Every emerging communist-based dictatorship produces an atmosphere of us and them. Such a division is currently being developed and sold to the military by the current Secretary of Defense. While Russia presently threatens Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, the Defense Secretary, a man who Biden does not even know his name, is busy using the military under his control to target conservatives and Trump supporters. Eventually in the Us vs Them mentality, within a communist dictatorship, takes strong action against the targeted group.


The Pentagon and Defense Secretary Austin recently stated in materials distributed to military personnel “Speech that incites violence or criminal activity that threatens to undermine our government and Constitution is not protected by the First Amendment.”


Quite the contrary, the First Amendment permits and encourages anti-governmental attitudes. However, the puppeteers which control the Biden administration are hell bent on controlling speech that is not approved by the Democratic Party.


Why are conservatives being targeted by the Pentagon, the Defense Secretary and now the U.S. military under the puppet administration of Harris/Biden? The answer to the question should be obvious. However, let’s answer that question in the context of the liberal leaders of this country. AOC, Michelle Obama, Pelosi, Omar et al., have clearly stated that the Trump supporters must never be allowed to rise again and all efforts should be employed to prevent that from happening. Further, Trump supporters should be sent to re-education camps (ie concentration camps) for deprogramming (ie brainwashing). These Democrats have referred to “the enemies within” in reference to members of Congress that they hold in contempt because of their conservative views. As I have pointed out before in previous articles, this is pre-genocidal Nazi speak. Conservatives, and in particular, Conservative Christians, they want you dead. In fact, everyone of these Democrats are working in conjunction with the Communist Chinese to remove you from the planet.


The Pentagon is referring to officers prohibiting an attitude of extremism in the ranks. Any conservative views are linked to “inaccurate, misperceptions of myths” when it comes to the speech of conservatives.

What specifically is prohibited?

  1. Being a Trump supporter
  2. Disagreeing with the present administration
  3.  Disparaging remarks regarding the character of political leaders (Biden-Dementia, Harris-sleeping her way to the top).
  4. Excessive expression of Christianity.


The guidelines go on to say that the First Amendment does not protect these kinds of speech.  In actuality, the expression of these kinds of views are exactly why the First Amendment exists.


Historically, the military has been untouched by the “woke” agenda. However, a complete brainwashing endeavor is underway inside our nation’s military bases. Eighteen and Nineteen year old soldiers are being convinced that family is bad, America is bad, capitalism is bad and so are people who criticize the government. Isn’t it interesting that the Antifa terrorists that have invaded NYC are not branded as terrorists.


Why are these people being targeted? Because it’s relatively easy to convince young people that they do not have a place in the traditional American society. However, if they can be convinced that certain types (eg conservative) are blocking their God-given right to self-fulfillment, then it is relatively easy to sway 18 and 19 year old soldiers. And of course, the same message is being sent through many of our school systems where we cannot honor the Founding Fathers, but we can pay homage to a drag queen, trans-sexual misfit who are happen to acquiesce to the new social norms of the bizarre and immoral while perverting the minds of the very young.  With both the younger members of the military and the students within our schools, a type of Nazi Youth Movement is being formed and conservative Christian doctrine must supplant traditional American values.

 The 18 and 19 year-old soldiers are being conditioned to come after you and me.

Welcome to the new normal.