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When I published this telling interview with Lisa Haven, many of our listeners began to write to me with references to Mathew 24 being fulfilled. Upon further examination, I must confess, I concur. As a result of the analysis to follow, national salvation is dead. However, individual salvation is still entirely possible. What does this mean for The Common Sense Show? On the surface, nothing will change. The news and relevant current events will still be reported. The Bible issues warnings about the end times so people can prepare. So it is in this spirit, that we will continue to report the news as it happens.

Human Survival Is On the Line

  • Jesus defined the end times as the period when human survival would again be on the line (Matthew 24:21-22).  In this same prophecy, Jesus also listed many signs to watch which will be intended as an early warning system for Christians:
  • Religious deception (verses 4-5) is prominent. The best example is the Godless Pope who is proposing a blend between Christianity and Islam to form a new religion called Chrislam.
  • Wars and rumors of war (verses 6-7) is one of the more important verses as we see this laid out here. In our modern world, we face global conflict in the South China Sea, Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and on our Southern border.
  • Famines (verse 7) are already in play inside the United States. Half of the farmland in the Midwest is under water. Farm equipment have been rendered unusable and the federal government has done nothing about it. Additionally, when the Oroville Dam breaks, the impact our nation’s food supply will be catastrophic.
  • Pestilences (verse 7) is exemplified in a major way on our southern border. We have unprecedented number of diseases coming across our border. Additionally, we have the potential for an Ebola outbreak.
  • Earthquakes (verse 7) figures prominently in our present and our future. California in particular will have days in which 1,000 microquakes will occur. We are also witnessing increased seismic activity around the planet, particularly in the Ring of Fire.
  • Persecution of followers of Christ, including attacks from within the Church (verses 9-10). Social media platforms regularly discriminate against overtly expressed Christian views. In Africa, Christian persecution is at an all-time high. Several caliphates have been issued towards Christians. Soon, as predicted in the Bible, we Christians will be the most hunted people on the planet.
  • Lawlessness (verse 12), which includes the rejection of the law, and/or the express will of God and the substitution of self -worship is offered by the evil one. Whether it is “new” existence of 300 genders of post-term abortion, the Lord in Heaven is horrified by our collective disobedience and we live in a Godless existence.
  • It has become my belief that Jerusalem will be surrounded with armies and the “abomination of desolation” will be set up when war with Iran commences (verse 15; Luke 21:20).


The following interview with Lisa Haven didn’t begin with the intention to cover end times prophecy, but much of the discussion kept coming back to this central theme.  I would never have believed that I am living the end times when I was younger. However, when one examines current events and compares them to what the Bible says, can there be any question about the nature of the times we live in? I recently interviewed Lisa Haven and this message came through loud and clear. This is a facinating interview tihe Lisa Haven on the end times that we find ourseleves in.