A "Final Solution" Strategy Is Being Implemented by FEMA and the Governor of Washington


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 so-called crisis, my daily emails have increased from about 500 per day to about 800 per day. I am struggling to keep up. However, there are consistent themes that are emerging from these communications which helps me gauge the mood and temperment of the people as a whole. 

For the first time since I have been doing this work, I am hearing from a significant number of people that I would judge to be liberal. Many are having their eyes opened. Here is a such an email I received this past Tuesday. 

Hey Hodges, 

You possess an arrogance of "holier than thou". Not all Democrats are Satanists and practice witchcraft as you say. You hide behind your religion to justify your fascist views. But there is one thing that you are right about and I must reluctantly say I agree with you on. I live in Washington and our politicians are out of control They are so unfair about who stays open and who must close their business. You are right about there being no difference between a box store and a church or a smaller business. Governor Iness even expects open restaurants to spy on customers by gathering personal information and turning it over to his people. Our governor has said he will take uncooperative people out of their homes and put them in undisclosed camps. Is this Nazi Germany or what? These will be concentration camps. I have been a Democrat for 40 years and I hardly recognize my party anymore. I still disagree with you on abortion and immigration but I agree with you on this. I am afraid we will never be the same as a nation again. 



Anthony's email is telling and typical of what I am receiving from supposed liberals. There is also an increasing prevelance of fear and anxiety, being expressed by conservatives, regarding our government and their extreme abuse of power and this is expressed in the following email"


Dear Dave,

My family and close friends love you. You are fearless and so is Celeste Solum. 

I want to bring to your attention the fact that in the State of Washington our dictator, Governor Inslee, is cooperating with FEMA in setting up what you and Celeste Solum called FEMA Medical Martial Law Camps which are not really medical camps at all as you and Celeste stated. 

Your interview in March with Ms. Solum set into motion some investigations by my family into the topic of these camps because some of them are in my local area. I saw yesterday that you addressed the topic of the camps and also the use of guillotines. Normally, I would have doubted what you said in your latest article, except we are seeing the beginning of this in my local area. 

I remember the Solum interview was right around the time of the beginnings of the lockdowns and you had accurately predicted that America would challenge the lockdowns and Ms. Solum said FEMA camps, gas and guillotines would become part of the estblishment's solution and the solution would begin with FEMA Medical Martial Law Camps. 

I want you to see what I found on another website and this verifies exactly what Ms. Solum said in your interview with her. 

This is all true, I am aware of these facilities and many others know about this too. We called the local paper and radio stations and they want nothing to do with this topic! Thanks Dave for everything you do because I am sure you know your name is on their list of targets. 

Click this link for more from Redoubt.


Subsquently, I went to the link that that was sent by the write of the email at the following link:



The truth was announced though Rep. Matt Shea with an eyewitness coming forward and providing a photograph of the camps being assembled.

The witness confirmed that she spoke to the Mayor of Goldendale and it was, again, confirmed that these camps are being set up for Covid 19(84) patients...Governor Jay Inslee said, in his press conference of May 12th, that if you cannot isolate safely at home (as determined by the state health officer) then you will go to a place of the state’s choosing.

This is frightening beyond belief. I first wrote about the medical martial law camps run by FEMA and HHS back in October of 2014. Celeste Solum (please pray for a healthy recovery from the dastardly attacks against her), confirmed this and more. I don't get paid for saying this, but the readers might want to consider signing up for the GEN SIX recent video conference. Celeste Solum was one of the featured speakers. I  highly recommend Celeste's GEN SIX presentation be viewed by all Americans who are concerned about today's events.

I have already validated the claims made by the second-emailer. 

Contact Tracers Are the New Stasi

Anyone with 5 minutes to research this topic will know that contact tracing is only effective for the first 2-3 days of a pandemic. And we are not in a pandemic. 

Contact tracers, especially in places like Washington are going to become the domestic spies in the spirit of the East German Stasi. Here is the story....


The Nazification of Washington and Where There Are Democratic Leaders

If anyone has doubted the veracity of the last two days of reports on the anticipated emergence of medical martial law camps as described by myself and Celeste Solum, then one should listen to the summary I provided of Washington Governor Inslee's most recent press conference. 


Any question? Look at this!!! Again, from Redoubt, publicly available information identifies both camp locations, along with a subsequent job ad, and the associated form of incarceration:


Please remember that the establishment's response to our current civil disobedience is the new version of what will be referred to as the "new final solution" and all that the term implies. Celeste Solum and myself have documented this to a very high degree of confidence.

Stay tuned for more revelations about the intended fate that awaits conservatives if the Democrats are able to fully control our government.