This Is How the Deadliest Pathogen Will Be Brought to America and We Are Not Talking Covid


Just as the American southern border is under attack, so it in Australia. The Chinese invasion is threatening the Australian culture, education system and is moving into the political arena. The resulting chaos has largely been ignored by the government, until recently. This is happening in New Zealand, Canada and the United States, but let's start with Australia.

I received the following email from a resident of Australia about her concerns with the Chinese invasion of her community and their subsequent behaviors. 

Hi Dave

I'm on the Gold Coast in Queensland, in the Hinterland area on the outskirts of the Gold Coast. I heard about you a few years ago when I began homeschooling my two girls (now 9 and 12 years old). A friend (who also homeschools and is also Christian) had me over one day and I was talking to her husband. He woke me up to what is going on in the world and the times we are in and put me on to your show. I am very grateful for that and for what you do, have been listening ever since. He has been prepped for years.

It was my eldest daughter who mentioned yesterday "mum, I noticed signs on the shelves in Woolies, one in English and one in Chinese writing saying only two baby formula cans per customer" (or something similar) and she wondered why. She is aware because a few months ago we noticed a lot of pet food, dog and cat, wasn't available for weeks angering customers and we have cats. I sent an email about that awhile ago which you may find if you search my email. If not let me know and I can resend...

Anyway, I send information to you because I don't know anyone informative with as much influence...or anyone at all in Australia. I go to your channel/website to keep up to date with what is going on. Thanks so much, sorry it's a bit long-winded.


Samantha D.

Is this story true? Is Samantha accurate in her account? The answer is an emphatic yes! Channel 7 in Samantha’s area ran a story which completely confirms Samantha's account.  In order to view the news report, please click this link to view the report.

Please note that the cameraman tried to not show the faces of the people hording  the bottles of baby formula. However, when we could see faces, they were all Chinese. I began to ask questions and  subsequently queried one of my deep cover insider sources as to why the Chinese would be hording things like pet food and baby formula. My source said I was asking the wrong question. He said I should be asking what the Chinese immigrants to Australia know that the Australians don’t know, but should.  I will come back to this question later in this report


The Chinese Are Invading Australian Universities

After years of mindlessly following the UN Migration Pact in which the Australian government completely capitulated to unrestricted Chinese immigration, just like the Democrats want America to do with millions of Latin Americans trying to cross our southern border. the government thought they were getting cheap labor and a docile population that would be easy to control. That has not proven to be the case. And now, at the highest levels of the Australian government, they are publicly questioning the wisdom of giving Chinese nations unfettered access to their institutions of higher learning. Before watching this report, it should be noted that if one is taking over any culture, taking control of the education system is one of the first places to begin. 


DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR AMERICA? The Chinese Invasion of Australia Is Aimed At the Undermining the Culture

Why would a Western nation, primarily Christian admit people from a culture who hold the beliefs of the Australian culture in such disregard. Please read the following account about how Chinese children are being trained to hate Christianity

Children in China’s primary schools are now being taught that belief in God is abnormal and that parents who are religious should not be trusted, according to a report out of the country.

The new direction is part of the country’s crackdown on Christianity under the New Regulations of Religious Affairs that took effect in February 2018, according to Bitter Winter, a religious liberty watchdog.

Even before the last was passed, government leaders viewed religion with skepticism. The crackdown intensified with the new law and impacted what is taught in schools, beginning in kindergarten.

“Before starting school, I told my child about God’s creation, and he believed it. But after being taught at school, my child is like a different person. In atheistic China, these pure and innocent children have been taught to hate God,” a Christian mother told Bitter Winter.

Essentially, schools are grooming children to be atheists, teaching them that religion is “Xie jiao,” a Chinese expression that references anything that is heterodox and should not be trusted. Children are “taught to oppose their religious relatives” and that “believing in God is abnormal,” Bitter Winter reported.

The son reportedly told his Christian mom, “My teacher says that Christianity is a Xie jiao. If you believe in it, you will leave home and not take care of me. You might set yourself on fire, too.”

The school textbook, Morality and Society, teaches children to resist Xie jiao religious groups. Bitter Winter included pictures from the book.

“The teacher told us during class that Xie jiao groups are so terrible,” the boy said....

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MANY AMERICAN STUDENTS FACE IN AMERICA'S SCHOOLS!!! Could it be any more clear than this? These kind of immigrants do not assimilate, they impose their will on the native population and we are finding, that when it comes to Australia, this is the case. 

We are also witnessing the Chinese taking center stage in Australian politics as the pro-China and pro-Hong Kong Chinese are fighting each other on the streets of Australia


Revelations From Two Federal Officials

Ebola is coming to America! Weaponized versions of Ebola are being developed in Australia and I have the "blisters" to validate this claim. The transmission may originate in West Africa. However, it will enter the United States through our southern border. 

Have any of you asked the astute question as to why the Biden administration is not mandating covid testing for illegal immgrants being placed inside our country. And are you aware that migrants are being placed in communities all across the country? Why is the Biden administration admitting people without being tested and you are expected to wear a facemask as an American citizen. Again, I ask why is this administration being so reckless in posing such needless and reckless danger to the American people? The answer is complex. First, it is clear that the so-called pandemic is as we suspect, it is only a threat to elderly with comorbid conditions. Second, this principal of admitting immigrants without medical screeings sets the stage for what is coming. What is coming is Ebola, and whether intentional or not, the failed policies of the present administration spread Ebola throughout the United States and within two weeks of the introduction of Ebola-infectons at our border, who as of that time, are non-symptomatic, sets the precdent to spread Ebola all across this country and there is no way to quarantine areas and stopping the spread, because the infectons will already be placed in too many states, all across the country, to make any difference as to the spread. Most viruses have a burnout period of 30 days. However, it is important to consider the fact that Ebola will likely be weaponized at Pine Gap Australia. And who will be conducting this weaponization? Please allow me to put it this way: Everyone with an IQ above room temperature already knows that the CHICOMS released covid into this country and it came from a Wuhan lab. The wet market explanation is the most absurd explanation ever. It has been disproven and lacks any scientific basis in fact.

Why was Australia chosen? The Chinese don't dare have an invasive pathogen come from their own country again. For if the discovery was made that China unleashed Ebola against the people of the United States, the entire opulation, except this subservient to the CHICOMS, would demand war. In fact, this author believes that the threshold to declare war against China has already been satisfied. However, we are controleld by an administration that is individually and collectively being blackmailed by China. We have seen the proof with Nadler, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, McConnell, et al, but this is just the tip of the iceberg! The United States is following down the same path as Australia. When the CHICOMS heightened their infiltration into Australia, the Aussies acted like a bunch of compliant sissies and gave up their guns. We all know what awaits the Aussie, for what follows gun confiscation? It is always genocide! . The Austrialian, Canadian and New Zealand covid camps are going to be accepting a lot more than covid patients. 


To the north, Trudeau has handed over control of the western half of Canada to the CHICOMS. I am in contact with some from Western Canada and I will be reporting on this in a future report. Suffice it to say that Canada has been conquered as has New Zealand. And what did they do in New Zealand following their major false flag event? The government went "total CHICOM" and confiscated the guns. Did you know that Trudeau is going after all guns this summer and guess who is enforcement agents will be? They will not be causcasion or from the host country.  

The Chinese population has grown to 1.5 million in Australia and they are prepping for something big. there are over 250,000 CHICOM troops in Canada and they are planning something big. We have hundreds of thousands of CHICOM troops on our southern border and they are planning something big.  The Australians, Canadians, new Zealanders and Americans need to wake up to the growing threat that is right under our collective noses. If we do not act now, millions of citizens in these four countries will soon be bleeding out of every cavity in their bodies. 

Now, back to Samantha's account of the hording of baby formula and pet food. Why does anyone ever horde something? It is because they are anticipating a shortage caused by an external event. Something big is happening in Australia just as it is in America. As it will be in Australia, it will soon be the saem in America. Our food supply is also in peril and this happening under the leadership of Bill Gates. In the American parallel, Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in America. He wants to dim the sun and he wants to stop meat production and have you eat bugs. Gee Bill, will that be after or before our coming Ebola outbreak?   

If the average American knew what we, in the alt media, are finding out, we would already be at war with China and we would have already arrested Bill Gates and George Soros and they would have moved into the streets and then be demanding a vote recount, from the 2020 stolen election and replace this illegitiate, treasonous administration. 

On a personal note, why was i attacked? Because the globalist masterminds want to control the Ebola narrative. They want the advantage of shock and awe and I just took away that tactical advantage. Spread this far and wide!

On Friday, Biden stated that the Bill of Rights are not absolute! Doesn't that tell us that they plan to violate everyone of our rights on the way to implementing a deadly and genocidal police state?