More bans! NY Gov. Hochul seeks gas heating ban in new homes and buildings ‘because climate change remains the greatest threat to our planet’


by Marc Morano


The zero-emission new construction and the phase out of the sale of new fossil fuel heating equipment are part of the governor’s ambitious new package of building decarbonization initiatives. … Hochul’s proposal will create the Energy Affordability Guarantee to ensure participating New Yorkers never pay more than 6% of their incomes on electricity. She announced $200 million in relief for utility bills for up to 800,000 New York households earning under $75,000 a year that are not currently eligible for the state’s utility discount program.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: “We have reached peak insantiy. Americans wake up every day to find some unexpected executive order or a bureaucratic edict that has once again bypassed democracy, taking away their freedoms or choices. NY Gov. Hochul is the latest example as she has just announced that she plans to ban gas heating in new homes and building construction to stop ‘climate change’ which she claims is the ‘greatest threat to our planet.’ Just a few days earlier, we found out that an unelected bureaucrat at the Consumer Product Safety Commission decided to ban gas stoves. More mandates with no vote of democracy.

Just like gas-powered car bans, restrictions on meat eating, and restrictions on high-yield agriculture to meet Net Zero goals, the climate agenda is following the COVID template by mandating consequential decisions on our lives without the consent of the governed. No one voted for gas car bans. No one voted for meat restrictions. No one voted for lockdowns or mask mandates or vax mandates Our ruling class’s new message to the public — who they view derisively as the masses — is simple: ‘We don’t need no stinkin legislating.

All of these climate-inspired bans are nothing more than climate virtue signaling. All of these government gas bans — which no one voted for — will do nothing but increase energy costs, especially for the poorest in the U.S. Natural gas has been the reason the USA has led the world in reducing CO2 emissions. New Yorkers will suffer with more government mandates, and the climate (& global CO2 emissions) will not be impacted one ounce.

Gov. Hochul can shore up her political power base by forcing more low-income residents onto government assistance with her proposed “Energy Affordability Guarantee” to ensure more and more voters are dependent on her government’s benevolence as she ratchets up energy costs. Anyone can pretty much try to justify government action if they somehow claim that climate change is ‘greatest threat to our planet’ and their bans will save us. Humans inhale oxygen and exhale CO2. Is human breath next to be banned?!”

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