The Defining Charactistic of a Modern-Day American Politician Is Treason


I once had a good friend named Fred and you might remember him as he used to come on my radio show as “Average Joe,” an anonymous citizen who would express the concerns of one who was living in a dying country. I remember that Fred once told me “our dads lived in the best years of America. Us? Not so good.” Fred unexpectedly died last year leaving a void in my life but I have come to realize that as he went to be with the Lord, he was fortunate, because he will not have to suffer through the abject horrors that we are beginning to collectively experience as a nation.

The current nation-ending problems we face consists of many shortcomings when it comes to societal leaders. Many are greedy and place their individual avarice ahead of the citizens that they purport to serve. The majority of the nation’s elite leaders are also guilty of treason and this has been going on for a very long time. Senator Joe McCarthy may have been a drunk who liked to embellish the truth, but he was right about one thing: America, as early as the Post-World War II era, had been infiltrated by real communism. The American portion of this movement was undoubtedly led by David Rockefeller and his fellow communist colleagues. The movement, which gained traction in America, began as a benign lump on the body but has grown to a stage 4 cancer. The infestation of Marxist-Communist values has metastasized to every community and every level of government.

The spread of Marxist-Communism did not happen in a classroom or some political rally where the values of anti-Christian form of societal and political control, the movement was spread, far and wide, through blackmail and bribery. For example, our political system is especially vulnerable to a Marxist-Communist takeover because our elected leaders are bribed, through campaign contributions, which no more than a thinly veiled system of bribery and corruption. Isn’t it interesting that members of the Republican Party pretend to be on your side and they most frequently go on Fox News and say all things that the public knows is true about something like Big Tech censorship and then go back to the hallowed halls of Congress and do nothing as they accept more and more “donations” from the same entities that they just criticized in the mainstream media. The vast majority of our politicians are no better than street-walking whores who walk the streets in the middle of the night. This used to be true for only the national leaders. Not anymore, as County Supervisors, mayors, city council representatives, county prosecutors and even county clerk and recorders are betraying this country in overwhelming numbers. ANY POLITICIAN WHO SUPPORTS, OR PERMITS THE USE OF VOTING MACHINES AND PAPER BALLOTS IS A TRAITOR TO ELECTION INTEGRITY WHICH IS THE FOUNDATION PRINCIPLE OF OUR FORMER CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Who Is Spearheading the Betrayal of America?

Treason, committed by our elected leaders, is UNQUESTIONABLY the number one problem facing America. Many of our elected so-called leaders, media and corporations are also controlled, in one way or another by China. Further, many of our leaders are bribed/blackmailed by George Soros as China and Soros are working toward the same end, namely, the deconstruction of America in every facet of life including morals, religious, economic, military, political, parental authority, race relations, law enforcement, the justice system, immigration, pharmaceutical industry (eg poison vaccines), the entire medical establishment, civil liberties (eg free speech), election integrity, education and the concept and practice of private authority . The word “treason” is most often used to evoke thoughts of unusual betrayal of one’s nation that serves to bring great potential or real harm to the people of the nation. Treason is so common amongst our leaders, that it is becoming a nation-wide character attribute of our elected leadership.

Even our unelected leaders are betraying America. We see this in the woke Joint Chiefs of Staff (eg Milley) and CEO’s of most Fortune 500 Corporations. They are all “woke” and woke is a euphemism for treason and the abject betrayal of traditional American values such as law and order and parental authority. Just as the Soviet defectors warned us, America has been sabotaged and infiltrated at every level. The treasonous plot to destroy America may have originated with the Russians, during the Cold War, however, the plan has been absconded by the Chinese on behalf of their New World Order masters (eg Rothschilds).

America’s communists operate at every level of government and the corporate board room. One might wonder why Large, multi-national corporations like Marxist-Communism? First of all a multi-national corporation is not loyal to America because they derive profits from all over the world. They only hate communism when it is profitable to do so. The continuing answer to the  question remains simple…mix in a little fascism and the corporations control government, they become government and then use that governmental power to control the citizens. No due process, no dissent, just compliance is allowed and this is what we are beginning to witness in America. For example, United States Attorney General Garland’s son-in-law and daughter own Panorama Education which derives millions of dollars of profits from Critical Race Theory. Parents have assailed local school boards for being domestic terrorists. What is their crime? Garland says it is domestic terrorism. Despite the fact that Department of Justice rules state that an employee cannot use their position to benefit from their professional actions. Yet, that is exactly what Garland did when he ordered the FBI to kick in the door and kicks in the door or Sherona Bishop for her part in overturning school board elections on Critical Race Theory as the FBI has become the Gestapo of Attorney General Garland. This is not just corruption, this is also treason because of the indelible harm done by Critical Race Theory to the minds of our young and it violates the rights of the parents to stop it.  

The fascist corporations control every level of institutional power in America. When I analyze the degree of infiltration, and how quickly the subjugation of America is taking place, I feel like I am watching a rendition of the move, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The script for the original 1950’s movie was written in the “better dead than Red” time in America where fear of Communism reached paranoid levels. In the movie, the people of the earth went to bed one night only to be taken over by alien spores that had landed the night before. The “converted” humans worked in concert with on another to take over the earth. There was no individuality, no free will. The movie was indeed a euphemism for what happens when the Communists come to your town as society will lose all free will and this is precisely what is happening now in America.

People will ask me if I believe that Christians will be protected? The answer to that question is both yes and no. The existing political entities will persecute, not protect, Christians in the future. Mathew 24: 16-20 may soon come into play as the Lord will provide a brief time to escape, but according to the Bible the opportunity to escape persecution will be very brief. Consider the following scripture:

16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 

17 Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 

18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. 

19 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! 

20 Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath.

Mathew 24:16-20

The adherence to a Marxist-Communist ideology is akin to treason to the Republic. Therefore, we must ask the question, just how common is the infestation of Godless Marxist-Communism? This is a question that will be answered in future articles in this series.