Events In Redfield, Utah Point to a Massive False Flag In the Near Future

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There are strange goings on near Richfield, Utah. I have 4 people who contacted me from the Richfield area in the past 36 hours. It seems that Richfield, population 5,000, is home to some very clandestine, shadow government projects.

As the locals tell the story, the town of Richfield was literally forced to fund the cost of building a gigantic set of runways on their meager city budget. This area is not located near any metropolitan area so the expenditure is extremely out of place. Yet, as the locals tell the story, there have been 7 very large planes, for the first time, that have landed at the desolate, but large airport. I put out an all-call last night on Youtube for assistance in running down the details this story. Subsequently, I was sent “Flight-Tracker”. If you have never seen this website, it literally tracks all planes. The size of the image of the planes is noticeable and this is significant because between 4AM and 530AM Pacific, I watched 3 large planes land in Richfield. I am going to leave the Richfield story for just a moment and jump to what I know about the secret space program, or should I say, the secret space programs.

The Three Space Programs

Eighteen months ago, there were three space programs. Two of them were clandestine and the other one is NASA. My father, who was recruited to translate Nazi scientists’ theoretical physics to understandable applications which could be operationalized in American laboratories knew there was one secret space program. He did not know about the other. In 1985, my father confided to me that he knew that NASA was largely a deception because none of the concepts and advanced applications derived from deciphering the theories of Nazi scientists ever showed up in NASA.

I have a contact connected to the Space Force. A little over a year ago, this organization was extremely secret. Trump falsely acted as if he just invented the Space Force when he rolled this out. Why didn’t any media outlet question how this agency, so new, and presumably with no history, could hit the ground running so quickly following the public announcement of the group? The only explanation is that Trump took this former secret agency and made it public and it is not hard to figure out why. Trump is using this agency to protect America from other rogue space-based entities and he needed more funding than the black-ops budget would provide. So, Trump took this organization public and wrestled control of it away from Air Force intelligence.

This action begs the question why Trump would feel compelled to make such a sudden and knee jerk reaction? The answer is simple, very simple. Trump is protecting America, and very likely the entire planet from an out of control group that will stop at nothing to further the globalist agenda. Some might be wondering how do I know this? I am well-equipped to make observations based on what I learned from my father and in later collaboration with the late Jim Marrs and former NSA agent, Vance Davis. Further, one of father’s past colleagues had a son my age and we know each other well and he is decidedly in a unique position to share the following about the three space agencies:

  1. There is the figurehead, NASA, still operating on scientific principles of three dimensional physics (ie Newtonian).
  2. There is the Space Force that has been brought out of the shadows and is now very public.
  3. There is another secret space force that operates independently. They are believed to be under the operational control of the CIA/Mossad which operates under the auspices of the leadership of the secretive group that wants a New World Order and space-based technology is the best way to accomplish this.

My source has told me the following:

  1. The Space Force works in direct opposition to this secret group
  2. This rogue secret space force is responsible for the Colorado and California fires by using space-based weapons. This is happening because fellow globalist governors, Polis and Newsom, respectively, need federal disaster money to stay afloat because there has been such wave of inappropriate and illegal spending in their states that is traceable to each governor. I was a guest on Paul Preston’s show on Thursday and I learned that Paul knows that that DOJ is closing in on Newsom for money laundering. This is why Newsom has helped to resurface CALEXIT in which California would leave the union. California would then become a protectorate under the United Nations. Does this raise any eyebrows?
  3. Trump needs the Space Force to subdue these radical groups in the secret program.

Over time and through multiple sources, I have learned that the technology to bring an asteroid into near earth-orbit is important. Asteroids are mineral-rich and they will create a first generation of trillionaires here on earth after they are mined. Further, they can be used as weapons and this precisely what has the Space Force is concerned about. This is most likely why Redfield, Utah is important,

Redfield is the site of a deep underground bunker and it is part of an underground tunnel system that connects to places like 29 Palms and NSA headquarters, a 140 miles away from Redfield in Bluffdale, Utah.

So, why are multiple and large planes arriving in Redfield. The answer becomes relatively simple. The passengers of these planes are not staying in town. Therefore, we must conclude that they are going underground! Why? Refer to the notion in which it is possible to bring in an asteroid until it is needed, either for mining or for the need for weapons. In a recent interview, on my TV show,, Steve Quayle specifically addressed this along with myself.

This again, begs the question, who is going underground at Redfield? It is clearly the Trump-controlled forces. It is the CIA/Mossad allies that control the lone remaining secret space program. I am told that these Redfield guests are not from the Trump administration. This tells me that something is ready to happen and some in-the-know people are preparing to go underground for protection. I find this completely believable because I have been forecasting something big was coming from the anti-Trump forces because they do not believe that they can win this election. The election must be disrupted if America is to brought down as a necessary prelude to the establishment of global governance and a one-world economic system. This is what I believe we are looking at in this present situation. If a barrage of small asteroid strikes were to reign down on the United States, the United Nations would grant themselves the authority to go public with their military presence under the Kigali Principles. Then the fight for America would  commence in earnest.

Some people will undoubtedly say that they do not believe a word of this report and I hope they are correct, because this situation has the potential to usher in a reign of terror that will cause men’s hearts to fail them.

One other "small" consideration: Which one of the space programs does MAJESTIC support?