The Doug and Dave Intel Report Analyze the Coming and Inevitable Civil War


I recently interviewed a former Federal LEO. (DHS) and a Marine (Doug Thornton). We analyzed how America is entering the Civil War zone. Is there any pulling back from the abyss? Or, is America destined to destroy itself with the fulfillment of a major civil war between the Red and the Blue.

America is on the very edge of total anarchy and will become a nation ruled by Warlords. The emerging lawlessness will eventually lead to foreign interventionist troops running their tanks down our streets. At what point with the country break out into civil war. What will that look like? 

In this week's edition of the Doug and Dave Intel Report, we analyze the coming civil war from both an issue-related event to the actual nature of the coming event. 


To listen to the interview, please click here


Doug Thornton brings an expert flair to the airwaves in his radio show. He is the host of American Vindicta which airs every week night from 11pm-Midnight (Eastern). The archives for Doug's show can be found at this link