To those that have followed me for all these years are familiar with my approach to report on a world and a nation turned evil. I use literary documentation and frequently connect the dots to present the reader with a coherent format from which to understand a portion of the dire threats we face. I use accepted literary forms of documentation. However, this article is a distinct departure from my usual approach. This article is straight from heart and my purpose is to share, by my personal example, how and why we should be listening to the Lord, especially in these times. 

Since I first wrote a version of this article, three days ago, I have revised the article three times. This is needed because the topic is dynamic and in motion. This is an article in which I am going to subjectively share what I believe is a warning from God of what is to come. I also feel strongly that if America was get on bended knee and repent and truly follow the Lord, we could push our inevitable destiny back for a future generation. However, the chances of that happening are slim and none and slim has left town. Over a dozen years ago, Steve Quayle said on my radio show that he believed that America is lost, but individual salvation and deliverance is still possible. Steve's view is the safe bet in Vegas. I still fight the fight for my country, but I have come to agree with Steve, we need to focus on the delivery and salvation that is personal to us and to those close to us. 

In the following paragraphs, I am going to revisit and share how I believe that the Lord is speaking to me and trying to get my attention through the vehicle of an old professional interest, the JFK assassination. This is not a story about the intrigue of the assassination, I have stated all that I feel that I need to on this topic. However, I am going to share my recent experience in this arena with the hope that many in the reading of this revised edition of this topic, the audience will begin to listen to the ways that God is trying to communicate with all of us, in one way, or another. God does want to deliver you, you only need to open your heart, repent and then listen to his expressed will for you. Part of this message also contains a strong warning of what I believe is a coming near-term event and that you and your loved ones better take heed.

Does This Sound Like You?

Sometimes in life, we have a take on a topic, and God will use that interest to communicate with a person through that interest. I just experienced that very event. I used to do 20-30 radio interviews and wrote several articles every year, 25-30 years ago on the JFK assassination. The issue, in today's world, is dead. However, God has chosen to use my prevous interest to communicate with me about a new set of challenges which bear some resemblance to that fateful day on November 22, 1963. This is a warning that I hope all will take seriously. The personal warnings I am receiving, mostly symbolic, are intensifing with each passing day. In my soul, I feel our country is about to experience the same level of deception that the nation did nearly 6 decades ago when JFK was murdered. This is not a rehash of the JFK's final moments on earth, it is a warning about the present time, plus it is very much our need to listen to the will of the Lord.  

As a disclaimer, I have never rooted for regime change through violence, no matter how bad the regime was. This principle of moral conduct even held true during the Obama administration, who was the greatest traitor that America had ever seen. Therefore, wherever this leads, I am not hoping a violent resolution to our present problems.

I was recently speaking at the Hear the Watchmen conference in Dallas and took the opportunity to visit the site of JFK's death. The Kennedy assassination was once point of journalisiic obsession with me, but until this past week, I let my interest wane in my once relentless efforts to set history right. I still have no real interest in rekindling my efforts as I came to the realization that sometimes one has to admit defeat and accept the fact that the Deep State got away with the crime of the century. However, something has grown out of my once fascination with the assassination, but it really has nothing to with the assassination itself, I believe, for reasons described below, that God is trying to communicate with me through a subject area that I know very well. AND I BELIEVE THAT GOD WANTS ME TO COMMUNICATE THIS MESSAGE TO THE PUBLIC, BECAUSE TIME IS SHORT. There is a great deception coming upon the earth. Hold the word of God close. The evil ones will soon be trying to deceive you as America was decieved by the Warren Commission. The stakes are bigger in 2022 than they were in 1963. In 1963 we lost a President and control over a nation. Today, we risk losing control over the destiny of our souls! 

Just over a week ago, on my final day in Dallas, I walked the JFK assassination location on Houston and Elm streets. Psychologically, it was a post-mortem event for me, a sort of catharsis related to the false belief that myself and many others could change the incorrect account of history and bring very evil men to justice, if only in the eyes of eternal justice. There was a silent apology I offered to the Kennedy family that we did not overcome the evil forces at work on November 22, 1963 and how they changed America forever. That was the sole intent of my journey to the assassination site. However, I soon got a lot more from my nostalgic last visit than I expected.

Upon standing on the infamous grassy knoll, my first reaction that I experienced, was a type of depression that Deep State of that day never paid for their crime. I was overcome with the thought that if JFK had lived that this one event would not eventually cost 58,000 young men their lives in Vietnam. Subsequently, the arms race grew out of control and served to be the beginning of the end for America's economy. As I stood next to the former book depository, I put to death my once fighting spirit on the topic. However, in the past week, something very strange has been happening with regard to the present situation and it all started as I stood on the infamous grassy knoll. As I was overlooking the so-called picket fence,I felt an evil spirit in the world that I have never before experienced.

I have lived long enough to know when the Lord is trying to get your attention, HE will use a variety of methods to get one's attention. And that has now happened to me. As I previously reported that everytime, I go to Youtube, JFK assassination videos keep showing up in my suggested videos to watch. This is odd because I have suspended all writing and broadcasting on the subject as I concluded that any further mention of the event is falling on deaf ears. However, I am also receiving articles being randomly sent to me on the topic after years of indifference. People are engaging me in JFK assassination discussions. I am not inviting this into my life, these events are pursuing me. And this all began the day after my journey to Dealey Plaza. Therefore, I have concluded that this is more than just the assassination of a President almost 60 years ago. On a spiritual level, I know that in my journey to Dealey Plaza, I was exposed to the inherent evil that has been loosed upon the planet. Please note. that if I were to be clinically diagnosed as having Paranoid Personality Disorder, it would have already happened long before I reached my advanced age. There is something more going on. 

In being a Christian, as I stated in Part one, I began to wonder if I am not receiving a word of knowlege that a major assassination, or some other catastrophic event is on the near horizon and I am receiving warning of the impending event. Why would God do such a thing? My past experiences with the Lord has revealed that my God has spoken to me before in this manner and events have come true. So what does it mean? What I understand is that God speaks to us on the level of our understanding. In other words, he meets us at the level in which we operate. If God is delivering a message to me about impending evil and the subsequent need to warn, the JFK experience would be an ideal way for the Lord to reach out to me because I researched the event for 30 years! Through my work on the JFK assassination, I learned how the Deep State covers their tracks. I feel that this kind of discernment will be needed in undertanding of understanding what is soon going to befall our people.  

I cannot help but feel that there is something from JFK's tragic assassination that I am supposed to be applying to today in a way that could make a difference and I am beginning to think that I know and I think that many of you are getting the same messages. 

My Ongoing and Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is that in some future catastrophic event, the intended victim of an assassination will appear dead, but survive by some perceived miracle. Will that person bring about a perceived change in a bad situation, such as Ukraine, and come out of the event smelling like humanity's savior? The Anti-Christ? I certainly hope not, but with all the "concidences," this is where my mind goes. I am convinced that we sitting on top of an event(s) that will be profoundly devastating.

Ordinarily I would be to embarrassed to put this out but the Lord is convicting me to communicate this message so his people are not blinsided.

On an emotional and spiritual level, I perceive a malevolent spirit has been recently loosed upon the planet and that its intentions are profoundly evil. I feel that this evil is headquarted in the World Economic Forum, and it manifests its actions thorugh Blackrock. Call it an hallucination, or call it a Wod of Knowledge from the Lord, I have a repulsed reaction when I now look at Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros and Fink of Blackrock. I believe that the evil from these people and institutions are permeating and dominating the belief system of the global leaders, who care nothing for the people that they govern over. In fact, it is safe to say that they want to destroy your salvation and want you dead. This is my greatest take-away from my recent experiences. The deepest part of my being is telling you that the World Economic Forum and Blackrock are the most evil entities on the planet, except for Satan himself. The vehicle for the spead of evil is the war in Ukraine, which will spread, and this could lead to a domino effect that will evenutally result in the end days events. 

Please allow me to ask my fellow Christians a couple of questions:

1. Have you noticed that regardless of the size and sophistication of the country, that the covid lockdowns were achieved through almost an identical manner across the planet? When have the leaders of the planet have every acted in concert? NEVER!!! However, they are now. Forget Romans 13, I have come to believe in the past week+, that your salvation is predicated on NOT doing what the appointed leaders are telling you. Unlike Supreme Court nominees, I know the difference between a boy and a girl and I knew enough as a parent to teach inherent worth of every living being on the planet to my offspring. No Critical Race Theory, no gender reassignment normalization, etc.  Isn't funny that the feminists want women's rights protected when they now advocate for biological men to ruin women's sports? The perversion in this country is over the top and God is groaning in Heaven. This is why the Bible will soon be judged to be hate speech. This is already happening in Finland. The evil spirit I felt as I stood behind the infamous picket fence is real and it is here to rob you of your promised salvation and eternity and the majority of your leaders are part of the instrumentation of your subjugation!

For the scepter of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous,
So that the righteous will not put forth their hands to do wrong.

Psalm 125:3


My advice to all Christians is to disengage from the leadership of this country as much as it is possible. Raise your own food, store gold because the WEF's Fed Coin version is coming to America and you will find yourself in financial lockdown! Prepare now because I am getting the message you will not have another opportunity. Explore how you are going to deal with carbon credit offsets because they will be used to take your homes, your cars and virtually all private and personal property. Ultimately, these evil people want to take you and your soul. These are strong messages, but my conviction is that these are divinely inspired instructions. 

2.  When you look into the eyes of world leaders do you see the same far away, detached look that I do that I perceive as a lack of empathy and an abject spirit of evil? Do you feel that many are demoncially possessed? If you doubt this, ask yourself how, for the first time history, leaders are acting in concert with regard to restrictions to liberty and health decisions? This is unprecedented and it is Satanically inspired. The leadership's disdain for the welfare of their people is omnipresent.  However, this goes much further than selfish leadership traits. There is a spiritual evil that has invaded the leadership of the world. If this is true, it would explain the uniformity of action with regard to lockdowns, and normalizing extreme perverse behaviors on world scale such as pedophilia. In America, Biden's open border is a living testament to this perversion.

My message here is clear is not follow evil in any form and virtually all leadership is evil and I have cited what I believe are Satan's conduits. If a leader is not a Godly man/woman, he/she is NOT to be followed. Yes, there will be severe consequences for misbehavior as a great persecution is ready to be unleashed against the Godly. This is my most striking revelation emanating from my walk through the assassination site in Dallas. 

I am not a young man, but these feelings and observations are new. There is something dramatically different about our world on a spiritual level. Last year, I was in a church that I previously trusted and the pastor preached a sermon commanding all Christians to follow the word of the governmental leaders. Romans 13 was quoted and no exceptions to any evil commands from governmental leaders was offered. I have run from the church I previously trusted. This sermon, delivered almost a year ago and the timing of the message was not a coincidence. It was an "obey the lockdown and mandatory vaccine mandate" sermon. Although that was not stated, I knew this was the case. What if government asks you to participate in the persecution of a certain group? Does Romans 13 apply? I think not, I follow God's law not the edicts of the global leaders who are apparently ruled by a spirit of evil and malevolence as manifested in the previously mentioned leaders and institutions of evil.

If all of  this means what I think it does, it will be time to soon run for the hills and seek God's protection. I have seen the coming crucifixations in the past few days. Regardless of your fate here on earth, you will awaken to a paradise with the Lord. Take as many souls with you as possible. Everyone's mission is to be a witness for God and unlike America in 1963, do not be deceived by evil leadership!

What form will the final deception take? It is hard to say until the events unfold. Rest assured the final and great deception is coming soon. The time for Biblical discernment has never been more acute.

Finally, if your pastor is not preparing the flock for a major threat to the faith, find somewhere else to worship.