DON'T KID YOURSELF WAKE UP The US Is Now a Communist Nation

us communist nation

 by Joe Hoft

Only approved news is allowed in America today.  You have to push this news.  It involves any messaging that condemns President Trump, conservatives, the Bill of Rights, freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The left wants us dead. 

The government is now paying to censor conservative news.  The government is censoring conservative news advertisers.  The government is attacking those who stand up for children – who stand up against forcing pornography on them or forcing them to change their sex.

John Kachelman shared the following with me after the stolen 2020 Election.

They are allowing individuals we don't even know who they are to enter our country (our house). They could be here on a mission to destroy this country and we don't know it. They could be Middle Eastern jihadis or Venezuelan military members. They could be just waiting for the moment to drop another 9-11.