Frontline Doctors' Attorney, Tom Renz, Calls Out the Lawyers for a Pathetically Weak Argument Before the Supreme Court on Vaccine Mandates


Attorney Tom Renz represents the Frontline Doctors and has filed multiple suits on behalf of the doctors who went from "heroes" to "zeroes" becausd they refuse to bend to Biden and Fauci's mandates that there is only way to treat a greatly exaggerated pandemic and that is with experimental vaccines. 

Tom Renz is infuriated because the lawyers arguing vaccine mandates before the Supreme Court appeared to have "thrown" the case by making incredibly incomplete and weak arguments. They did not challenge Justices Breyer and Sotomayor for their blatant lies (eg the vaccines prevent transmission), on behalf of the vaccine falsehoods, that was entered into the court record. The American people are being betrayed by the litigant lawyers, the Supreme Court, the CDC and the Congress. There is no pandemic exception. but in this area of emerging Bolshevikism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have turned into the 10 suggestions. 

This blockbuster interview can be heard by clicking this link. 

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