The Next Phase of the Coup Includes the Assassination of Alt Media Figures Along with the Lockdown of the Cities


 I have been speaking, for a considerable length of time about what is coming to America. I am shocked at the rapidity of the dictatorial takeover of the United States, however, I am not shocked as to the level of disregard for American civil liberties and the potential lethality that is accompanying this tyrannical takeover of our government and the subsequent destruction of our culture. Now, the current events are matching what I have been told. The moment of truth is here for America. What is going on is an extinction level national event!

This is the first part of a series that is constructed solely from my personal notes arising from conversations with American intelligence agents, high-ranking military and law enforcement officials at the state, local and federal level. As a result of these conversations, I am able to arrive at some very frightening conclusions.

Make no mistake about it, the trend curve spells the end of America and a “purge” that rivals any level of brutality that we witnessed in the triology by the same name.

A complete police state is being constructed right in front of our eyes and our brain-dead, dumbed-down citizenry sees nothing except for the fact that they neighborhood bar is closed. What I find most amazing is that the Left is not even waiting for the election to impose their deadly will upon the country in so many areas at the same time.

This article will take the obvious and provide a road map to absolute tyranny that even Ray Charles could see it unfolding. If it is like this in the pre-election period, how severe and deadly will events become following the election?


Assassination of Alternative Media Personalities

Nobody is safe and some the first targets. Under emergency martial law, mass roundup of political dissidents will take place. That night is coming. We might call it the rendition of the “night of the broken glass”, or the American version of the TET Offensive. But rest assured, there is a night, coming soon, where the forces of evil (eg Antifa) will rise up and seek to commit genocide against its perceived political opponents. And there is nowhere more threatening to these terrorists than the light of truth that is shined upon their heinous actions than what we find in the alternative media.

These alt media hosts and writers as well as activists will categorized as the new terrorists and will be dealt with under the NDAA when the Democrats take over. They will be framed for perpetrating false flag events. Media broadcasts will post their pictures and identify them as extremely dangerous and shoot on sight orders will be issued. Rewards to the public will be offered for turning in the alt media-activists. most likely be declared as terrorists and enemies of the state and will be linked to the precipitating false flag event. This will be the unfolding of Red and Blue Lists as spoken of by Steve Quayle for the last couple of decades. The NDAA will provide the pseudo legal authority to snatch key Americans out of their homes and off of the street.

I am being probed. In the last 8 weeks I have had a fake Medicare salesman come to my door in rural Arizona when it was a 112 degrees.  The man was fake and he wanted me to know he was fake. This was an intimidation visit.

On June 12th, my home was vandalized and we live in an area where I could sit on my front porch and not see another car for hours at a time!

My wife keeps receiving calls asking how someone can get ahold of me. My wife’s number is not used in the commission of my business and the number is private. The Left is letting me know that they know how to reach my family. There have been more events, but you get the idea. I know that I am not the list as are my colleagues in the alternative media. We are among the first targets because we are waking up many of the brain dead in this country and we are converting former Democrats who want a future for their children. This makes my colleagues and myself an enemy of the new state.

The Left will not wait to begin their reign of terror against the alt media figures. Many of us are predicting an open season on ALL and ANY alt media personnel. Antifa and MS-13 assets will be employed to carry out these deeds with extreme prejudice.


NYC Installs Soviet Style Travel Restricts and Newsom Is Following Suit

Just like the old Soviet Union, the REAL ID card will limit travel. Under this provision, one will be required to have an approved passport to travel between cities and states. The ability to travel will be tied to one’s social credit score which has already been implemented by Google in Communist China. To illustrate the repressiveness of this technology, people in China lose social credit points for stepping on the white boundary line when crossing the street.  The California and New York checkpoints are just the beginning. This is establishing the ability to restrict travel.

Following the travel restrictions, following the Soviet model are the coming dusk to dawn curfews which are designed to keep the people from congregating and planning in concert to overthrow the omnipresent tyranny. Going hand in hand with this approach to tyranny, will be the use of contact tracing. It will allow the Left to construct an “enemies of the new state” list. This is the red list. Be careful who you hang out with, you are being catalogued as I write these words.

Contact tracing will allow the authorities to enter your home because you have had contact with a COVID-19 person. Once they are in your home, without a warrant, your guns, food, water, medicine, or anything is at risk for multiple confiscations.


We are clearly in the second phase of the takeover of the country. When will the shooting start you may ask? It will begin when there is resistance. Part two will reveal more of this well-planned and well-orchestrated coup against the American government and its people.