James O'Keefe sues Hawaii for First Amendment violations over ban on public photography in Lahai


The Post Millennial

The O'Keefe Media Group filed a lawsuit this week against Hawaii's Democrat Governor Josh Green and the County of Maui after being told he could not take photographs or video on public land during a trip to investigate the aftermath of the devastating fires that burned the area to the ground.

In hidden camera footage taken during the investigation, law enforcement officers in the devastated area told OMG journalists that due to the governor's emergency order in response to the fires, they were prohibited from taking pictures or video on public land and even threatened founder James O'Keefe with arrest if he refused to cease recording.

O'Keefe said in the video that he was filing the lawsuit in order to "…invalidate the criminalization of protected First Amendment activity and to also strip Maui County of any ability to criminally charge anyone who exercises their First Amendment rights."

The suit, which was filed in the US District Court of Hawaii is seeking to prohibit the governor from "…unilaterally criminalizing the fundamental rights of free speech and a free press to which Plaintiffs are guaranteed under both, the United States and Hawaii Constitutions."