NY Assembly Passed Vaccine Database Bill, Time to Focus on Stopping it in the Senate

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MIchael kane

Yesterday, the New York Assembly passed A7154, the bill that will make essentially mandatory reporting all adult vaccines given going forward to the New York State database. Its companion bill in the Senate, S1531, still has to go through the Senate Health Committee and pass in a floor vote as well, and they are running out of time. The legislature is scheduled to adjourn for the year next Friday. So we have to keep the pressure on for one more week.

The good news so far is that A276b/S762a, the bill to allow minors to get drugs and shots that are marketed to prevent ASDs, appears to have stalled for the present. We have saturated the legislature with information showing that the bill would clearly violate federal law, so perhaps they are paying attention to that minor issue.

A837, Jeffrey Dinowitz’s bill to require the publication on the NYSDOH website the numbers of medical exemptions at every school, has been on the agenda all week but has not come up for a vote, and with more pressure from us it may not. NYSDOH has published these numbers on their website since 2016, so the bill is somewhat pointless, and the numbers demonstrate that New York has the lowest percentage of medical exemptions of any state, which CDC data verifies.