Neuralink Day Highlights a Brain Implant With Over 4000 Channels


 by Brian Wang

They showed the device working in several monkeys and they showed the surgical robot that will be used to implant the device.

They are working to repair spinal damage. The current experiments are to monitor and activate spinal activity in a pig. They are controlling the leg movement of a pig.

They had some neuralink visual experiments.

They have 1000 channels per chip and four chips per implant. The next implant will have 4000 channels and four chips with over 16000 channels. The implant has 64 threads that go to different parts of the brain.

They have in-house microdesign and fabrication. They are able to iterate on designs for new needles every hour.

They have custom built chips and they have wireless charging.

The goal the implant procedure to be as fast as a lasik eye treatment.