Go woke, go crazy! New studies find social justice warriors are more depressed, anxious and unhappy, confirming multiple studies that liberals suffer from mental illness



JWs are always looking for something to be offended about, describing everything as "racist," finding fault where ever they look. They are miserable people that want everyone else to be offended, angry or to complain about the same ting the SJW finds offensive.


We see a recent study, which consists of two large studies, studying a combined 5,878 people, which assesses "critical social justice attitudes."


Those of us not always looking for something to be offended about won't be extremely surprised by the results, but SJWs might want to take note.


In the citations below CSJAS stands for critical social justice attitude scales.


Study #1 found:


A binary variable for CSJAS scores below (n?=?656) and above (n?=?192) the scale midpoint (1.5) was constructed for t-tests. Respondents with high CSJAS scores were more anxious (t[569.2]?=?5.32) and depressed (t[551.8]?=?3.26) than respondents with low CSJAS scores. They were also less happy (t[556.3]?= ?1.75) and more likely to report being in a good socio-economic position (t[663.7]?=??4.32), having experienced less oppression than other respondents (t[623.6]?=?2.87) and to find violence against “politically dangerous people” justified (t[689.9])?=?1.93). Being more anxious and depressed and less happy was more pronounced in high-CSJAS students relative to other high-CSJAS respondents. Percentage-wise, differences between high-CSJAS and low-CSJAS students were 67.9% for anxiety, 32.5% for depression, and 4.5% for happiness.

The second study is far too lengthy to provide a semi-short conclusion like the ne above for the first study, but the findings matched enough to assert that "In our samples (Study 1 and Study 2), having high CSJAS scores was linked to anxiety, depression, and a lack of happiness."


Study two does highlight the following:


• Critical social justice attitudes were somewhat prevalent in women, but not so much in men.


• People who supported left-wing parties and female university students in social sciences, education, and humanities, as well as people with “other” gender, were the most in support of the scale items.


• However, Study 2 indicated that this lower level of mental well-being was mostly associated with being on the political left and not specifically with having a high CSJAS score.


That last point is particularly interesting.


Other studies, many of them, have found similar findings, which we discuss below.




Over at the Psypost website, they summarized part of the studies in the following manner:


An intriguing aspect of the study was its exploration of the relationship between critical social justice and mental well-being. Lahtinen found a correlation between higher agreement with critical social justice attitudes and increased reports of anxiety and depression. Agreement with the statement “If white people have on average a higher income than black people, it is because of racism” exhibited the largest positive correlation with anxiety and depression, and the largest negative correlation with happiness.


However, these associations were more strongly correlated with participants’ political orientation than with critical social justice attitudes per se. Specifically, being on the political left was more predictive of lower mental well-being than high critical social justice scores alone. This suggests that the link between critical social justice attitudes and mental health is complex and may be mediated by broader political and ideological beliefs.

Not only does this study confirm the belief that being "woke" equals being miserable the majority of the time, but it is yet another set of studies that highlight the mental health, or lack of it to be more specific, with being a Democrat/liberal.


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