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The CIA Front Group, Deagel, Projects Massive Death and Destruction to the U.S. and the UK

Most researchers know what the Deagel Report is. However, many do not know that it has been scrubbed from the internet. Fortunately, I correctly anticipated that this might happen as more of us discovered the report. I rarely offer projected dates when I connect the dots in order to predict futuristic events. However, I believe we are going to see a series of multiple attacks upon the United States with each attack becoming more serious. 


The purpose of this report is to resurface the report, published 12 years ago and demonstrate that the so-called "New World Order" is right on target with regard to previously stated goals and the original propsed time table

Some Questions to Ponder

Will this attack be an attack upon our nuclear power plants? Yes

Will this attack be an attack upon our grid? Yes

Will this attack be aided by the present administration? It already is

Will our military be compromised to the level of incompetence and will be rendered unable to win a war? This is in progress as you read these words

Is this a Communist movement? Yes and no. Clearly, the foundations of communism are in play with the present administration. Also, a communist is a communist is a communist regardless of ethnicity and national affiliation. There is no difference between the Biden administration and China. However, at the highest levels of this globalist conspiracy are the Satanists who use communism to get what they want in order to spread, terror, fear and a pervasive sense of hopelessness. 


The FED coin arrived last July and this is the precursor for the Beast (ie CBDC, social credit and the Mark of the Beast). Further, Putin has made overtures that if nuclearize Ukraine, he will launch a pre-emptive strike! Further there is the case of the missing Amonium Nitrate (Oklahoma City Federal Building Vintage). The Fed Coin/CBDC will never be accepted by the public as long as there is a functioning economy. This is why I believe we will see massive and multiple false flag events in June-August to make America financially panicked to the point of accepting the Biden Hegelian Dialectic of create the problem, and provide the solution (ie false flag attacks, crash the economy, and promise debt relief with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Most Christians would agree that

How is this conspiracy organized? 

         Level One-  As once printed, the Eco-Director for United Nations once said "Nobody will entrance into the New World Order without pledging an allegiance to Satan".  The leaders of this level are the names that the average person never hears. They are devoted Satanists. They literally own everything and everyone in power. You will never read their names, but they are real. Some speculate the Li family of China and the Oppenheimers are two of these families. 


         Level Two-  The Overlords are next in control. Some are satanists, some are just hard core communists. These would be people from the WEF, the WHO, the Bank of International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank  Who are these people? They have names like Schwab, Gates, Kissinger, etc. Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street, as well as the UN, are major players in this conspiracy


       Level Three-  Next on the hierarchyof power would be statesmen such as Prime Ministers, Presidents, etc. They must attend secretive conferencelike the Bilderberg, G-7, G-20, The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. Owners of the media are also part of this conglomerate are part of this structure as well and their mission is to create state-run propaganda. These people may be Satans and/or Communists, however, the majority are in this for the money and the power, they do not need to buy into a Satanic or Communist agenda to become successful. All they have to do is to follow orders. 


        Level Four -   The fastest growing segment of this conspiracy are State, County, Municipal and even school boards. Getting and staying elected is the name of the game because it opens unlimited possibilities for fame and wealth. Many from these groups are the ones that conspire to fix elections and this is done at the political party level. Borth party leaders at all levels of politics are controlled by the same people. New York Governor Hochul, California's Governor Newsome and Texas Governor Abbott are all controlled by the same people. There is not opposition party. There are only a few honest reformers. And the few are left alone till they make any real difference. 

In short, every level of our government is controlled those that serve the Satanic Agenda, implementation of Communism, and the minons who will serve the greater good. ALL FOUR LEVELS SHARE TWO THINGS IN COMMON: (1) THE TOTAL OBLITERATION OF THE MOST FREE NATION IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET; AND, (2) THE CREATION OF A SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER.

It does not matter if you are talking about the cartels, China, Soros, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Obama, Biden, Mike Johnson they are all serve the same agenda. They have stated their end goal, many times, whether it is Ted Turner, (then) Prince Charles, they want to achieve a 90% reduction in population. They want to transform their Level One Satanists with an attempt through immortality through melding man and machine through transhumanism. 


I retained my hypertext links (BELOW) from previous research on the Deagel Report to show how the report was summarily scrubbed from the internet (ie the links no longer work). Fortunately, I preserved hard copies of the original report and you are going to read what the Deagel interests have planned for you. This is not a futuristic, speculative report. This is already happening. According to members of DHS and the Border Patrol, foreign soldiers and terrorist groups crossing our open borders, in great numbers, and have subsequently compromised our military prowess. Also, sending a significant amount of our ammunition and military hardware to Ukraine, with no real replacement policy, provides another example of many ways that America has been betrayed.

Being a front group for the CIA, the Deagel Report, is predicting that we are a couple of years away from this hellish nightmare. Just who or what is Deagel? The power and influence of the corporation that you never heard of, is staggering.  This is the modern day Zapata Oil, which was a CIA front corporation run by George H. W. Bush which in turn facilitated much of the Air America “drugs for guns” program in Latin America in the 1980’s. My sources tell me that Deagel is the same exact kind of organization as was Zapata Oil.

Deagel has a prominent history as they ran guns through the late Ambassador Chris Stevens and subsequently delivered them to al-Qaeda in Libya and in Syria at the time of Stevens’ death, hence the Benghazi event. Deagel was intimately involved in Benghazi in ways that will be revealed in a later article. Deagel is not just a gun running/drug running/child sex trafficking organization, they are also intimately connected with the business as “Open source intelligence links” dedicated to regime change in the West which centers primarily upon the United States. This means that Deagel and their partner (affiliations listed below) serve as marketing companies for the CIA and sell intelligence information to the highest bidder.

Both Stratfor and Deagel provide the CIA with a minimum of two degrees of separation from nefarious operations which could taint the U.S. government and in particular, the CIA. These activities will be the topic of a future article. The focus of the remainder of this article is the destruction and depopulation of the United States. Deagel is a group that gets their hands dirty and they play both sides of the fence. Please note the publicly available list of Deagel partners, listed below. They do business with the Russian Defense Procurement Agency, but they are largely an American contractor with ties into the U.S. Navy, the NSA and the CIA, through Stratfor. If anyone wanted to make the case that I have, the “Bastard Banksters from Basel” control both sides of the coming WW III for fun and profit, the data trail of Deagel exemplifies this point. From the following information, we get a strong indication of how the U.S. is going to be depopulated. To further examine this possibility, take a look at a partial list of Deagel partners. The following list clearly shows that Deagel is “locked in” when it comes to the power centers on this planet. A Partial List of Deagel Partners 

National Security Agency – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO – OTAN) – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – OSCE – Russian Defense Procurement Agency – Stratfor – The World Bank – United Nations (UN) –

In the beginning of 2014, Deagel published a projected demographic shift of every nation on the planet. The projections are noteworthy. As one of the most prolific arms dealers and sellers of intelligence information on the planet, Deagel would be in a unique position from which to make projections with regard to coming world events as well as being able to anticipate dramatic shifts in global power. Not surprisingly, Deagel has made such a projection and the news is not good for the United States. Below is a list of projected changes for the United States during the time frame covering 2014-2025. In short, the Deagel Report reflects the ultimate rulers of this planet to carry out the elimination of the United States. Why? Because if one is going to depopulate, they must first enslave  and take the means of resistance. This is why gun control is such a high priority today. The United States cannot be allowed to survive because the notions of representative government and constitutionally protected freedoms are antithetical to the Satanic hell hole these people have planned for the planet. What's going to happen?

The Deagel Report: United States of America Projected Changes from 2014-2025

Year:  2013

Population:  316 million  Today the population is estimated to be 340 million

2013 Gross Domestic Product: $17 trillion GDP per capita: $52,838 Budget: $5.8 trillion Military Budget: $726 billion (no change in FY 2022)

          Today's 2023 domestic GDP has grown to Current‑dollar GDP increased 5.1 percent at an annual rate, or $327.9 billion, in the first quarter, to a level of $26.47 trillion. In the fourth quarter of 2022, GDP increased 6.6 percent as of April 27, 2023. 

Forecast 2025

Population: 69 million   This is an 80% reduction of population inside the United States.

Gross Domestic Product: $921 billion GDP per capita: $13,328 Military Budget:  $8.0 billion

  Please note how the changes in U.S. population covering an 11 year period. The projected and dramatic downward shift in America’s population are nearly identical when one compares the America 2050 documents and the Deagel projections.

There is another striking projection which should alarm every American. In 2013, the U.S. military budget was $726 billion dollars. However, the projected 2025 projected budget is only $8 billion dollars.  This clearly points to the fact that the CIA, through Deagel, is projecting that the United States is going to be militarily conquered within the next 10 years. The mere $8 billion dollar projected 2025 military budget speaks to a domestic martial law type of occupation force. With this kind of budget, the U.S. would not even be able to engage in regional conflicts. The Deagel documents clearly speak to who the winners and losers of the coming global conflict will be which started in Ukraine a year ago.  

In the Deagel document, Russia, China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran and India maintain their respective populations or increase their populations by the year 2025. The United States and Britain undergo severe population reductions. 


What is going to happen to bring about this much death in under two years? Future articles will address the multitude of events that will be brought to bear as this will be a multifaceted attack. 

In 2025, will America have any kind of political structure. Although I am preparing an analysis of various plans to break up the United States following its catastrophic decline, I thout I would leave the readers with one of many for the final disposition of the United States. 


Post World War III Courtesy of the UN

Image result for breakup of america map

The above map is the UN plan to divide America in the event of a World III gone bad for the United States in which America is carved up like the proverbial Thanksgiving turkey.


People laughed at me when I first published  the intentions of the Russians and the Chinese to attack the United States from all sides as this was in 2014. In 2020, when I again raised the possibility, some people howled. Today, we sit on the edge of this happening. The infiltration of thousands of CHICOM troops has been well established!

A retired military Lt. General once told me that he was seeing unprecedented military movement in Montana. Today, scarcely a day goes by that I do not get a reported sighting of either Chinese or Russian troops on US soil. These sightings are common on National Forest Grounds.  In fact, what we are we seeing is the mobilization for war. Russia and China are preparing to invade the United States and they have been for sometime. Have you noticed that Gordon Chang is saying many of these same things and he recently did on Newsmax, earlier last year!

More to come....meanwhile, train, prep and pray!