Globalists Put China On "Death's Ground" In Order to Get Them to Start WW III


Sun Tzu once said that in order to get your army to fight hard enough to achieve victory, their commander needed to put them on "death's ground". Simply put this means that the army either wins or dies as there can be no chance of escape or retreat. The American military on Omaha Beach, on D-Day, during WW II is a good example of this strategy. It is clear that the globalist bankers have done the same to China with over 30 uprisings in their country, the Chinese are posturing as they try to get the US to intervene and start WW III as America might move to intervene. 

It is a difficult time for CHICOM leadership as they either face self-extinction through civil war, or risk taking on America's mighty arsenal. This is all happening as the Chinese are going to extreme economic meltdown and a severe food shorateg. Here are the details....