A Pyramid of Treason is Ushering In Marxist-Communist Control of the American People-Millions Will Not Survive the Transition

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Obama attempted to enslave America through the TPP. Trump stopped him. Today, the draconian and deadly policies oftheTPP are back in several executive orders and pending legislation. It is not an exaggeration to say that America has a destiny with institutionalized genocide against certain members of society. 

The Looming Economic Crisis Will Bring Americans to Their Knees and Make the Nation Vulnerable 

The backlog of ships both in China and the West Coast is a crisis being done on purpose because the private multinational corporations want to empty the shelves in supermarkets nationwide for three or four weeks is designed to force the American people to approve the blackmail contained in the new budget bills as well as to forcibly vaccinate 100% of Americans regardless of health concerns. No vaccine, no eat, will soon become the mantra.

This draconian takeover of America was attempted before by the Trans Pacific Partnership which passed Congress and promised to create a (1975) "Rollerball" style of corporate controlled government. Only the intervention of President Trump, who killed the TPP, saved America, at least temporarily from a corporate dictatorship and the total loss of any semblance of our Republican style of democracy. However, the globalists are back and their new legislation efforts, which is spread out through several pending bills, threatens to bring the pretense of Constitutional law to an abrupt end. 

Artificial Shortages Are Being Created Under the Cover of Lockdowns and the So-Called Pandemic

The economic end-game which will permit fascist multinational corporations to become nation-states across the planet is underway. In the United States, the evisceration of the Constitution is taking place in HR 1, SB 1, HR 666 (not kidding), the new $3.5 trillion budget (eg Climate Change bill), and several other bills which remove 10th Amendment protection we call Federalism and place the control of the American government under Marxist-Communist fascist control and is enforced by a compromised and largely treasonous Congress (both parties) and also consists of a plethora of Communist Chinese seed money paid, in various forms, to mayors, city councils, Board of County Supervisors, key health officials and even so-called Constitutional Sheriffs (eg Maricopa County, AZ sheriff Paul Penzone who has received $2 million in George Soros originated money from various organizations). Today, a blackmailed President and Congress sits at the top of the pyramid of treason.

The central strategy is to bring America to its knees through the artificially contrived creation of product shortages (eg food). Doesn't anybody else find it interesting that after of 19 months of so-called pandemic, that the meat-packing plants are still not fully operational and most are still closed?

To those of us who covered this before, we see where this is headed, the resurrection of the TPP, which Donald Trump killed in his first month as President and of course not a word of support was uttered by the marxist stream media. 

Most Americans will fail to notice the threat until they can no longer purchase food in the super-markets, or mail-order prescription medications are not shipped. The sheep of this country will still be in denial that this could ever happen. The unions have now been idled, at major American shipping ports, because the multinational corporate owners of the shipping companies are keeping their ships filled with perishable goods at sea until all governmental opposition to the fast-tracked new legislation is finalized. 

This is exactly what happened as the TPP approached passage at the end of the Obama administration. Walk back through time to see what this government tried to do to the American people as the Constitution was near extinction as the reader will come to realize how quickly history will repeat itself.

Obama was creating artificial shortages in order to hasten the impact of the TPP. The parallels between now and then are stunning. However, this should not be surprising to anyone if one is paying attention to the price of fuel, gas, and food. Watch this 2015 video and listen to the what LA City Councilman, Joe Buscaino says when he states that even if product were to be off-loaded, in force, today, it would still take six to eight months to "get back to normal". Under the guise of another lockdown due to covid, China has shut down 4 of its 6 major ports and the shortages are just beginning to show up. The scores of ships lining up that cannot be offloaded, because Biden has bribed them with stimulus money to not work, is stunning.  The United States economy is teetering on the edge. And with the new vaccine mandates, the American truckers are threatening a strike. This will economically paralyze this country and marxist-communist policies will be ushered into to save the day from this crisis created by Bidenomics. America is asleep at the wheel, but wait, it's going to get far worse!

Meanwhile, While We Slept

While the United States is fully preoccupied with global crises ranging from the crises in Ukraine, India-Chinese border, Taiwan, the South China Sea, etc and of course Afghanistan, where have armed our enemies to the tune of $90 billion worth of world-class military equipment. This Biden-supplied military will one day kill untold numbers of Americans with our own weapons. 

However, there is another development on the national stage which threatens the economic health of every single American and American-based small business. Specifically, I am referencing the resurrection of Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) policies. Yet, this time, the marxist-controlled government is much smarter than when they tried to implement the TPP. Before going further, I have to ask, did anyone ever bother to learn about the TPP and it was just getting ready to do the government and civil liberties of America?

On the surface, the protocols of the TPP were disguised as an establishment of a free-trade zone/bloc stretching from Vietnam to Chile and Japan. The most draconian free trade agreement in history includes nearly a billion people which encompass almost 40% of the world’s economy. As bad as the TPP, free-trade agreement was, one cannot understand what is happening to America, today, without looking at the resurrection of many of these policies under multiple forms of Congressional legistlation and executive orders.  

As It Was with the TPP, America's Economy and Governmental Structure is Being Transfered to a Corporate Dictatorship 

  As America races toward her date with destiny, there is yet another “fundamentally transforming” event came America's way and that event is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). America would no longer no lbe recognizable to anyone who has grown up in this once great country.  

  Some of you are reading these words have no idea what the Trans-Pacific Partnership consists of. Most of you have never heard of it. Some of you have heard or read the term, but fail to realize the extreme danger that the implementation of this so-called trade agreement would have meant to America and our way of life.  

The TPP was the brain child of the corporations. The TPP placed all member nations directly under the control of the TPP instead of their respective national governments and it was done in complete stealth. In 2015, Congress was even denied access to review any of the documents. Alan Grayson (D-FL) was granted a special exemption to view a small part of the TPP and he was told by TPP officials to keep his mouth shut as Grayson recalls that “They maintain that the text is classified information. I’m a member of Congress, but now they tell me that they don’t want me to talk to anybody about it because if I did, I’d be releasing classified information.”  Do you realize what this means? The corporate controlled TPP has granted themselves the authority to exercise the governmental power of classifying documents and Congress is included in the exclusion. Do you understand that this means we are living in a corporate dictatorship? This all-encompassing, one-stop legislation made it wasy for Trump to identify the threat and kill the TPP. 

Today, the proponents of the TPP have learned their lesson about putting all of the eggs in one basket, an all-encompassing bill which would have removed all self-governance for the American people as well as the preservation of civil liberties. Today's progressive Democrats and their RINO friends have learned to spread out the tyranny into several bills, thus disguising the fact that the Constitution is about to evaporate before our very eyes. 

Writing space does not permit me to draw the endless parallels between the TPP and today's massive assault upon our governmental structure and individual citizen civil liberties. Here are a few obvious and notable examples. 

1. The biggest threat to American freedom is the permanent removal of free and fair elections. There is no doubt the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump. The mechanisms for theft were, in part born out of the Fauci/CHICOM created "Wuhan Flu." This allowed swing States to change their voter laws to permit vote harvesting, massive fake ballots being placed in the system and of course, when the hand counting of votes does not place, anything can and does happen. HR 1 and SB 1 seek to enshrine Democratic Party voter theft by permitting such illegal practices as ballot harvesting the prohibiltion of verifying a voter's identity before accepting their selections. These laws will remove any pretense of the concept of one man/woman, one vote. Further, this practice of federal intervention into local elections violates every tenet of voter laws, under the Constitution, which states that elections are under the purview of the States. The effective elimination of the local control of elections, by the existing ruling party will lead one-party rule like what we see with the massive voter fraud in California. By the way, Newsom will prevail on the recall because of this. 

As it was with the TPP, the American people will permanently lose their voice to have a say in how they are governed and, in 2015, this would have been accomplished through the creation of a TPP Tribunal Council which will have the authority to force member nations to transform its laws, its civil procedures, its criminal procedures, even its electoral process, in order to abide by the TPP Tribunal dictates. The bottom line is that we would have witnessed the destruction of the Constitution and the entire legal code of the United States, because once the tribunal would have made a ruling with regard to a national law, there would have been no appeal. The Tribunal would have consisted of unelected bureaucrats who are appointed by the creators of the TPP. The term of office for Tribunal officials is unlimited. The most disturbing aspect of this agreement is that the TPP totally eviscerates the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution and this would have allowed to the TPP to control elections. Today, HR 1 and SB 1 accomplishes the same goal. Stalin, who once said "I don't care who votes, I only care who counts the votes", would be very pleased indeed

2. Biden has announced his strategy to increase the size of the Supreme Court to as many as 15 judges. Originally, the TPP was to be comprised of a 22 member panel that could veto any action taken by Congress, the Supreme Court and the President. Today, with the coming court packing, 15 judges, the overwhelming majority would be Democratic can do anything it wants to the country. Make no misake about it, the future and packed Supreme Court would be the TPP Tribunal!

3. Oh, if you wish to live to a ripe old age, think again. The TPP would have significantly lowered the life-span across America. 

 American seniors, and those who care about their elderly parents and grandparents, better pay attention fo this. Under Obama’s intended 2015 fast tracking of the TPP which was designed to be completed by the end of the year would have coincided with the commencement of many of Obama’s health care reforms which have now been implemented as of February 15, 2015 (e.g. the tripling of Obamacare fines and the full exposure of the “death panels” which deny many kinds of healthcare treatments at age 70 and above). And all of this coincides with communist take-over of the United States economy. These same prohibitions and draconian enforcement policies persist in the present $3.5 trillion budget and so-called Climate Change/Infrastructure bill. However, make no mistake about it, many life-saving medications given to seniors, under Medicare, will soon be taken away. Can you say, "intended depopulation of the elderly." This reminds me of the sci-fi movie "Logan's Run" in the 1970's where a society put to death anyone over the age of 30. Do I have your attention yet?

I could provide 20 more accurate parallels but you get the idea. 


To all ignorant Americans who are accepting stimulus money when they have the physical capacity to work. You might want to pay attention to the following if you think that life can continue as normal under this new Bolshevik form of Communism with Nazi overtones.

Have you ever heard of Fabian Socialism as created by Herbert Spencer? Society would and should be based upon a couple of premises: (1) If you are old, and contribute less than you take from society, you should be eliminated (ie murdered); and, (2) If you are slovenly and are not willing to share your fair share of society's burden, as evidenced by allowing one to be financially supportedby the government, you, too, should be murdered. 

News flash America, the true people running this country (eg Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch (mob) and Susan Rice are all Fabian socialists.  

You have a choice America. By virture of the fact that most of you are considered domestic terrorists by the new ruling elite. Your days are numbered. If you are unsure of what I am saying, pick up a history book and read about Hitler, Mao, Stalin,et al. Also, by virtue of the fact that all of us will, one day, be of medicare age and your demise has already been planned. 

Do you lay down and take your beating, your do you fight back?


 pplies and so forth. The crisis isn't coming, it is here!