of the world's governments to private corporate interests and it was all being done in secret. Even Congress was not allowed to examine the TPP provisions which was taking place under the Obama administration. Under the TPP, for example, GMO labels for US food would not have been allowed.

To make matters worse, there was an obscure portion of the TPP and other trade agreements which is so diabolical, so devastating, that the planet would have eventually resemble the movie, Rollerball, in which a small number of corporations will rule the planet.  

Many of us in the media believe that some of the effects of the TPP would have been felt before the coming war and martial law crackdown. However, after careful analysis, I became convinced that the brunt of the TPP was designed be felt after the America we know has been totally taken over in a post-war and post-economic collapse scenario. In other words, following World War III, the United Nations, as a body, would be replaced with the United Corporations.

At the end of the day, it does not matter when the implementation of the TPP comes, because if it had been permitted to happen, America would have no longer been recognizable to anyone who has grown up in this once great country. The reason that America would have no longer been recognizable is because America will no longer exist because of a key provision contained in the TPP.   Within a few short years, following implementation of the TPP, which will surely grow from the 40% of the world's population that it will soon control as it will eventually encompass 100% of the planet. The TPP would have eliminated all nation states as the ruling authority and it will be supplanted by corporate authority. This will be made possible because of an obscure provision of the TPP known as the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). ISDS was a key component of the TPP.   

The ISDS would haveallowed corporations to sue governments, for any government action (at any level, including local government level) which have hindered a corporation’s future profits. Literally, Monsanto, now Bayer, could provably be poisoning the entire population of a nation and the nation could do nothing which might result in the loss of profits to the corporation formerly known as Monsanto. This also means that as a private citizen, if you organized a boycott against any corsporate interest, you could have been sued in a foreign court for obstructing corporate profits.

Under the TPP if a corporation felt that a government hasd impeded its ability to maximize profits, a suit is filed, outside the country being sued, and the case would have been heard by an arbitration panel of trade lawyers, in a jurisdiction totally of the corporation’s choosing. Under ISDS, the dispute panel may only consider the ‘free trade’ values of the case. No other factors may have been considered when deciding the case. This means that these corporate panels would have disregarded values of public health, civil liberties, environmental protection, or the rights of workers (e.g. working conditions) or any other Constitutionally protected liberties.


Now, the readers are undoubtedly saying "it's a good thing that Donald Trump killed this deal and saved the government". I agree, however, they are back. In Part Two, this series will explore how, for example, the concept of "essential" and "non-essential" businesses reflects the TPP philosophies when it came to deciding who had "permission" to remain open, or who would be forced to be closed and in every case, the corporates who supported the TPP made record profits and the symbols of American capitalism and representative government, namely the middle and upper-middle class interests of small, privately owned business. This author can promise that if the reader absorbs the content of both parts of this series, the goals of the globalist corporations, their desire to usher in a new age, which will culminate in the establishment of the new age of tyranny and transhumanism. I have a concluding question for the readers to ponder until Part Two is published: "Who do you think is primarily funding the acts of civil war being committed against America?"

By the way, the administrative arm of this takeover the United Nation's Agenda 2030 (and we don't have that much time).