A Much Bigger Threat Than the COVID Lockdowns Will Be Soon Coming Our Way


There is a lot going that dwarfs the COVID lockdowns, This article is going to capture this existential threat that almost nobody is dealing with. As ludicrous as this sounds, every resident on the planet is under threat from rogue, but intelligently controlled asteroids. I interviewed Steve Quayle last evening and we touched upon this subject. We have different source, but effectively, both Steve and myself have become aware that intelligently controlled asteroids have come into our solar system and are embedded in the asteroid belt and re awaiting deployment to the Earth. 

To date, some of these asteroids have already been dspatched earth's way, 5 asteroids to be exact. They are not large asteroids, however, they could ruin a lot of peoples day if they landed in your area.The largest deployed asteroid is under 85 feet. 

There are some events, which on the surface may be playing a significant impact. First, there was a conference scheduled to be held at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in January. Coincidentally, the planet is exploding in protests over the COVID lockdowns. The WEF was to tighten the grip they have over the planet and one of the intiatives to be introduced was a global digital currency. Why has this meeting been put on hold? It is my contention that a greater threat to the planet other than a New World Order takeover has emerged and I have come to believe that the Globalists are taking the path of least resistance in which they seem, for the moment, to be abandoning their plan of economic and cultural enslavement of the people in favor of debilitating asteroid strikes to be held in the near future, which would cripple any opposition movements. 

In order to set the stage,it is critical to expose the fact that there are two secret space programs. Or, least there were until President Trump made one of the programs public so that he could get congressional funding for the program. This program sits in opposition to the other secret space program. We will come back to that in a moment. Here is some relevant background. 

Brief Background

From 1985 to 2011, I was forced to be silent about what I learned about the Nazis and their exotic technology as manifested in various types of flying devices. In 1984-1985, when my father was suffering from a terminal illness, he told me of his classified work with Nazi scientists and the reverse engineering of their advances achieved at the end of World War II. He further revealed that the Nazi’s, to a person, believed that this technology was bestowed upon them by ET forces. Since that time, I have come to believe that the aliens are indeed "fallen angels" in the service of Satan.

In the late 1950’s my father was “early retired” from the Navy, six months early with full retirement benefits (unheard of), to move to Denver and work with captured German scientists in an attempt to reverse engineer their developments and also to develop their “drawing board” advancements with regard to potential space travel. The government could not have my father do this work as a military man because he could not invoke the 5th Amendment should Congress ever launch an investigation and interview the program’s participants. As a civilian contractor, my father could hide behind the veil of the 5th Amendment. In a very revealing set of articles, I disclosed the nature of my father’s work which I had to keep relatively secret until my mother’s passing in 2011.  She was the beneficiary of his two retirements, both which would have been stripped away had it been discovered that my father revealed information that some did not want made public.

Bill Pawelec and Vance Davis

In 1993, the very first time I ever listened to Art Bell, I heard Art interview the former NSA agent, Vance Davis, and his description of what sounded just like my father’s work. I reached out to Vance and he sent Bill Pawelec to me. It turned out that Bill and my father briefly worked out together at Sunstrand Electric which was secretly working on killer satellite technology. Formerly, Bill Pawelec provided security services, mostly electronic surveillance, to some of the most sensitive defense installations in the country. Bill also did contract work various intelligence agencies at the same time. As a result of my association with Bill Pawelec, I also became friends with Vance Davis as I still interview him today. From these associations, I was introduced to the fact that key figures in NASA are fully aware of the "ET" connection and some were in the astronaut corps and I was introduced to two of them. Privately, I disclosed to Bill and Vance some of the nature of my father’s work with the admonition that it could not go public. Bill Pawelec convinced me to sit down with Jim Marrs and share notes because of Marrs connections to this topic through his book The Fourth Reich. I agreed and Bill flew Jim Marrs to Phoenix to meet with me.

Jim Marrs

Many years ago, I used to interview Jim Marrs. He possessed knowledge unlike most researchers with regard to the secret societies that rule the planet. At one time, I considered Marrs to be the foremost authority on the JFK assassination. Popular movie producer, Oliver Stone, who is fully awake, used Marrs’ book, Crossfire, the story of the JFK assassination, as the screenplay for Stone’s hit movie, JFK. Marrs and I did over 20 interviews spanning 6 years. His information was concise and much of it was verifiable. During one of the final interviews I did with Marrs, he dropped a bombshell on my audience. He stated “one cannot understand the New World Order without fully examining the ET connection”.  Marrs was fairly nonspecific with regard to the origins of any ET race except to say, “they have been here for a very long time and they obviously have great influence over our government and every other government”. There was a time when Jim Marrs was producing incredible and original research on the New World Order and he was steadfast in the ET connection. Before I ever met Jim Marrs, I was a fan of his work and I was just another person with no media involvement on my part.

 Steve Quayle


Previously, I interviewed Steve Quayle regarding his book Empire Beneath the Ice is popular, but I think undervalued for the revelations it brings to this topic. In his book, Steve establishes that Antarctica is the command and control of the New World Order and humans are not in charge.   His work bridges the gap between what my father did as well as tying together the activities of the aforementioned people. Have you wondered why such notables, as John Kerry, have been summoned to the South Pole at the end of Obama's Presidency? This is all part of Steve’s revelations. Steve’s book ties together much of this phenomenon and condenses it into an understandable format and this book is required reading.  

Among many things, this book establishes that there is much more to our space program than NASA. NASA is an impotent figure head. The real action in space is contained within the 2 former secret space programs, which were working in opposition to each other. . 

Present Revelation

I have a childhood friend in the space program. Our dads worked together to put the first nukes on American navy ships before my dad was early retired to reverse engineer the theoretical physics of captured German scientists. My dad shared this and more with me before his death and I had to keep it secret to protect his pension that my mom needed to live on after his passing.  Any known revelation of this material prior to my mom's death would have resulted in the loss of the pensions, because it violated my dad's national security oath. I don't have that prohibition because I don't benefit from the pensions.

Upon my moms passing, I have been somewhat guarded about revealing what I know, but I have made some public disclosures.  It's definitely possible to go too far and endanger oneself with the total revelations of what all I know.  Before I went public with this in 2013, I did have an inner circle of friends from the NSA (Vance Davis), former Air Force Intel (the late Bill Pawelec) and an ARSOF general (unnamed).  All of us had some primary or secondary exposure to this topic. I'm still in contact with 2 of the 3, the 3rd passed away about 10 years ago. The late Jim Marrs and I used to meet regularly to share information about The Secret space program. Jim was a remarkable reporter, he had great sources on this topic. It's interesting that America knows almost nothing about this.

Two Competing Secret Space Programs

 There are 2 space programs, plus figurehead NASA. One of the non-NASA programs is still secret, although trump brought the other one out into the public and legitimized it so it could receive public funding in order to oppose the other one. The second secret space program is controlled by the CIA/MOSSAD and several key globalists. It is totally rogue.. 

The second secret space program is wreaking havoc in our Solar System with very advanced technology including the control of asteroids.  Yes, this technology exists. This is our most serious present threat it's even more threatening than what the democrats are trying to do to this country.  I interviewed Steve Quayle last night on thecommonsenseshow.tv. We spent about 5 minutes on this subject and our information matches perfectly although

Steve Quayle has the same information but from different sources.  

Predictive programming on the former TV show stargate SG1 is in clear evidence. The showhas portrayed these groups but did not make it a prominent theme.  That particular show is very factual about the technologies that exist which are totally unknown to almost everyone on this planet. And when they hear about it, they don't believe it anyway.  After my interview with Steve I've decided I need to talk more about this topic there none probly gonna write about it over the next couple of days


There is a lot ofdot connecting from this article. If you do not feel your life is not in danger, you are not paying attention. Based on what I ahve learned, I believe the WEF was cancelled to usher in a depopulation event in the form of the asteroid threat. I believe that this is their Plan V. 

I had a conversation with Carol Rose, Wener Von Braun's secretary. She told me that Braun believed an asteroid attack was coming first followed by a fake alien invasion (ie Project Blue Beam). 

I think it is likely that we are about to face a whole new set of challenges. 

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