The Evil Empire Beneath the Ice -Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges


Many feel that humanity is approaching the end days. This must-listen interview with Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges focuses on two very important topics

1. The importance of not losing communication during a crisis and what you can do about it. 

2. The majority of the interview focused on the important role that Antacrtica will play as we enter the end of days. The importance of this analysis cannot be overstated because it illustrates how the battle for control over this planet has developed into a struggle of Good v Evil, or more appropriately, Satan v God.

This is a must listen interview and it can be accessed at this link





In the interview, we referenced two items that many will be interested in. First, mentioned Steve's book Empire Under the Ice How the Nazis Won World War II



Also in the interview, Steve and Dave discussed the importance of having the satellite phone service and the related emergency news alert service due to the planned takedown of communications.  This system will be the one of the few, if not the only surviving modes of communication when the globalists take down the grid and communications. How will you communicate with your family?  How will you know what is going on? These questions are answered by the following:


satellite phone



All indications are that the globalists are planning an attack upon communications and the financial system. How will you communicate with loved ones? How will know what is going on. This is a two-part problem. First you need a satellite phone and second you need to become part of an emergency communication system so that you can stay up to date of the threats to your family's security. 

1. The only way around the globalist plot against humanity is to obtain a satellite phone because it is one of the few communications that will survive what the globalists are planning. There is a shortage on our Inmarsat Phones, you must act now!  WE WILL SELL OUT!!


2.. There is a second part to this problem. Once the globalists seize control of most communications, how will you get your new news? Knowing what is going during a crisis can prove to be life-saving! Today there are numerous and growing threats to the availability, integrity, and even access to information as well as your ability to communicate with others. Please take a long look at our critical alert system where journalists such as Steve Quayle, Mike Adams and Dave Hodges are sending critical alerts on a daily basis regarding the nature of critical and evolving events! When the alt media is taking down, this will be the only way that you will be able to know what is going on.  With Civil Unrest, Cyberattacks, Power Outages, Extreme Weather Events, Encroaching Government Regulation, Volatility in Financial Markets & EMP Attacks all represent a clear & present danger to your ability to communicate & your ability to send or receive vital, life-saving, information. 

To obtain a sat phone and obtain access to emergency alert system, please click this link and all your queations will be answered