The Odds Favor Impeachment, An Alt Media Ban Followed By An Historic Purge Against the American People


When Trump recently traveled to Dallas, he was greeted by 100,000 supporters. Everywhere the President goes, his events almost always produce capacity crowds and then some. When a Democratic candidate for President attempts to match Trump, their events will often produce 30, 40, 60 or maybe 100 people if they are lucky. These events are speaking, by these continued actions, that populism rules and communism is dead on arrival. Donald Trump enjoys almost unparalleled support as a candidate. The Democrats have NOBODY, including Hillary that can defeat Trump in the 2020 election.  

The Independent Media Is Awakening America In Record Numbers

Recently, a Rasmussen Poll revealed some very timely data and distressing facts for the Deep State and the communists that are running the Democratic Party. The poll revealed that 51% of all Americans surveyed believes that President Trump will face illegal action by his opposition as they try to oust him from office. How did over half of the country arrive at this position? This information was certainly not communicated by Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, et al, in the mainstream media. This topic would have been verboten for MSM journalists. The only place that the American people would have been exposed to this type of thinking would have been from the Independent Media (IM). The IM is breaking through to the American people at unprecedented levels.


What the Independent Media Numbers Demonstrate

The Rasmussen Poll numbers clearly tells the Deep State that their days are numbered if they don't make their move in the near future. Trump must go and this is precisely what we are seeing.

The Independent Media is kicking the literal crap out of the MSM. Realizing that my media reach contains Youtube, the CSS website and its website partners, Global Star Radio Network and its affiliates, Red State Talk Radio and its affiliate stations, KHNC 1360AM (Johnstown, CO) and my podcasts at Megaphone FM which also sponsors the likes of Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Dennis Miller, etc. Modestly, I can say that my Youtube Channel, alone, in October, will exceed over 4.5 million views and 35 million watch minutes.  Just my Youtube alone exceeds anybody at CNN! My podcasts are also on Spotify, Itunes,  and 5 other platforms. I am told by professionals that I may actually reach around 10-12 people million per month!  Before you think I am bragging, my numbers are exceeded by Steve Quayle's massive website, Alex Jones Infow Wars website and Paul Preston's radio show (Agenda 21 Radio) is the number one rated digital radio show in America. So please do not think I am boasting, I am not. I am relating why Americans now understand that Donald Trump could be removed by illegal means and they received this information from the Independent Media. 

Corruption is being exposed by the IM on an unprecendented level and it driving the Deep State up the proverbial wall. The CSS and my IM colleagues have definitively demonstrated that ex-Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi's son, and now even Adam "Shifty" Schifff were clearly involved in illicit activities in Ukraine which we know extends to the Maricopa County scandal. In fact, in 1999, the United States government and Ukraine signed an agreement to exchange evidence on criminal acitivity. We in the IM must be stopped as the country is rising up like never before. 

The Empire Strikes Back

The most corrupt state in America is undoubtedly, California. In fact, the corruption is so bad that even many liberals are fleeing from the state. It is so bad here in Arizona where I live, we have a saying about the flight of moderate liberals from California: "Don't Californicate Arizona!"

In an effort to contain the impact of the Independent Media, the California Legislative Assembly just passed a AB 5 which takes effect on Janauary 1, 2020. It is called the "1984 bill" as it basically outlaws the IM. The bill is described as an anti-Lyft and Uber bill. But these companies say the bill does not apply to them. The bill is a thinly veiled disgused attempt to silence IM critics. The bill classifes non-news-related reporters as Independent contractors and as such, limits these contractors to writing 35 articles per year. I know independet journalists who write 5-6 articles per day. AB 5 reduces these journalists to being able to write for one week out of the year. This is the intent of the bill. I further believe that this bill is a trial balloon to see how the restriction holds up in the courts. If this bill does pass the judicial reviews that are coming, we expect this to become a model for every state across the nation. I am also hearing that California legislators are moving to restrict internet and digital based radio shows as well in a future bill. 

Additionally, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has stated that if he is re-elected, he will take control of his nation's internet. Further, I have an anonymous NSA confidant who enjoys mocking the futility of my broadcasting and writing efforts. He just informed me that there are plans to control all cell phone communications, Chinese-social credit style. If one speaks forbidden phrases, they will have their communications shut down and be subject to criminal and civil action. Here is that report. 


Today, I am working on researching the likelihood that President Trump will be impeached, convicted and removed from office. The winds of fortune have shifted. Although I am not done compiling data on this issue, it appears likely that Trump will not be running for re-election in 2020. What will the American people do? They will riot, there will be violence in the streets in an unprecedented manner. Civil disobedience will reach historic record levels. Adding insult to injury will be the fact that soon, the giants in the IM will no longer be writing and broadcasting. AB 5 will become the law of the land. Pepulism must be destroyed so the New World Order can be advanced.

Take a long look around. Soon, the IM personalities that you have become used to supporting and getting your news from, will soon be gone as well. What will the people do? There will even be more civil disobedience and when we add to the fact that in 2021, we will unparalleled gun confiscation, there is going to be blood in the streets. When that happens and the country is weakened, America will be attacked by the UN and their soldiers will be the Red Dawn forces, the Chinese and the Russians. This will be the darkest chapter in American history. Many of you will lose your freedoms and even your lives. 

The only thing, and I mean the only thing that is going to derail the present path we are on is to ask for God's forgiveness and divine intervention.