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This is the second attempt at writing this article. The original article was mysteriously removed following publication and all attempts to recover the article have failed. In one way, this is a blessing in disguise. In the rewrite, I am going to scale down the article and subsequent documentation. If the audit reporting does not follow what I know to be the correct path, all will be printed. 

Before presenting the final findings, that I previously published in early May of this year, it is important to note that intimidation has been a mainstay of the left in attempting to block the true story of the Maricopa County Election from being fully revealed. 

The Co-Conspirators Who Stole Or Aided In the Theft of the Maricopa County 2020 Election

The following government officials have conspired to steal the election from President Trump and Senator McSally:

1. Governor Doug Ducey- Ducey built his ice cream business inside of Communist China with their explict help. The governor is an ally of the CCP. In a 2017 National Governor's Association Meeting in which the Chinese Chamber of Commerce attended, Ducey promised rare earth minerals to the CHICOM army and then proceeded to cut the ribbons on these CCP military shell corporations when they came to Arizona to open business. Ducey refused to honor the request of the Arizona Legislature to meet in order to investigate the election prior to the January 6th certification vote by Congress. 

2. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who is now announced she is running for governor. I placed a video of Hobbs when she was running for her present office, as she promised to use her elected office to "elect Democrats" in a clear criminal intent conflict of interest. Early in the audit, Hobbs brought Soros representatives to the floor of the audit. She is a Soros operative. She is also an extreme marxist.

3. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors should be in jail for contempt of court for refusing to honor a subpoena to surrender all evidence related to the election. To date, the have refused to release the codes to the Dominion machine routers which would demonstrate if the machines were communicating with China, directly, as some have indicated. The Supervisors also lied about having the election codes, which they never had as required by law. I identified this fact in early May of 2021. Following my revelation, I was surveilled by the city of Phoenix resources and my colleagues were contacted and told not to listen to me. Further, one colleague was issued a death threat if he continued to promote my work. 

As it turned out, the Supervisors never did have the codes for the Dominion machines and the codes were subsequently never dispensed to local election officials as required by state and federal law. In short, Dominion ran the election. 

4. Maricopa County Sheriff, Paul Penzone, has become a player in the election fraud after the fact. The County Supervisors, after being caught lying about the machine codes, made up an unbelievable story about being given the machine codes by the Supervisors.  First, the codes were ordered to be surrendered to the audit team by the court. Penzone, if he had the codes at all, did not comply. Second, there was no reason for Penzone to have every had the codes because he is not part of the election process. Penzone should be investigated as a co-conspirator in election fraud and contempt of court. 

5. Former Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes has not been forthcoming about a serious election breach under his watch. Prior to the election, the County experienced a data breach of its voter registration materials. This was not every reported by Fontes. It was not revealed to the public until January, two months after the election. This data breach gave access to voter registration files from which inactive voters were placed on the duplicate ballots previously mentioned. 

6 (66). At the root of it all, China was in charge of rigging the election. After audit results, I will have more to say on this topic. 

In a related vein, there were approximately 20,000 duplicate ballots found and all ballots were in favor of Biden. These duplicate ballots originated because presumably an original ballot failed when put into the voting machine. By Arizona state law, the duplicate ballot much remain attached to the original ballot.  This was not done and effectively, it could be said that this event, alone, would tip the election in the favor of Trump. 

Why didn't Fontes report the breach> Where are the original ballots. Fontes is reportedly running for the Secretary of State (Hobbs present position) in a case of one hand washes the other.  

I was not the only person to be harrassed for questioning the election. State Senate President, Karen Fann, was sent white powder to her office (ie an anthrax threat). I am concerned that Fann, who has shown great courage, may be getting intimidated. She recently told the Gateway Pundit that she hopes to use this audit to make sure nothing like this happens in 2022.  That's not good enough. Arizona needs to be the first swing state domino to fall. Will the audit team have the courage to face threats, intimidation and possible blackmail to fully expose the truth and then the necessary action to decertify the election and strip  Biden of Arizona's electoral votes?  We don't have long to wait.