Illegal alien invaders get free health care, food, education, housing, cell phones and debit cards while America’s homeless veterans sleep on the streets because invaders vote Democrat


Robin M. Itzler  


The answer is that destroying the United States was always the Democrat party’s plan. Having 10 million (and growing) illegal alien invaders is the easiest way to destroy America. It doesn’t matter to Biden & Company if some illegal invaders are injuring, raping, and murdering Americans. It doesn’t matter to Biden & Company if some illegal invaders are committing home and retail burglaries, flooding America with fentanyl, and destroying cities with rampant crime. It doesn’t matter to Biden & Company if some illegal alien invaders are given free health care, free food, free education, free housing, free cell phones, and free debit cards while America’s homeless veterans sleep on the streets. 


What matters to Democrats is that illegal alien invaders could be future Democrat voters. The jackass party is desperate to find new voters since polls show traditional Democrat constituents leaving the Democrat plantation.


Even if all these illegal invaders don’t vote blue, their presence benefits the Democrat party. On March 7, Elon Musk tweeted on X/Twitter:



Most Americans are still unaware that the census counts ALL people, including illegal immigrants, for deciding how many House seats each state gets! This results in Dem states getting roughly 20 more House seats, which is another strong incentive for them not to deport illegals.


Tom Langan, President of Morale Boosters, one of the very few outside ministry/support groups serving Border Patrol Agents on a continual basis, has heard reports from reliable sources (who have visited various detention centers and spoken with illegals) about what illegals are repeatedly told. 


My sources say that illegals have told them that throughout their journey, illegals are told that when they get into America to ‘vote for Joe Biden and Democrats.’ They are told this throughout their journey: from departure point, along the way, and after they arrive for processing. The ‘newcomers’ are continually reminded that they must “vote for Joe Biden and Democrats.


Who is telling “newcomers” to vote for Democrats? Is it:


- Drug cartels who like the ease of getting fentanyl and other drugs into the United States? 


- Leftist non-governmental organizations (aka NGOs)? 


- Democrat operatives that will do anything to keep the United States on a radical socialist trajectory? 


- A combination of all three? 


Morale Boosters is one of the very few outside ministry/support groups serving Border Patrol Agents on a regular basis. President Tom Langan said, The ministry has helped boost the morale of thousands of Agents on the southern border since 2018 and has never seen them so demoralized—to the point that Agents no longer want to be thanked for doing their jobs. Despite that, we will continue to do what we can to encourage Agents.” 


Langan went on to explain that the perception among Agents is that the public is willfully ignorant or indifferent. He says that most Americans don’t know how bad it is at the border or they don’t care as long as their everyday lives aren’t personally affected. Langan went on to explain:


Border Patrol Agents now spend 8 hours per day in front of a computer screen processing (data entry) instead of doing what they were hired (and want) to do: patrol, block, pursue, arrest, and deport illegals. Agents feel like DMV workers now. 


Agents are demoralized, angry, and frustrated. Many of those with less than 10 years of service have quit. Those who can retire (20 years), retire. Agents with between 10 and 20 years of service remain and feel trapped by their income and family responsibilities. It is very difficult for them to transition to comparable jobs in Law Enforcement, where the morale and public support aren’t much better.


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